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Since November has started, the excitement of a couple of holidays is in full swing. The month of November brings three major events, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving is all about turkey, and dinners, and giving thanks, and praying about the year to come. But what is up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Are they just simple sales that bookend the weekend? Is it a specific Friday or a Monday? Why has everybody marked them as the “most anticipated shopping days of the year”? Are you still struggling with the confusion of whether to hit the aisles on Black Friday or vigorously just shop online on Cyber Monday? Well, I hope the differences and comparisons of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday below will help you make up your mind!

Black Friday - Black Friday vs Cyber Monday
Black Friday basically dates back to the early 1950’s. The retail stores would be done with the entire Thanksgiving theme and would spin the theme of their shop to everything Christmas-y. Having a day off after Thanksgiving, it was a perfect shot for the shoppers to go out and shop!

Now, since the sales would kick up a notch, the “red” in the accounts would turn to “black”. Being “in the red” means losing money. This was before the internet, so Black Friday was benefitted the most by the retailers and shopkeepers. Another theory suggests that the heavy traffic on the roads because of the buyers hitting the stores result into being termed as “Black” by the policemen.

Black Friday
As time passed, the Internet happened! The whole shebang of shopping online started, but the buyers still needed encouragement to order things online. A slight push, perhaps. So the online world began to introduce sales and discounts, some so big that they stood in counter with Black Friday.

Thus, around 2005, began the story of Cyber Monday. But this raises two questions. A – Why “Cyber”? B – Why Monday, and not the weekend? To answer the first question, the internet was referred to as “Cyberspace”, hence Cyber Monday. And secondly, people tend to shop more online when they had a quick window of leisure at work. Having dial-up modem internet connections at home, they would rather use fast computers and better, high-speed internet at the office!

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

They Sound Pretty Similar, No!?

Well, yes but also, no! Black Friday rules the retail worlds, while Cyber Monday rocks the online shopping sprees. So, everybody would hit the stores on Friday and hit the internet on Monday. Nowadays, with the fast pace of the time, Black Friday had also made its appearance online. Retailers still come up with “doorbuster” deals and discounts, though.

And even when the internet has completely embraced Black Friday, Cyber Monday still remains one of the biggest online shopping days to date.

The retailers and the brands that advertise online, try to bedazzle shoppers with their “Best deals of the year” and “Deals that will never be repeated”, but that is all a bunch of hocus-pocus! This is done to indulge the buyers in the “Fear of missing out”, FOMO. But before you dive into shopping on either of the days, make sure that you research and think before you buy. You should know if the bargain is really a bargain or not.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Which Is The Better One Out Of The Two!?

Now, the shopper can only answer this question. They know what they need. But typically, the stores have deals that are usually juicier than those online. This is so that the stores at least break even with their profits.

That being said, Generation Z and the Millennials prefer online shopping. This makes Cyber Monday a hit. Last year, not only did CM surpass their 2016’s record by double, but they have also one up the BF’s record of $5 billion.” When we talk about which one is better between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday, surveys have shown how people would much rather buy things in a couple of clicks, even if it is a little more on the price”rather than going to the store, searching what they want and standing in queues.

There are special online pages that help the internet surfers choose deals and get the best discounts, like DealsAndAds and CloudWays.

How To Score The Best Deals On Black Friday?

  • Make a list

Since most of the deals are already introduced before time, some even as early as the start of October, you can keep an eye on the things you want and their price. Just so you can pounce on the discounts as soon as they’re out and this will help you spend less.

  • Mapping it out

Stores usually release a map that shows exactly where the things are kept. So, you can plan the route of your attack!

  • Second-best deal

As soon as you’re aware that the best deal that you wanted is out of stock, quickly change your preference. You won’t have time, or else the second best deal would soon go out of stock too. So be prepared with options.

  • Don’t opt. for cheaper options

Although cheap, the real-deal key features might still be missing. So spend a little more to get all the features that the product has to offer.

  • Digital world

Even if you have to hit the stores, you can subscribe and sign up for discounts and vouchers and coupons. Also, you can download apps that help dial down the price range!

  • Timings

You need to set alarms to remind you when to hit the market to buy the product before the store runs out. Target the timings of the opening of the mall or the stores, and handle the sale accordingly!

How To Score The Best Deals On Cyber Monday?

  • Target the deals

Mostly, Cyber Monday offers best deals for travel and smaller products like apparel and makeup etc. Also, brands that deal in high-techy products kick the things up a notch and provide very basic yet amazing deals.

  • SaveSaveSave!

Sign up at sites that help you compare prices that they normally offer to the prices of Cyber Monday.

  • Shipping

Try finding deals that offer the best deals but also provide free shipping! Not only will this save you money on the deal but the free delivery will help you buy other things from the same source, as well.

  • Return policy

It is best to check in for return policy just so you can return the product if it doesn’t comfort you.

  • Gift cards

Discounted gift cards are somethings you tend to see pretty often on days like Cyber Monday. If you can find a $25 gift card for $20, it’s basically free money.

The Bottom Line!

Black Friday distinguishes itself from Cyber Monday with a stronger focus on flash sales, doorbusters, and individual product deals. Though Cyber Monday may be a relatively young shopping holiday, it’s growing fast. The holiday sets itself apart from the older, more product-centric Black Friday with a focus on storewide sales.

In the end, there is no clear winner when it comes to the faceoff between Black Friday vs Cyber Monday. Both shopping holidays can offer huge savings to the informed shopper, and both holidays can be navigated online. Getting something personal and intimate for a close relative? Black Friday might be the way to go. But, if you are meaning to buy something in bulk for the entire family, say sweaters or mugs, Cyber Monday may relieve you of the fatigue!

Black Friday is on the 23rd of November 2018 and Cyber Monday is on the 26th of the same month. Nonetheless, Social Champ will be participating in both the shopping days for your ease! So make sure that you sign up to get notifications on the best deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Happy Shopping!

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