Why Repurposing Content Is Beneficial For Social Media Reach?

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Quality content is one of the essential materials in digital marketing.

You write something by giving full of your mind, interest, knowledge, and capabilities, and yes! It does not deserve to be in vain.

This evergreen content can help deliver traffic to your website and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings for months or even years from when it was first published.

Wait! Yes, old is gold, but a little effort can make it a gem.

Repurposing content can be a tremendous time-saver for content generators.

It is an unconventional way to load up your content calendar while combining value for existing readers and pulling a fresh audience.

With these repurposing content peaks, you’ll be getting the supreme value out of your content efforts.

Therefore, as long as it is evergreen content, don’t be hesitant about reusing it over and over again.

Obviously, we understand that these posts are not to be in archives or pushed in the last row on the wall.

There are ways to repurpose your evergreen content, and that only requires some skill and a new way to recognize it on a different platform with a more brilliant and convincing idea.

Think of it this way. If you bought an expensive pair of shoes, would you show them off once and then hide them away in your closet, never to be seen again? No way! The same goes for your best content. Show it off multiple times, in multiple places, in multiple ways. It’s just too good to take it for a spin once! – Amy Porterfield

What Is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content is a pretty standard practice of reusing all of the content or a part of an old piece to expand its reach. Repurposed content is usually converted into a new format, such as an infographic, email, video, or even a social media post.

Repurposing Content

Repurposed Content Vs. Republished Content

Doing some grammar tricks, or using synonyms and plus-minus little things do not make your content repurposed.

It needs a whole new idea and point of view to stick on your evergreen, still useful content you have created and made it more feasible, up-to-date and fascinating that hits more and more audiences on a different medium with a newer style.

For example, If I have created a blog on “Instagram tricks,” the main focus here is no doubt “Instagram.” Still, it totally depends on me to boost it up with either just a general idea or particularly on social media marketing.

Not just to change the idea, it can also be in a newer form, either a fresh Podcast for YouTube, another blog post, detailed case study, e-book, or competent and clear visuals as Facebook or other social media.

Thus, you can reuse the subheadings as the principal next time with the newer approach and relate it to other, more critical, your former main thing.

Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman put it this way in the fifth “rule” of Content Rules:

…repurposing suggests something that might happen as an afterthought – like you might reuse an old Cool Whip container to store leftovers – whereas we’re talking about something far more intentional, as something that happens in the first phase of your content plan development. Rather than repurposing, try reimagining.

Perks of Repurposing Content

As a small business proprietor, you’ve already got plenty on your plate. Why not save yourself some time and energy by stretching your content a bit further?

Below are a few understandings of why to start gathering up your existing content.

From the old to the new, the top-performing articles to the flops, all written material can be repurposed.

1. Multiple Goals

If you have a bit of content that is doing well in one area, there’s a chance it can play well in other areas too.

Perhaps you have a blog post that is directing traffic to your site.

Why not transform it into a published pocket guide?

2. Redeem Less Successful Content

Some of the content you write is not going to perform as strong as others.

Nevertheless, it may not be that the content itself is inadequate.

It might be the context in which it is exhibited.

An eBook that didn’t catch many leads for your business might make an exceptional set of blog posts that turn traffic to your website.

Or, a group of blog posts that isn’t getting much attention any visits might cumulatively make a comprehensive eBook that draws a lot of consultation requests.

3. Reach New Audience Members

Whether it’s a blog piece or social media post, something you wrote a year ago won’t give the same people if you publish it soon.

New social media users are building accounts every day.

Plus, you develop and refine your audience over a period of time, so try sprucing up an old piece of a blog or an article and republishing it to get it on the display of your current and loyal members.

4. Increases Your Reach

Your target audience may have a lot in common, but they are anticipated to vary in their favorites and learning methods.

Some are visual students; others prefer audio. Some like to see digits; others like to see samples.

Repurposing content into distinct forms of media is a great way to grow your influence out to the various divisions of your target audience.

5. Broadens Your Content

Persistence is vital in marketing, but that doesn’t suggest you should utilize the same tactic for everything.

Instead, you should carry the same message across different mediums and marketing channels.

Repurposing the same content into various modes will help you to perform consistent messaging beyond diverse channels.

6. Empowers You to a Target Buying Scaffold

Not everybody in your target audience is at the equivalent degree in the buyer journey.

Those on the edge of making a purchase may be searching for longer sections of content so they can make a judgment.

Those who are just getting accustomed to your business may be looking for quicker, bite-sized pieces of data.

Rather than producing different pieces of content for any of these buyer stages, repurpose an individual piece.

7. Maximizes Time and Energy

When you repurpose content, you can generate more output with the same quantity of input, while sustaining quality.

This conserves your time so that you can run on new marketing plans and attend to other viewpoints of your business.

8. Boosts Your Online Presence

Repurposing content commences to more content—class content—and the more extra of that you have online, the more powerful your online presence will be.

Having a strong online presence is crucial for inflating brand awareness, strengthening your audience, and eventually getting more customers.

9. Advances Your SEO

Another advantage of repurposing content is that having more content on the internet helps to develop your SEO or search engine optimization.

Search generators like Google prefer websites they can trust, so the more folios of quality information you have, the more convenient they can recognize you as a credible source of information.

10. Presents More Backlink Openings

Online users prefer to share interesting and valuable content, such as blogs, posts, pictures, and infographics.

So, the more you fix out there, the more possibilities you have to get your content distributed, which produces backlinks for your site—extra SEO perk.

11. Braces Your Messaging

You may think that it is irrelevant to take information in one structure and convert it into another.

The truth is, this is an excellent repurposing strategy that can assist in strengthening your messaging.

The more varied ways you can communicate your expertise and brand voice, the more potent it will be.

As your public sees a common theme beyond each of your channels and mediums, they’ll start to perceive that you’re a specialist in X, or that you are intense about Y.

12. Intensifies Your Skill Set

You can never be too much at what you do.

Repurposing content encourages you to reinforce the information you already have in your cover, to add on to it, and to convert even more well-versed in what you do.

In enhancement, repurposing enables you to get familiar with diverse forms of content and different platforms, making you a more resourceful marketer for your business.

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How To Keep Your Content Evergreen On Social Media?

The content you make is not THE thing; it’s just the FIRST version of that thing –  Jay Baer

Sometimes, instead of grasping at straws, your best bet is to repurpose your best performing social media content.

Knowing the best ways to repurpose your best social media content is key to getting consistently good results.

Trying to come up with the amount of outstanding, engaging content needed to fight organic reach on multiple platforms is exhausting, and sometimes we just plain run out of ideas.

Have you ever posted one of those fantastic Facebook updates that had that indescribable quality that results in a surge of likes, comments, clicks, and shares, and then immediately wondered how to replicate that success with other content?

Here the big question comes as, “What Content Should I Repurpose?”

Focusing on useful, valuable evergreen content is the smart move when you want to repurpose social content.

It can be the links to educational blog posts or video tutorials or even take “live” content like a Twitter chat, turn it into a blog post, and upload post links across multiple social platforms.

1) Listings

Do you have a marvelous list of suggestions or a handy “how-to” guide your readers prefer? Break it up into its post series.

A post on ten ways to attract more traffic with SEO skills could become ten new standalone posts, each elaborating on the original list.

Giving more information increases the value and presents the opportunity to attach internal links.

Google and other search engines understand these link networks when crawling your site to index as many pages as attainable.

2) Get Images

List posts and posts, including a lot of statistics, transmute well into images.

You can design infographics, Pinterest posts, or Instagram images compressing the information.

Drop it into a format accessible for mobile users to consume and social media aficionados to share.

Images also make it feasible for readers to understand complex concepts without the complexity and gain a more comprehensive perception of what you were trying to communicate in the first post.

Visual content also generates higher engagement than text solely, helping you carry your expertise to more people.

15 simple and smart ways to grow your facebook reach organically

3) Reshape Active Content Powerfully

“Repurposing social media content doesn’t mean copying and pasting great statuses into your social media management tool.”

Instead of just getting limited to all this copy-paste and uploading the game, update the content that worked so well when you share it again.

It will almost definitely get more reliable results on your second campaign if you share a new version of the original content instead of an exact duplicate.

You can update older high-performing blog posts with further information, and announce the updates in your social media posts when you share it or simply quote several different great single lines from blog posts, videos, or interviews that you’re sharing.

Sharing posts the next time can produce as much as 75 percent of the engagement obtained when the content first went on “live” broadcast, and many visitors may be people who never viewed the post when it was initially published.

4) Old Blog Posts to Guides

Once you have written more than enough blogs about a specific topic, think of repurposing those blog posts into a fresh new guide using an online rewriting tool, that your audience will enjoy using as one single document.

Guidebooks, if creatively written, published, and well-promoted, can have a very high re-reading value, as they are helpful both as a beginner’s session as well as a reference book later on.

You can publish the guide for free on your website or create a downloadable e-book or PowerPoint template as a lead magnet.

5) Webinars to Video Tutorials

Have you recently conducted an outstanding webinar for your audience, and got tons of attendees?

It was a great success!

But of course, not everyone will attend your webinar, and a few months later, you’ll have new website visitors and leads who don’t even know what they missed out.

Therefore, don’t let that event be wasted.

Rather, repurpose it into a video tutorial.

You can use some parts of the webinar to help your viewers solve a particular problem or reach a goal.

And, some webinars are already in a tutorial format, hence just provide the content online in a different form.

6) Gear Up Your Newsletter

Gear Up Your Newsletter

Your email list can be a gold mine for alterations if you attach value to what you share.

Put links to relevant blog posts in your monthly newsletter, or design an exclusive selection of emails based around a subject in a past post.

It could be a range of tips given out of the course of a week, an unusual month-long discussion of an appropriate issue, or an appealing series of quick thoughts.

Make sure each email is peculiar and shareable to maximize the potential for engagement.

7) Cross-Post on your Social Media with your Evergreen Content

Having a great blog post or Vlog is not just to be posted on the website, it should and needs- to be on social media.

Your posts must be customized for each platform you are repurposing your content for.

Facebook posts should not have hashtags, for example, while tweets should have a few and Instagram posts should have a lot.

You’ll also need to be more concise on Twitter, and have a more professional tone on LinkedIn.

Content going to Pinterest and Instagram should only utilize high-quality images.

A strong “tagline” game can be so helpful here.

Each time you share the content on social media, use a different quote as your tagline, either as text or as visual.

A quote from a celebrity or influencer, or a most appropriate sentence for the whole topic.

8) Socializing with Older Posts

Sometimes you build a post so good, and you can’t presume to change anything.

If you’re rather lucky to have a post or two like this, try presenting the content at the center of a small social media drive.

Sharing posts the next time can produce as much as 75 percent of the engagement obtained when the content first went on “live” broadcast, and many visitors may be people who never viewed the post when it was initially published.

9) Maximize Content Visibility by Reposting

Try to maximize the visibility of your content fully; this can be one of the biggest reasons to get even more results on your best posts, hence accomplish your goal of repurposing the content.

You should share repurposed posts at a different time of the day than their original posting times, for example, if you shared your original post on Facebook on a Sunday afternoon, for instance, try to reshare it on a Tuesday at 6 A.M.

You can tone your post as per the need of your desired social media platform.

Why do You Need to Repurpose Your Content?

The answer is simple, ‘to get maximum and actual from the effort you have done before.’

You have created a content, which unfortunately got lesser applauses, you have thought that idea, and now you have to focus on what other aspects you can gain from it.

It’s still a dilemma for many people, but “Why would you, out of your busy schedule, want to churn out new content continuously while you can do even better by sticking with what you already know and do?”

As a content marketer or social media influencer, you just do not need lots of content, but “lots of effective content.”

It is hard to create a quality and comprehensive one, and it is harder to let it in the last numbers without getting the response it deserves.

And It is fruitful to boost your social media engagement and helps you to find an existing but hidden fan base out of targeted audiences.

It adds more power to your social media marketing strategy and takes it much faster without a lot of effort, along with more substantial SEO growth.

10) Repurposing Niche-Related Content

Different types of posts across various social media industries do better in different months, and we need to understand it.

Some posts are ‘What posts” were blog posts with more profound information on a topic, while some question raising “why posts” with follow up means of studies and insights along with a focused conclusion.

Adaptation in content or your blog post into a list, a “what,” “why” or “how” post or even a video can significantly increase the number of social shares and comments that you get as compared to the more traditional photo-and-link.

The number of shares depends on the industry as well as the month.

How Can Social Champ Be At Service?

Social Champ – Analytics

Well, the low-hanging fruit is to repurpose your highest performing posts with an easy find out of the best results on each platform through Social Champ analytics.

Take the best steps to grow your digital presence by following the engagement on each post.

Understand your audience better by following your top-performing content.

Sort the analytics by clicks, likes, comments, or retweets.

Export analytics in a CSV file to get a better conclusion.

You can easily see which posts got the most engagement with monitoring types of engagement they received and which hashtags yielded you the best results.

You can use this information to find the most influential content for repurposing.

Social Champ – Art of Repeating

Social champ is here to ease your life and manage all your social media profiles easily.

Repeat all your valuable content more than once on your social media platforms, so it reaches its potential audience, and the content doesn’t go to waste!

All you have to do is set the number of times you want it to be repeated and with which interval!

You can schedule posts ahead of time with just a few clicks, and also can check on the publication time of the original post if you need it.

This allows you to optimize your repurposed content for maximum visibility and engagement, helping you reach an audience that potentially hasn’t seen it yet.

You can even create custom messages for each social platform on one-screen and schedule it all at once.

In a Nutshell

“Content marketing without content repurposing is like a cell phone without a data plan. Batman without Robin. Peanut butter ‘n jelly sandwich without peanut butter. Or jelly – Anna Hoffman

Content endures a lot of value, but it may hold even more than you believe.

Take a glance at your existing content and consider how you can repurpose it.

Even better, produce new content with these tactics in mind, so that it can be simpler for you to repurpose down the line.

Repurposing your content can make your life smooth, but you can make repurposing even easier by thinking one step ahead.

Repurposing your best social media content ensures that more people will see and interact with it- hence a boost in engagement.

You have several ideas to repurpose your content, and all it needs a little strategy to make your content feasible on different digital platforms with several creative ways to attract more audiences.

Take the time to decide which content or which blog post works well on different platforms and for which type of learner.

Not every piece of content will be worth repurposing in every possible way; you may very well reach a whole new audience that can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

Happy Repurposing!

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