20+ Instagram Post Ideas to Steal the Spotlight in 2024

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A decade ago, the social media world was ruled by Facebook, which took the internet by storm with its cutting-edge idea at that time. However, in 2010, a new boy named Instagram came into the competition. It was a simple photo-sharing app with a few people onboard. Some people called it Twitter for people who can’t read.

But, they can’t be more wrong. Instagram proved to the world that it is not some toxic app for people who share photos for fun. But it is actually a revenue-generating resource for millions of influencers, companies, corporates, and home-based businesses.

With only the Influencer Instagram marketing industry closing near $15 billion in 2022, the photo-sharing app’s impact is intensive!

However, behind all the glitz and glam lives of our favorite influencers, a lot of hard work goes behind creating that perfect engagement-generating post. So Instagram post ideas are hard to come by when you have been on the platform for quite some time.

Plus, to ensure that the idea will resonate with the audience, gather engagement, and, most importantly, fit right into your profile is tiresome at the least. All this is too much work and now top it all off with timely production, execution, and scheduling.

Now, we can’t help you with idea execution, but we can definitely help you with some Instagram post ideas and a social media scheduler!

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25 Instagram Post Ideas When You Are Out Of Ideas

Here it is!

We refer to the list whenever we don’t know what to post on our social media. So far, this Instagram post ideas list has never failed us. So what’s the harm in giving it a try for your business?!

  1. A Day in the Life of Content

    People are downright obsessed with what others do in their lives, so why not make the most of it and record a short video or a reel showcasing what you do the entire day. It could be your work day or even a day when your company has some dinner planned!

  2. Post a Challenge

    There are two ways to go about this. You could either start a challenge or take part in one. Whatever your niche might be, it is super easy to do it. Let’s consider that you are a food business, ask your audience to take about their favorite food and recreate it using your product!

    Or take part in one of the challenges that some bigger business in your niche has already started!

  3. Host a Giveaway

    Again, everyone loves free stuff. So you could host an Instagram-exclusive giveaway. One of the best Instagram post ideas is to do some content about a giveaway. One post could show that you are coming up with a giveaway, the other could give out dates, the next one can be about the details, and the last could announce the prize!

    Thats four creative Instagram posts for business!


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    A post shared by Pela Case (@pelacase)

  4. Post Branded Content

    This one requires minimal effort from your end. All you have to do is take some interesting reusable pictures who doing a product shoot. Re-purpose those pictures into banners, and post them whenever you are entirely out of Instagram post ideas!

    Really easy and serves as a reminder to your audience about your brand.

  5. Creative Product Pictures

    This one requires your old collab pictures or you can make do with random images that your team takes around the office. Whoever has an aesthetic eye in your team can take pictures of your merchandise or products whenever they like.


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    A post shared by wishfulskin (@wishfulskin)

    Save them and use them as your next Instagram post.

  6. Insights & Statistics

    People like to know facts, numbers, and statistics. They are not a fan of consuming content that has no back-up. I mean, some people would just take the word of anybody on the internet, but do you really want those people on your account?

    Use this to your advantage. Post an interesting statistic about your niche or insight with numbers. Maybe talk about your best-selling sneakers and tell the world how many articles you have sold till now!

  7. Post a BTS

    People love knowing what is going on in the fabulous lives of their favorite content creators and companies. So make sure to record lots of behind the scene content and take pictures while setting up your set.

    Companies can post brain strumming session or maybe lunch hour videos. Of course, only do that with consent from your employees!


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    A post shared by Wasi Clothing (@wasiclothing)

  8. Share Memes

    No one likes boring Joe on Instagram. Memes are like the life of the platform. So it would help if you also jumped on the bandwagon and posted memes about your niche with which others can relate. Memes also have a high sharing rate.


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    A post shared by Netflix US (@netflix)

  9. Post Short Guides and Tutorials

    Videos have 2x more chances of generating engagement than pictures. So why not give the Instagram algorithm sometimes that it favours? Create some video guides and tutorials to post on your Instagram profiles.

    You could even start a small series with hashtags like #TutorialTuesdays or #GimmeTheGuide!

  10. Do a Countdown!

    Starting a countdown on your account for an important event is one of the smartest Instagram post ideas ever. Want to know why? Because you can very easily create multiple posts from just one idea.


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    A post shared by Social Champ (@socialchampio)

    Pick a template of your choice and change the number every day before posting. It is even better if you can design all the pictures in one go and schedule them using an Instagram scheduler.

  11. Save the Date Post

    Launching something in the near future? Setting up a stall at some exhibition? Thinking about a pop-up store? This is your golden chance at putting up a “save the date’ post. This idea is easy to execute, and you can design a banner using the one million templates on Canva!


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    A post shared by Disney (@disney)

    Here is an interesting save-the-date post from Disney!

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  1. Instagram allows upto 10 images per post, so we suggest making the most of it and using them all. An Instagram carousel could be made up of anything that you want; a run-down of your blog, an event highlight, or maybe even a small photo dump of your products!

  2. Brust Myths

    This is one of my favorite Instagram post ideas; you will always find them on my explore page. Since there is an influx of information on the internet these days, it is hard to differentiate between authentic and fake information.

    This is why, as a business owner, your say can be creditable. Help debunk niche myths that are common in your industry!

    Here is a pretty solid example from Paula’s Choice.

  3. Share Reviews & Testimonials

    Social proof is important. People want to know what the audience thinks about your service and product. Therefore, putting up reviews & testimonials from your loyal customers is one of the best Instagram post ideas.

    Pro tip? Create a batch of these testimonials and post them once a week.


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    A post shared by HAIRtamin® (@hairtamin)

    Here is an example.

  4. Post Influencer Collabs

    This is another type of social proof that can show how amazing your products are. This type of partnership can bring in a lot of content and even an audience for your Instagram account. So look for influencers who are related to your niche and get going!


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    A post shared by Blippi (@blippi)

  5. Ask a Question

    Asking an entertaining question really gets the audience going, so what are you waiting for? Put up a real or hypothetical question that you know would generate engagement on your post. You can ask something for feedback, like what products or services your customers want from you.

    Or you could ask something related to the niche. Like a tech, blogger can talk about the best phone of the year!

  6. Make a Reel

    I am sure that most businesses are already making reels, but man, if you ain’t, then you are missing out on engagement jackpot. Instagram reels has an engagement rate of 1.98%, which is huge!

    With reels, the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with so many formats and styles. Start with something basic, like maybe a reel to show your latest product, and then move on to other things like transition reels.


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    A post shared by Social Champ (@socialchampio)

  7. Post a Rewind!

    No, you don’t specifically have to post a rewind at the end of the year. You can do so all year long. The rewinds could be for a week or maybe a month. Make a video or a carousel post of all the important things that took place that week, and post it on Friday!


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    A post shared by WowMakers (@wowmakers)

    You could even start a small series like that.

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  1. Share Community Highlights

    Sharing community highlights from your Facebook groups or Twitter spaces is yet another amazing way of generating quality Instagram post ideas. These things would create not only engagement but also increase your post reach.

    Make sure to tag people you are talking about in the community highlights so they can share your photos too!


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    A post shared by Duolingo (@duolingo)

    Something like this, maybe?

  2. Make Product Reels

    Another one of the Instagram post ideas that I love! Creating a small, wholesome, and minimalist reel about one of your products is definitely the way to go. Minimalist reels also look super classy and are easily shareable.

    Take some inspo from this minimalist post queen account; The Ordinary.


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    A post shared by The Ordinary (@theordinary)

  3. Introduce the Team

    Introduce your team so that the world knows who is behind all these amazing Instagram post ideas. Start a week or maybe a series that goes live once every 15 days where you introduce one of your team members.

    Start with your social media manager, and then move on to someone else!

  4. Festive or Holiday Season Post

    Holiday season posts are some of the most creative Instagram posts on the platform all year long. And with the upcoming holiday season, the chances are endless for you to make the most of it. Take a cue from Starbucks and their holiday season posts because they are literally the best when it comes to it!

  5. Share a Milestone

    Sharing a milestone is a super interactive way of including your audience in your achievements and celebrations. So you don’t really have to go all out with balloons and confetti, but you maybe post your cake pictures.

    But, like, you can definitely do balloons and confetti if thats your thing. No hard rules!

  6. Process Videos

    Post a process video of one of your talents. Like a cooking video if you are a food brand or a timelapse of creating your painting masterpiece. You can also do something as small as making a video while cleaning your shelves.

    The possibilities for this are endless.

  7. Share a Quote

    Lastly, share a quote. This might be one of the oldest Instagram post ideas ever, but it certainly does not mean that it is any less. And the best part? You can bulk schedule these posts once you design them for your quarter’s calendar.


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    A post shared by Disney (@disney)

30-Day Instagram Post Ideas Challenge

Now that we have shared our list of fail-proof Instagram post ideas, we have something else for you. Take part in our 30-day challenge with this Instagram post ideas cheat sheet!

Copy this image and post it on your stories once you do them. Tag us, and we might share your posts.

Instagram Post Ideas

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What kind of Instagram post ideas do well in 2024?

Instagram post that resonates with your audience and is a part of your niche will do very well in 2022. You can try out these 25 ideas for more.

How to make my Instagram post more attractive?

Use interesting designs, captivating videos, and colorful GIFs to make your Instagram posts attractive!

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20+ Instagram Post Ideas to Steal the Spotlight in 2024

Picture of Marium Fahim Khan

Marium Fahim Khan

Part of the #ChampFam as a content writer who is always thinking about food. Besides being an online shopping enthusiast, I am also a huge fan of watching Netflix and consuming content on social profiles. I write about marketing, food, skincare, sports, and lifestyle! Reach out to me at [email protected]

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