From Storytelling to Success: Parker Worth Shares His Journey in Our Champ Life Series

We are thrilled to interview an exceptional guest and add him to our Champ Life Series; Parker Worth, a storyteller, and multi 6 figure entrepreneur. We asked a series of questions for Parker to learn more about his journey & his successes.

Kulsoom: Hi, Parker; thanks for being a part of our #ChampsLifeSeries. To start off, please introduce yourself.

Parker: Hey, I’m Parker. I am from New Jersey, USA. I am taking the leap to become a full-time creator. I was a high school dropout who worked various odd jobs to get by, such as a janitor and fast food worker.

Kulsoom: How did you start your professional journey from being a janitor to a multi-six-figure entrepreneur? How’s your journey been so far?

Parker: I always wanted something more out of life. I went to school to become an electrician. Traveled the country and the world by starting and working for electric companies. I had mentors and read books every day. Always taking notes and reflecting. My mentors showed me interesting avenues to buy and sell real estate as well as invest.

The journey has been great, but I am moving to digital entrepreneurship to give myself more time and freedom.

Kulsoom: What were the struggles you faced at the start of your journey, and how did you overcome them?

Parker: There were a lot of struggles. Rejection, failure, & self-doubt. Questioning my own personal value and wondering if I should quit. Always having a network of people, you respect to call is a game changer, as well as studying people you want to be like.

Also, ask yourself the right questions while journaling.

Questions like:

If this were easy, what would it look like?

What do I have to do every day to be the person I want to be in 10 years?

Kulsoom: When/How did you discover storytelling? What convinced you to pursue a career in this field?

Parker: I started a podcast about electricity. However, all of my friends said they didn’t care about electricity. They would rather hear my crazy stories. As I read and researched, I realized stories are the fabric of human existence.

Kulsoom: How powerful do you think the Digital Community has become over the years?

Parker: It’s becoming more and more powerful every day. The compounding effect is real. The Digital Community gives everyone life-changing access to information.

Kulsoom: As an expert in Storytelling, what advice would you give to new businesses that are just starting?

Parker: Always make your customer the hero. It’s never about you. Tell a story that pokes at the customer’s problem. This shows a flawed hero can overcome and conquer the problem with the product. Let testimonials be the foundation and guiding voice throughout the story.

Outline your stories with this simple structure:

  • Setup
  • Conflict
  • Resolution
  • Lesson/takeaway

Keep it simple, then build with details.

Kulsoom: In your professional opinion, what key factors can businesses leverage from Storytelling?

Parker: There are so many. Stories inspire, motivate, influence, and communicate. The most successful people in life are master communicators. But what are master communicators? Expert Storytellers.

Stories create a motion picture in someone’s head. It gets the brain thinking. Humans are wired to detect change. Stories portray changes in the inner and outer world. I guess, in a sense, storytelling is telepathy.

Kulsoom: Who is your inspiration, both personally and professionally?

Parker: My niece, and the constant feeling that life always has more to offer.

Kulsoom: Stepping aside from work, how do you spend your free time? Anything in particular that helps you recalibrate and break the monotony?

Parker: I love playing guitar, exercising, working out, and hiking. Exercise always keeps me balanced.

Kulsoom: Now it’s time for our rapid-fire round

Rapid Fire Round 

What’s Your One Favorite Social Media Platform?Twitter
Tea or CoffeeCoffee
Your Ideal Travel Destination?Brazilian Beaches


And that’s a wrap! We are thankful to Parker Worth for his precious time and for sharing his stories and experience with our Champ audience.

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