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If you are running an online business, you definitely need to back up your presence with an effective PR agency. Since not everyone can do all the tasks related to social media, content, and advertising, PR agencies get into the picture to help you here.

In the list of so many PR agencies near you, SYNC PR agency is one of the best digital marketing agencies that can eventually help you boost your presence among the audience. The company works by creating proper outlines and focusing on communications that matter to a brand. While creating accountability and quality for a client, SYNC PR believes in uplifting a business to its true potential quickly and effectively.

We got a chance to cover the success story of SYNC PR, and here it is for you.

How the Journey Began & How It’s Going

SYNC PR was the brainchild of our founder, Terng Shing. He discovered a gap in the startup and SME market in Southeast Asia, where there was a large segment of businesses that were underserved by the existing providers in the region.

This came after he worked with startups for almost a decade to help them scale across Southeast Asia. He developed different methodologies and practices to help small businesses scale efficiently and reduce the effort required by agencies to make them profitable.

This became the basis of SYNC PR as we know it today.

Over time, we have been building the services to cover multiple PR and marketing services. These include full-service public relations, content development and strategy, social media marketing and strategy, video production, and graphic design.

We have also helped companies build their brand through workshops, helping crystalize their messaging as they scale.

Challenges Made SYNC A Better Place for Businesses’ Growth

The challenges we face are what most disruptive solutions face, which centers around user resistance to change and lack of education about our services. Due to the nature of our business, the industry’s perception does not match the reality – PR is a lot of hard work and not a lot of partying or networking. Therefore, differentiating ourselves and explaining our process was challenging, with most companies unable to identify our selling point.

That was the issue we needed to overcome, and a lot of that was from doing PR for ourselves and our industry and changing how we approached new business. This meant retooling our sales process to mirror digital marketing or SaaS companies in how they approach new customers.

SYNC PR Believes in Developing Creative Marketing Campaigns

We look at it from the perspective of their potential customers. This means focusing on what we want to see rather than what is the norm for their industry? So, that translates into authentic content that does not look forced or overproduced/designed. We try not to focus on quantity and look at quality – video content and engaging content and concentrate on our core platforms.

With many of our clients being B2B companies, LinkedIn has proven to be extremely useful, and generating a strategy that leverages the brand, its staff, and partners, is critical to growing a robust online community for our clients.

SYNC PR Continues to Win Down the Lane

SYNC has had quite a few milestone events in our short four-and-a-half-year lifespan. From winning a slew of APAC Business awards to securing large government clients like Singapore Book Council or the Jurong Port to expanding our service from Singapore and Malaysia to Indonesia and India.

We look forward to many more in the near future.

SYNC Believes in TeamWork

Our company is centered around our founder Terng Shing, but there’s also our content lead Surabhi, who helms our growing content team and portfolio of clients. She was employee number three and now the team numbers 25 people spread across multiple markets.

Kept Taking Notes & Lessons

As a company, we evolved as we continued to grow, and the market dictated our growth. What we learned was that building a culture and identity is crucial. In a remote-first company, building that can be challenging and, more importantly, creating the correct type of culture is critical.

Culture is critical to any business that is growing and wants to be able to scale effectively without reducing its quality and output.

Simplicity, dedication, and an unwavering focus on the outcome. We remove everything that isn’t useful to helping our clients succeed.

SYNC PR Team Goals

We will have a dedicated team in every Southeast Asian city (and maybe some outside of the region too).

Token of Appreciation for Social Champ

The need for good tools like Social Champ is critical. A lot of our work is strategic and in development, so we use these tools to help make our jobs easier. If we can automate even a tiny percentage of our work, such as the scheduling and more, it makes it much easier for us to take on more work and focus on providing outcomes for our clients.

Social Champ wishes the entire team of SYNC PR Agency good luck and a successful journey ahead.

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