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Monitor your company’s social media growth in our Analytics section. See how well your content is performing.

Monitoring and Analytics

Know your Top Performing Content by Keeping Track on Analytics.


Know your Top Performing Content by Keeping Track on Analytics.

Take the right steps to grow your digital presence by tracking the engagement on each post. Know your audience better by understanding your top performing content. Sort the analytics by clicks, likes, comments, or retweets. Export analytics in a CSV file to get a better conclusion.

Revised and Improved Analytics

Improved Analytics

Revised and Improved Analytics

Publishing content may be easy but to keep track of its engagement is where it gets tricky. But, to make your work easy, Social Champ comes to you with Analytics 2.0. So much more versatile and keeps you on top of which strategy to use for which platform! Download your PDF reports efficiently and keep your digital presence fresh and alive!

Here’s How You Can Keep Track of Your Social Media Performance in Just a Few Simple Steps! Let’s Have a Brief Look First.

Start with creating your Social Champ account.

Add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business and LinkedIn profiles to your Social Champ account.

Click on the “Analytics” tab.

Select your account from the drop-down list.

Track the performance of your posts by exploring the details.

Download White-labeled PDF Report

Click the “Export PDF” button.

Add the logo.

Add the title.

Then click “Export”

Schedule your upcoming posts according to the best time that your post performs best on.

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