28 Best TikTok Tools for Explosive Growth in 2024

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TikTok has been around for quite a long time and has become the world’s 7th most used social media platform within a few years. Talk about music reels, funky dance steps, short tutorials, or fun DIYs; TikTok has covered you with assorted content on different niches.

With a whopping 1 billion and counting active users, TikTok has transformed the face of social media entertainment and will continue to do so in the near future.

Since the platform has been bossing around quite a couple of times, it is pretty clear that using TikTok for business is not an option anymore, it’s a need!

When we say that we need to incorporate social media networks for business marketing, we indirectly talk about utilizing a social media management tool that could help us manage the businesses’ socials proficiently.

28 Robust TikTok Tools to Drive Results

No matter which platform you use to promote your business on a broader scale, you need to learn about some powerful social media management tools that could help you automate and manage the tasks.

In this detailed guide, you will discover 28 robust TikTok tools that could help you create an influential profile in no time. Apart from creating a hit profile, you will be able to manage all your TikTok tasks smoothly. So, without any further ado, let’s just check them out!

TikTok Tools for Marketing

Marketing could be back-breaking if you are not punctual with content scheduling and posting. To avoid mismanagement, you need the best TikTok marketing tools by your side, and here is a shortlist.

  1. Social Champ

    social champ

    Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management tool you can use to automate all your marketing tasks. The tool comes in with significant support for all the prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and TikTok!

    Social Champ can boost your video marketing by scheduling TikTok videos at the ideal time. You can use the built-in features of this tool to increase your marketing efforts.

    Since management and marketing are challenging, it is a good idea to incorporate a proper automation tool. You can also track the analytics of your TikTok videos and check what type of content is performing best on your TikTok profile.

    Social Champ allows you to upload videos in bulk and for up to several years with a free content calendar and scheduler! A deal too good to be true for sure!

  2. Keyhole

    Keyhole is another TikTok analytics tool that is going to track your and competitors’ growth on TikTok. Know your best-performing content, top hashtags, engagement rate, best time to post, most engaging content type, and much more by just adding profile trackers in Keyhole. 

    Moreover, you can monitor brand-specific keywords/hashtags and gauge what your audience feels about you and your competitors. Want to know which trend is worth hopping on? Try out QuickTrends and monitor a trend’s popularity over a custom time period. 

    Keyhole offers a free trial, while the paid plans start from just $79/month.

  3. SocialBee


    SocialBee is a social media publishing automation tool that simplifies content creation and streamlines the posting process for TikTok. With an array of powerful features, SocialBee enables content creators to save valuable time. From AI-generated images and captions to integrations with Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY, SocialBee allows users to import, schedule, and manage their TikTok content.

    With SocialBee’s in-depth analytics, you gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your TikTok strategy. Measure your reach, engagement, and growth, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your content marketing.

  4. SocialPilot


    SocialPilot is also an excellent TikTok tool you can use for marketing purposes. The tool says that it has everything you need to make your marketing all hit! With SocialPilot, you can easily create and schedule multiple TikTok videos on the platform.

    You can also schedule videos for several accounts by setting individual posting schedules. This way, you will never miss out on any important date to post the content.

  5. Planly

    Planly is known for its advanced interface and immediate or scheduling posts to multiple social media channels simultaneously. Scheduling with Planly is both easy and convenient. Team management, drag and drop calendar is an advantage for you.

    In the TikTok scheduling process, it is possible to schedule duets, stitch videos, and first comments. Also, if you want to caption your TikTok video, you can use the AI ​​content assistant. By placing the right prompt, you can make your TikTok video more viral.

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TikTok Tools for Video Editing

Creating TikTok videos and tutorials is all fun until you need to edit them to star shine. However, with the help of the below-mentioned best TikTok tools, you can edit your videos with fun transitions, effects, filters, texts, and much more!

  1. BeecutBeecut

    Beecut is a TikTok tool that could make your video editing accessible and easier. With this tool by your side, you can create aesthetic and visually appealing videos in a few minutes. Download the software or the app and enhance your TikTok videos with various filters, transitions, and effects.

    The tool has a simple and vibrant UI/UX, making it super user-friendly. You can cut/ trim videos by frame and delete unwanted intro and outro from your videos. You can easily convert your photos into videos and customize their duration with Beecut.

  2. Zoomerang


    Picture Source: Google Play Store

    Another TikTok tool you can use to edit your videos aesthetically is Zoomerang. It is an easy-to-use and simple video editing tool that perfectly suits beginners. The tool also includes step-by-step tutorials within the app. This way, you can watch trending TikTok videos and learn to create them for your profile.

    Apart from simple editing features, Zoomerang also provides the user with the freedom of using effects, filters, music, and much more. More than 100+ filters and effects are available in the tool so that you can make more catchy videos.

  3. InShot


    Picture Source: Google Play Store

    InShot is a powerful TikTok video editing tool with premium features like trim/ cut/ delete the video, blur background, effects, music, and filters. Apart from TikTok, the tool is used to create videos for all social media platforms, mainly Instagram.

    InShot is rich in features and offers video trimmer and splitting features. You can combine multiple videos to create one clip. You can use different audios in your video but remember, InShot audio library doesn’t have royalty-free songs.

Schedule TikTok Videos Without Any Pitfalls!

With Social Champ’s free social media scheduler, you can schedule videos in bulk and publish them across social platforms.

TikTok Tools to Gain More Following

Who doesn’t want to have more followers on their TikTok account? Obviously, all of us want to enjoy hundreds of followers to appreciate our content. Here are the TikTok tools that would help you gain more followers and likes.

  1. TikFame


    Picture Source: Google Play Store

    TikFame is eventually one of the most used tools to boost the fans, followers, and likes of TikTokers. The tool guarantees free likes and followers for the users on TikTok. The application updated itself quickly from (in January 2019) and claims to bring more recognition to your content.

    Since the claim is quite affirmative, it made TikFame a highly downloaded app to boost the likes and TikTok videos. With this tool, your videos can become highly discoverable among TikTok users, which ultimately leads to the popularity of your profile. Just follow the steps given in the app and get started!

  2. Tokmatik


    Tokmatik allows users to buy TikTok followers, likes, and views to grow their accounts. The tool guarantees to bring more engagement to your TikTok video content.

    All you need to do is choose a package, add your details, and wait for the results.

  3. Tik Hashtags


    Picture source: Google Play Store

    Need more traffic on your TikTok account? Take the help of Tik Hashtags, another great tool to boost followers and fans on TikTok. The application guarantees you to become famous on TikTok with an instant boost in your video views.

    This tool is also excellent for helping you find popular TikTok hashtags, and you can use them in your videos to become more discoverable. The application also guarantees to boost your likes on TikTok videos, eventually leading to a higher ranking.

TikTok Tools for Creators

Since a lot of people have been using TikTok to create snappy and entertaining videos for a long time, they need to have some best TikTok creator tools by their side.

  1. Upfluence


    Upfluence is one of the most powerful TikTok tools that help find influencers from video visitors. The tool claims that 3 million users have found brand ambassadors for their content.

    It also allows you to find influencers with data-driven search engines, send automated emails in bulk, organize campaign workflow, and measure ROI. This tool can help content creators boost their marketing efforts and representation across TikTok.

  2. Iconosquare


    Another must-have TikTok tool for content creators is Iconosquare. The tool gathers all your essential social media data from prominent platforms. This way, it helps the professionals and brands to analyze their performance on TikTok effectively.

    Iconosquare also provides you with reliable answers about the best time to post to reach a larger audience. You can also check detailed analytics about each video and view its history of views, likes, comments, and shares.

  3. Viamaker


    Picture Source: Google Play Store

    Creators can also use Viamaker, an amazing video editing app for android devices. The app is from Bytedane (creators of TikTok), so it plays well around TikTok with an easy-to-use interface.

    Viamaker allows the users to edit, trim, reverse, and change the speed of videos. You can add different effects to your TikTok clips and showcase your creative side. The tool also has a built-in sound library so you can create personalized videos to express yourself.

TikTok Tools for Research

Searching for the popular hashtags and famous topics could be difficult on TikTok as the competition is relatively high. Here are some tools that would help you do research beforehand and hit the platform with a bang.

  1. Hashtags for Likes

    Hashtags for likes

    Hashtags for likes is a hashtags research tool to help you grow among your audience on TikTok. The tool claims itself to be proven to increase reach and boost followers. With this tool by your side, you can get instant hashtag suggestions and analyze if they will work well.

    Hashtags for likes offers a suite of solutions to grow TikTok and Instagram with hashtags. You can track your Instagram profile and analyze the username for its discoverability. You can also check live TikTok stats and create hashtag campaigns.

  2. Analisa


    Another helpful tool for powerful research is Analisa which provides real-time insights on top-performing content, audience demographics, influencer campaigns, user-generated content, and competitor’s social strategy.

    Analisa is an AI-powered TikTok & Instagram tool that will help you to analyze the public profile or hashtag effectively. The tool provides in-depth campaign reporting with historical data and analytics, ultimately diversifying your options to create content.

  3. Melody Socials

    Melody Socials

    Melody Socials is a tool to search all the way through TikTok proficiently. The tool guarantees to automate your search by suggesting suitable profiles and delivering results 100x faster than any other tool.

    The tool allows you to export and search all the contacts that you need on TikTok. The database of Melody Socials updates in real-time, so you won’t be misguided. The simple UI of this tool makes it easier to understand the results.

TikTok Tools to Track Analytics

Creating and posting videos on TikTok is not enough; you must track how your content is performing on the platform. Here are a few TikTok analytics tools to make this tedious job easier.

  1. TrendTok


    One of the most used applications to track TikTok analytics is TrendTok. The tool helps influencers and businesses track, identify, and forecast TikTok trends – on the basis of location and categories. It makes it easier for the creators to take advantage of upcoming trends and create entertaining videos.

    TrendTok uses artificial intelligence to suggest the right trends for your audience and make your videos engaging. It shows in-depth and comprehensive analytics related to the rise/ fall of trends and content performance on TikTok.

  2. Popsters


    Popsters is another powerful tool to track TikTok analytics and evaluate the efficiency of your content. This tool will help you understand which type of posts and content are more popular among your target audience, ultimately helping you create viral content.

    You can also check the ideal time to post and find popular hashtags with the help of Popsters. The tool sorts and filters the posts effectively while showing all the statistics in the form of graphs.

  3. Pentos


    Another tool that you can use to track TikTok analytics is Pentos which offers to monitor the account as well. With its analytics feature, you can keep a keen eye on your organic campaigns/ activities and unlock the best-performing profiles, hashtags, posts, and songs on TikTok.

    Using all these metrics rightly allows you to engage and grow among your target audience. Pentos is an analytics tool with a smarter approach and measured results for TikTok’s features. It monitors your progress over time and deals with all account data.

TikTok Tools for Editing & Effects

Getting viral on TikTok is not easy! You need next-level video-making skills, and these TikTok editing tools would come in handy to make your content more appealing.

  1. Quik


    Picture source: Google Play Store

    Quik is a quick tool to help you edit your videos seamlessly and without any prior knowledge of editing videos. It comes in several video styles, and you can customize your videos by adjusting the right emojis, text, and frames. Quik also provides the users with a free hand to cut or trim their videos seamlessly.

    Users can add effects to the videos like slow-motion or fast-motion movements in their videos. It also offers multi-language support to help your content become more inclusive.

  2. Funimate


    Funimate is another TikTok tool for editing videos. It is an application to edit the TikTok videos with a wide range of visual effects making videos more appealing. The tool allows users to choose video transitions and help share them across multiple social media platforms.

    Funimate also offers the users to participate in various challenges that ultimately boost their TikTok profile with viral content and their participation in it. You can merge, cut, and trim your videos seamlessly and arrange them in a loop.

  3. Lomotif


    Lomotif is a video editing tool for you if you want to add music to your TikTok videos. It contains a huge music library that includes everything from contemporary golden classics to massive hits. This way, it makes your music choices way vast than any other tool for TikTok videos.

    You can use Lomotif to create videos with music and share them instantly across social media. It also offers you the feature of rearranging the clips together to create stories. You can add emojis/ filters to your TikTok videos and hyper-lapse them for slow or fast motion effects.

Share Your Videos Across All Social Platforms Instantly!

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TikTok Tools for Business

Since TikTok is booming and enjoying a huge consumer base of 1 billion active users, businesses can use this social media platform to boost their online presence. For this purpose, they need to use the best tools for TikTok so it can blend in with their business.

  1. Tiktok Analytics

    TikTok Analytics

    Picture source: Social media examiner

    The TikTok platform offers a built-in TikTok analytics tool with which you can access all the platform’s analytics. It shows 7 to 28 days of activity on your TikTok account. Users can also look at the analytics by content and check their followers.

    TikTok analytics provide in-depth metrics as well to help you improve your performance. You can monitor your profile insights and check how your content performs on the platform. You can also get a top-line view of your audience demographics, narrowing it down to their average watch time, shares, and comments.

  2. TikTok Money Calculator

    TikTok money calculator

    Picture source: Distractify

    TikTok money calculator is another powerful tool helping users to estimate their total earnings via the platform. This tool can help established, and aspiring influencers calculate their payments based on likes, total views, and content engagement.

    Apart from calculating your earnings, you can also get information about other popular TikTokers who have a considerable following. The potential earning from TikTok is based on certain factors, and creators need to meet those criteria to start earning from the platform.

  3. Media Mister

    Media Mister

    Media Mister is another excellent tool for businesses and brands promoting themselves on TikTok to help buy followers and likes for the platform. The tool follows a tested strategy which makes it safe to buy TikTok fans within a few clicks. Don’t worry; it won’t activate TikTok’s spam alerts!

    Besides just boosting your followers, Media Mister helps users purchase TikTok hearts known as likes. With the tool, you can maintain a good followers list on TikTok, which will boost your engagement ratio organically. Media Mister allows you to buy followers and likes over a set period to keep it safe.

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TikTok Tools for Monitoring

Monitoring and tracking your TikTok profile is necessary so that you don’t have to face pitfalls due to your lackings. Here are some TikTok monitoring tools to help you monitor your profile like a pro.

  1. Storyclash


    Storyclash is a TikTok monitoring and analytics tool with the help of which you can monitor your brand, content performance, influencers, and competitors on TikTok. The tool also improves your marketing strategy by browsing hundreds of trending ideas that you could include in your campaigns.

    The key features of Storyclash include benchmarking of business against its competitors and discovering new ideas for its growth. Apart from monitoring the TikTok account, Storyclash also provides an overview of how your account and its content have been performing throughout the platform.

  2. TikBuddy


    TikBuddy is one of the best TikTok monitoring tools offering users online analytics and marketing solutions. Its browser extension is also available that you can integrate directly into your TikTok account.

    TikBuddy comes in with several features. It provides industry insights with compelling business research. TikBuddy also helps you to connect with influencers to boost our marketing efforts.

  3. Traackr


    Traackr is a TikTok monitoring tool that you can use for performance-driven influencer marketing. It can be integrated into influencer discovery, vetting, campaign management, and reporting. The tool also provides the global data set, market benchmarking, and a team of experts who can help you make more innovative investments.

Final Thoughts!

The social media fame game is rapidly changing, and the tasks to elevate a business’s presence are increasing. In such crucial times, it is essential to have a comprehensive toolkit by your side that could do pretty much all of your automation tasks efficiently. This list of 28 TikTok tools will help you organize all your platform-related tasks smoothly, and you will be able to have an enhanced experience of the platform.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Great TikTok Tools?

Some excellent TikTok tools are;

    • Social Champ
    • TikTok Analytics
    • SocialPilot
    • InShot
    • Beecut
    • Loomly
    • Zoomerang

Can I Buy Followers on TikTok?

Creating engaging content is the key to getting organic followers and likes on TikTok videos.  However, you can buy likes and followers on TikTok. But, we will not recommend this solution because it can make your profile look spammy.

Why Is TikTok Popular?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications, with more than 1 billion active users and counting. Due to its fun-entertaining videos and aesthetic effects, it has become a highly used application.

Is TikTok Easy to Use?

Yes, TikTok is super easy to use. You need to have some creativity, an active TikTok account, and you can make influential videos to inspire the audience.

Are TikTok Tools Really Helpful?

Yes, using tools for different social media platforms is worth the hassle for management and marketing purposes. TikTok tools can help you cut down your manual tasks in half, and you can enjoy a greater experience of using TikTok.

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28 Best TikTok Tools for Explosive Growth in 2024

Picture of Summaiya Shahid

Summaiya Shahid

I am a part of #ChampFam as a content writer and content strategist. A computer science graduate who always hated coding yet my love for writing poetry and blogs grew stronger with time. I usually love to watch cartoons specifically Doraemon and hangout with my friends when I am free. Launching my personal makeup brand has always been my dream and I am open to more advice about it. Ping me at [email protected]

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