15 Songs From the Tortured Poets Department to Use in Your Next Instagram Reels

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Our dead playlists have been resurrected by Ms. Swift!

Taylor Swift dropped her new album “The Tortured Poets Department” and we’re elated. Just when we were going out of ideas for songs to add in Instagram Reels, we got 31 songs and a lot of tortured poetry to keep our audience engaged.

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What Is the Tortured Poets Department?

Taylor Swift released her eleventh studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” via Republic Records. Swift co-wrote and produced this album with Jack Antanoff (her partner in music for a decade) and Aaron Dessner.

Unlike her other albums, Tortured Poets Department has 31 songs in total and is a Double Album. After 2 hours of releasing the official album that contained 16 songs, Ms. Swift announced she had 15 more tracks straight from the Tortured Poets Department ready to go, and her fans were absolutely thrilled!

31 songs? Not a problem!  In fact, it’s even better!

Who doesn’t want to get more tortured with the poetic lyrics and see how their tears ricochet?

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What Genre Is the Tortured Poets Department?

The best thing about Taylor Swift is that she has something for everyone. TTPD, like her other albums, spans a bunch of genres that can slide into anyone’s playlist. The album mainly blends Synth-Pop and Electropop with some seasonal tunes. Taylor’s got this knack for making catchy tunes that still manage to put a knife through our hearts, and that’s exactly why we love her!

When Did the Tortured Poets Department Come Out?

Earlier this year, on February 4th, Taylor Swift took home her 13th Grammy home, and the same night, she announced the expected date of her 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

On April 19th, TTPD was released as a Double Album with 31 songs. The official music video of the first song on the album, “Fortnight (feat. Post Malone),” was released the next day, and it reached 21M views on YouTube in one day!

What Is the Tortured Poets Department About?

Taylor Swift is known to write the most heartbreaking lyrics. All of her previous albums had astounding songs and The Tortured Poets Department songs are no different. It can be said that it is one of the most vulnerable albums that Taylor has ever written.

Most people expected it to be about Joe Alwyn, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend who she dated for 6 long years but she surprised everyone by writing a variety of songs hinting in different directions. Some of the songs even hint at her fling from last year with Matty Healy, the relationship that is rumored to have lasted for a few weeks. Overall, TTPD sounds like a refined mixture of Evermore, Folklore, and Midnights, making TTPD even more special for the Swifties.

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15 Songs From TTPD to Use in Instagram Reels

We all love Taylor; it’s ruining our bank accounts! But we’re still happy to be jammin’ to these incredible songs. Here are 15 songs from the Tortured Poets Department tracklist that are perfect for your Instagram Reels.

  1. Fortnight (Feat. Post Malone)

    Fortnight is the first song on the album and it features Post Malone; we weren’t expecting such a legendary collab in TTPD. So far, only this song has a music video, which already makes it special for Taylor and Swifties. The lyrics of Fortnight are about a short-lived romance, which could be about Taylor’s many ex-boyfriends. However, the music of this song is Electrpop— making it one of the catchiest songs on the album. It can be perfect for travel videos on Instagram, as the vibe of the song is fresh and new.


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    A post shared by BIANCA BELLO (@biancaellob)

  2. The Tortured Poets Department

    Don’t we all agree that Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist?

    Taylor won us over with this declaration in the title track of the album, and what good would this list be if a song as good and true as The Tortured Poets Department didn’t make it?

    TTPD is about a doomed yet deep relationship. This song is rumored to be heavily influenced by Taylor’s fling with Matty Healy as she talks about typewriters and tattoos, and Healy is known to be a fan of both. Taylor also mentioned the name Lucy in her lyrics, and fans speculate that she’s talking about Matty Healy’s old friend, Lucy Dacus. Since this title track is trending, it makes the perfect choice for Instagram Reels.

  3. My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys

    I know I’m just repeating myself, but TTPD is straight out of the heart of a tortured poet, and you can sense it in the lyrics.

    The title of this song already warns you about a heartbreaking tale you are about to listen to and it serves. Taylor talks about the aftermath of a relationship where she has been hurt even though her partner loved her. It could be about her breakup with Joe Alwyn but can also be about Healy because it is believed that Matty Healy ghosted her after a short fling— leaving her heartbroken.

  4. Down Bad

    Another song that would make you vibe in your car to the music but have you down bad for the whole night sobbing is “Down Bad.” Taylor, in an interview, described this song from the perspective of someone who had an extraordinary love for a short time and who dazzled their world, but the other person abandoned them along the way. This is one of the most catchy songs on the album and has been getting a lot of attention on social media, so get on the bandwagon and use it in your Instagram Reels, and win over the algorithm now.

  5. So Long London

    We’re onto Track 5, so buckle up because things are about to get personal.

    So Long London is the 5th track on the album and also on our list. We all know what track 5 means in a Taylor Swift album. As the name hints, the song is rumored to be about Joe Alwyn and has a lot of lyrics hinting back to “You’re Losing Me,” which was a breakup song Taylor wrote for Alwyn and her relationship, and both the songs SERVED!

    So Long London is one of our favorites on the album and this song is rightfully getting attention not only on Instagram, but on TikTok as well.


    JUNGEEEEEEEEE 😭 ich geh kaputt #ttpd #solonglondon

    ♬ So Long London SPED UP – evermoki

  6. Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me

    Everyone should be scared of little old Taylor Swift, considering the chaos her albums like “Red” made. She’s as raw and untouchable in TTPD as she was in Red and delivers this message very clearly in this song. It sounds like revenge, but you can add it to any type of content on Instagram, and here’s an example.


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    A post shared by Sophie Beren (@sophieberen)

  7. Guilty as Sin

    Guilty as Sin is also gaining popularity on social media slowly because of the Roxy music. The vibe of this song makes it a perfect choice for Instagram Reels, and while you might not agree with the lyrics, as this song is about wanting to cheat, you can’t miss out on the catchy tunes and have to shake a leg with them. Check out this Reel to learn how people enjoy this song regardless of the meaning behind it.


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    A post shared by Anna Redman (@anna_redman)

  8. loml

    If you’re looking for a piano, you’ll get it in loml.

    This song is also about a relationship that has been back and forth without any commitment. Taylor hints at her relationship with Matty Healy in this song by saying,

    If you know it in one glimpse

    It’s legendary

    What we thought was for all time

    Was momentary

    One of the biggest reasons for this song’s popularity is its sweet and somber music, which is different from all the other tracks on the album. Loml is perfect for aesthetic videos on Instagram like this one.

  9. I Can Do It with a Broken Heart

    If you thought we don’t have Taylor Swift’s trademark song on The Tortured Poets Department, we thought too soon. I Can Do it With a Broken Heart is the 13th track on the album and sounds the most like Taylor’s original music with Synth and Rock elements. Just the name of this song is enough for people to feel motivated to listen to it. No wonder, this song is getting popular on Instagram.

  10. Florida (Feat. Florence+ The Machine)

    Taylor Swift has a lot of secret messages in TTPD for fans and this is not the first time she did it. All of her albums have Easter Eggs for fans to observe and create their own theories because everything is by design, cuz she’s a Mastermind!

    In Tortured Poets Department, she has mentioned Florida in the main track Fortnight and also has an entire song about it. Fans are wondering what this means to their idol because when it comes to Taylor she doesn’t write anything just for writing. The catchy tune of this song is perfect for some transition videos on Instagram or maybe a fit check like this one.

  11. thanK you aIMee

    Who doesn’t know about the rift between Ms. Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian?

    Taylor has always written songs about them without mentioning their names. Fans just know that it’s about them when Taylor drops a minor hint, just like the title of this song where the only capital letters are K, I, and M— making it KIM!

    Taylor Swift had a song in Speak Now named “Mean” where she threw shades at Kanye West, and similarly, she’s probably talking about Kim Kardashian in  thanK you aIMee. Things related to the Kardashian fame get in the trends quicker than expected, hence, this song is also hitting it hard on Instagram and TikTok as people are trying to understand who it is about.


    Who is thanK you aIMee really about? #taylorswift#swifttok#taylornation#swiftietiktok#swifttoker#swifttoks#swiftliketaylor#taylorswiftlover #taylorswifttorturedpoetssociety#ttps#thetorturedpoetssociety#thetorturedpoetssociety#ts11#taylorswift11 #ttpd #thankyouaimee

    ♬ original sound – Ginnie

  12. I Look at People’s Windows

    The first sound of this song takes us back to the Lover Era as it has a similar rhythm and music to Deaths by a Thousand Cuts. It has a very calming start— making this song a perfect fit for videos shot around nature. Whether you are an influencer showing the beauty of nature or a business owner producing natural products, you can use this song to trend on Instagram.

  13. Cassandra

    Another strong element of Taylor’s songwriting is that she creates fictional storylines and characters. Cassandra is a character from Greek mythology who had a tragic tale, and Taylor seems to be talking about her in this song. The music in this song hints at betrayal and disillusion— making it an even sadder tale. However, Instagram users have found a way to celebrate this song regardless of its genre and why not? All you need to do is make the most of these trending sounds for a boost in engagement.


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    A post shared by Kassandra (@kassmetos)

  14. Peter

    Peter seems to be another fictional (or maybe not) character who told her he was going to come find her and marry her when she was a child. This song reminds us of Love Story and how Taylor was waiting for her Prince in that song till he came and knelt on the ground and pulled out a ring. Peter gives the same feeling as Taylor writes,

    Forgive me, Peter, please know that I tried

    To hold onto the days when you were mine

    But the woman who sits by the window has turned out the light

    Unlike Love Story, this tale of young love doesn’t have a happy ending, but that shouldn’t stop you from making Instagram Reels on the song.

  15. The Bolter

    The Bolter is one of the last tracks on The Tortured Poets Department and is very likely to be about a viral picture of Taylor Swift with Joe Alwyn where the two were seen bolting after an award show. Who knows what it could be about? Taylor writes about a woman who’s in love with a man who’s not right for her.

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In Conclusion

Our souls are satisfied with this sudden dump of such good lyricism. With time, more of The Tortured Poets Department melody will occupy our hearts and brains, but for now, these songs are apt to create trending Instagram Reels. If we missed out on your favorite song, please let us know so we can give it another listen because we can’t get enough of Ms. Swift’s incredible talent. While we are on the topic of Instagram Reels, don’t forget to try scheduling your content with Social Champ. And to Taylor Swift, we say,

Long May You Reign!


1. What Is the Theme of the Tortured Poets Department?

Taylor Swift describes The Tortured Poets Department as a collection of her most essential songwriting, a culmination of strong emotions. The album is perfect for Reels! You can make breakup anthems, achievement montages, funny pet videos, travel dreamscapes, fashion shows, and a whole lot more!

2. What Kind of Album Is the Tortured Poets Department?

The Tortured Poets Department is a synth-pop double album. The second part, subtitled The Anthology, was a surprise release a few hours after the first part.

3. What Are the Bonus Tracks on The Tortured Poets Department?

The Tortured Poets Department has four bonus tracks, available depending on where you purchased the album. These include The Manuscript (available on Taylor Swift’s official store website and vinyl), The Bolter (announced February 16), The Albatross (announced February 23), and The Black Dog (Target exclusive CD).
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15 Songs From the Tortured Poets Department to Use in Your Next Instagram Reels

Picture of Afirah Shaikh

Afirah Shaikh

I am a part of a #Champfam designated as a content writer who strongly believes that everything has a story to tell. When I'm not lost in the world of words, you will find me indulged in K-dramas, and manifesting my life to turn into one (a romcom). You can ping me at [email protected]

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