How to use Instagram Filters to create TikTok Videos?

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Are you a filter queen or a filter king, who loves to explore how to use Instagram filters and video effects every day on TikTok and Instagram? This article will lead you on how to use Instagram filters to create TikTok videos!

Since the past few years, Instagram has paved its way for new social media networks that specifically target an audience who loves music and entertainment. Few examples of these networks are TikTok and Snapchat. 

TikTok is literally made for people who adore music and dancing. It is mostly used to create lip-synced, short music, and comedy videos ranging from 3 to 60 seconds.

It is extremely easy to add music and different filters to your TikTok videos. People on Instagram love using filters while those on TikTok love to accept different challenges. Did you know, you can also use the Instagram app to add filters to your TikTok videos? This article will guide you on how to use Instagram filters to create TikTok videos!

Using various filters from the Instagram app is an exceptionally creative way to blend the artistic features of both social media networks and create videos with extraordinary effects. It is also a great way to give TikTok users a boundary for competition. 

Although you might be wondering, wouldn’t it be difficult to add features from one app to another? But that is not what it seems like. It is fairly very easy to use filters from one app and create videos on another.

Step 1. Download Instagram Filters.

Downloading Instagram filters does not actually mean that you have to download a filter internally on the app, or technically it does unless you want to load a new filter on the app. But nonetheless, downloading filters on Instagram to use on another app means that you actually use Instagram’s filter to create a video and then download it.

Let’s make it simple for you through a step by step guide on how you can download a filter on Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the “Your story” icon on the top left of your feed.
  3. Swipe through the circles on the bottom to select the desired filter.
  4. After selecting the filter that you want to use, hold the circle to create a video of your desired length.
  5. After you are done creating the video, you can swipe left and right to add effects.
  6. Finally, tap the arrow facing downwards on the top of your screen to save the video.

You do not need to share this video on Instagram, It just had to be created there. Now, the process is much simpler.

Step 2. Upload the Video to TikTok.

Using this method makes it very easy to pick filters from one app and use it on another. Isn’t it amazing?

Uploading the video that you created on Instagram previously, is very simple.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon right below the screen.
  3. Now, Instead of recording a video, tap the upload icon at the right of the recording icon.
  4. This will lead you to your phone’s gallery. You can now easily select the video that you formerly created on Instagram and saved it to your phone.
  5. Select the Instagram video and let it upload.
  6. Once the video is uploaded to the TikTok app, you can customize it according to your needs.

That’s it. The video is now ready to save and share!

How to use Instagram Filters?

Have you ever gone through someone’s stories and wondered where do they find such amazing filters? Well, Worry no more We will guide you on how to use Instagram face filters from someone else’s story.

A lot of different apps allow interactive usage of filters. Have you ever come across someone with a dog or a glitter filter, and wondered where I could find this?

Well, if you want to learn how to use filters on Instagram Story through the browsing option, keep on reading!

To use a filter, you need to know what it actually is and what it does. The filters on Instagram use Augmented Reality (AR) to create a layer of effects on your pictures and videos. You can add cute little puppy or kitten ears, Use makeup or glass skin filters for flawless skin, and also the guessing challenges. Isn’t it fun?.

Here are a few examples.

It is very easy to access filters on your Instagram stories.

  1. Open the Instagram application and tap on the “your story” icon on the top left of your feed to create a story. You can also swipe left on your screen to save time.
  2. Swipe through the circle on the bottom to use the effects that are already downloaded on your app.
  3. If you want to use new filters, Swipe the circle to the extreme right till the browsing icon appears.
  4. Tap on the browser icon to explore new and trending filters on Instagram.
  5. Scroll through the filters or if you already know one, tap on the top right browsing icon and type in the filter that you are looking for.
  6. Also, if you want to use a similar filter that you see on someone’s story, click on the filter guide on the top left right below the user’s name and you can easily use a similar effect on your picture/video as well.

Not only can you use interactive filters on Instagram, but you can also use them on TikTok as well.

How to use TikTok Filters?

The features on TikTok allows its users to adjust their videos with special effects. TikTok is all about challenges and every user would want to make sure that they create the best one. 

TikTok stands out from other apps because not only is it user-friendly, but also has a lot of unique features that allow users to create extraordinary videos. You might have seen interactive filters popping up on your screen when scrolling through the TikTok feed. If you have ever wondered how you can use them, Keep on reading and you surely will.

The interactive filters on TikTok are not very different from the AR (augmented reality) filters that you might have seen on Instagram. 

use tiktok filters with ease
Source: Popular Studio

If you want to make videos using these filters, there are a ton of choices but if you are not familiar with how to use them, it is better for you to start with the simpler ones.

  1. Open the TikTop application on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon to open up the camera.
  3. Tap on the Effects tab right at the left of the recording button.
  4. A list of all the trending filters will appear with a category of new filters. Can you see the interactive filter tab on the right? That’s it. Here you are.
  5. You can access the tab by swiping right on the screen twice or by tapping the title.
  6. A list of various interactive filters will appear and now you can choose the desired one and create a video.

Once you have selected the desired filter, It is pretty easy to figure out how to use it. The best thing about TikTok is that it gives you instructions about how you can use a particular filter. 

Especially, if you are new to the app. Some filters will ask you to smile, Some will ask you to raise a brow or some will ask you to move your head.

Everyone today adores the filters on Instagram. These filters can help you try out new ideas and run in the “trending track” of the most popular social media networks today. 

Instagram filters are a creative idea to give life to your pictures and videos. A Lot of people use these filters on different occasions and also when they feel bored. You should know the difference between filters used for Instagram posts and stories. Filters used for Instagram posts are pretty simple. They basically change the color and saturation of an image or video while the filters for Instagram stories entirely change a picture or video by giving it life.

A lot of filters have become trendy since 2020 has started and people have been in quarantine. These filters went viral after celebrities started using them. Some of these filters include

Guess the Gibberish

This filter has been a hit among Instagram users. It works by showing you words that make no sense at all until you start guessing them and find out that it is a complete sentence! You are given a certain time limit i.e., 10 seconds to figure out the answer until it appears on its own. This filter is only available on the latest Instagram app.

The Question Filter

This filter walks through a series of random questions about yourself while you are recording a selfie video answering them. The filter stops on a random question of its choice and you answer it. You can also record yourself. It is a great way for your followers to get to know you better.

Never Have I Ever Filter

This is an interesting filter that shows you random facts about yourself. It scans your face and tells you fun things about yourself and you simply have to agree with it or not. This filter only works on devices that support the augmented reality feature.

Cantonese Tongue Twister

This filter shows you a random Cantonese tongue twister that you have to read very quickly in a short period of time. It is extremely challenging and funny.

The Gesture Filter

It is also called an emoji hand challenge. What you need to do is, replicate the hand gestures that the filter shows in the given time period. A Lot of celebrities have also used this filter.

Drawing 5 Seconds

This filter shows different hilarious things that you have to draw in 5 seconds. The twist here is that you can only draw using your nose. Of course, it is impossible to draw something with a nose that too in 5 seconds so when users try to draw something, they end up making very funny things. This has made the trend extremely hilarious and popular.

Although Instagram has created a lot of amazing trends on social media, TikTok has created a series of viral trends hitting millions of views. 

When it comes to the younger generation, more and more people are using TikTok as it has become straight up addictive! With more than 1.5 billion downloads last year, TikTok became the second most downloaded app. 

TikTok has different moods, different remixes, and has a wide list of genres that allows the young generation to create videos with exceptional creative and artistic ideas that no one could ever think of.

Here are a few trends on TikTok that took over social media in 2020!

Washing Berries in Salt Water

Recently, TikTokers have started saying that you should dip berries inside salt water before eating them because bugs live inside them. Research says that if you let strawberries sit inside saltwater for about thirty minutes or more, you can actually get rid of small bugs. So what are these bugs? They are actually the offspring of the spotted wing drosophila fly. People thought that this trend on TikTok was total nonsense until they tried it themselves. It was pretty shocking, Well, at least now you know. Wash your strawberries before you eat them if you don’t want little fly babies crawling inside your stomach.

Spilling Water on Babies

Babies make a great addition to TikTok videos simply because they are extremely cute and funny. Last month, moms followed a trend where they flashed their little breastfed darlings and recorded their reactions. It was very funny. This month, moms are now out on a rage to spill a glass full of water on their babies jokingly, and filming their reactions. This trend has brought upon a spectrum of different emotions in the babies. Some babies laugh while some seem very disappointed. Well, thanks to the moms and babies of TikTok to keep us entertained throughout 2020!

The Dalgona Coffee

Do you remember the early days of quarantine? When people were subjected to their homes and baking and cooking became a new trend. A new Whipped coffee became a new topic on TikTok. The sweet Coffee with fluffy whipped cream soon came into recognition as the ‘TikTok Coffee’ after many influencers and TikTokers started posting DIYs on how to make it. Initially popularized in South Korea, This trend became extremely popular all over the world especially when people started engaging in social distancing. With a visually appealing look and an incredibly delicious taste, the Dalgona coffee is the best recipe to boost up your caffeine while you work from home during this quarantine.

The Savage Challenge

After Beyonce’s challenge, a new “Savage Challenge” took over the internet. Since Megan thee Stallion dropped her new song Savage on April 29th, it has become a new TikTok trend. TikTokers learned the dance steps and recorded it. The savage challenge is simply where TikTokers learn a super quick and dynamic dance to Megan’s new single “Savage”. Keara Wilson, A TikTok user, first created this challenge and posted her choreography on TikTok on the 10th of March. This trend became more and more popular when a lot of famous TikTokers started doing the challenge.

Wap By Cardi B

WAP by Cardi B is playing in our heads like elevator music. TikTok and Instagram have blown up with dance challenges for this new hit. You will find more than 200,000 TikTok videos made on WAP challenges. Even Cardi B reposted few of the dances on Instagram after this trend became popular. This trend is basically a dance challenge that one or two people do together. The dance is pretty difficult to learn hence when someone does it correctly, it is pretty fascinating to watch it. Secondly, the dance being a little “Smexy”, few people have done it in their households and recorded the reactions of their family members. Trust me, the reactions are pretty hilarious!

Benefits of using Instagram and TikTok Filters 


Instagram and TikTok filters are everywhere! You can find a handful of filters in these apps. These filters are topical and reactive. These filters drive conversations and provide humorous reactions leading to viral trends. These filters can actually boost marketing for a business.

According to Instagram, One-third of the views they get come from businesses. Brands can actually create their own Augmented reality filters to attract more audience that is a regular consumer of these filters. Also, if you are a regular user of Instagram, using these filters is an extremely creative way to edit your pictures and have fun with the application. 

Not only using Instagram filters has gotten popular, but TikTok has also created numerous filters that have become very popular. Creating videos using a TikTok filter allows a user to create content that they might not be able to make easily otherwise. It also provides them a substructure to generate exciting content. For example, The TikTok app has options to change video speed, add music, and much more.

Drawbacks of using Instagram and Tiktok Filters

Although Instagram and TikTok filters have taken over the internet, people still believe that these filters are ruining lives. We have all done this at least once in life. Take a picture of our food with a cute filter before eating it and waiting for the first like ever. Well, likes are a form of validation where we try to examine our personal morals using the number of likes we get and if these figures are low, we start to doubt ourselves and our confidence.

It’s true that filters make you look beautiful but can you actually use these filters in real life? We have heard so many news stories where people get body modifications to look like Instagram filters. Remember the ken doll? Critiques believe that we use these filters to get a sense of belonging. They say, why not just eat healthy instead of using these filters?

Well, the young generation has an answer to this. They say they use filters to be happy and put up with the trends. They don’t see anything wrong with it. If you are a regular user of these apps keep on reading to find out about apps to make Instagram edits.

Apps to Make Instagram Edits

If you are an Instagram user or a business that searches for apps to edit your Instagram photos, we’re pretty sure the thousands of search results might have confused you. You might be wondering what is the best of these apps you could utilize. Well, worry no more we will guide you about the best Instagram apps to edit your pictures and videos.

Today, having an aesthetically pleasing profile on Instagram is just as important as posting a picture every day. Finding the best tool can actually help you level up your Instagram game and beat your competition.


VSCO - App to make Instagram Edits

VSCO has been ranked as one of the best photo editing apps on the market by photographers. It has become so popular that the #vscocam hashtag is seen everywhere on Instagram. The filters on this app have a mix of bright and colorful tones that are best for outdoor nature photography. Not only this, but this app is also best known for retro and vintage photography.


Later - App to make Instagram Edits

Later is an Instagram profile planner app that organizes your profile to make it look aesthetically pleasing and clean. It tells you what your profile would look like before you post a particular photo. All you have to do is drag the pictures on the later feed and arrange them to your desired structure until you are happy with how it looks.


Canva - App to make Instagram Edits

Canva is an app that designs eye-catching Instagram stories through customizable templates. You can use the colors and fonts of your brand and create an amazing template. Not only this, but you can also use the app to edit your photos and videos.

Use Canva With Social Champ

Bring life to your social media posts with Canva. Now you can use it within Social Champ. Design, save & share to social networks all from one place.


Facetune - App to make Instagram Edits

Facetune is specifically designed to edit portraits and selfies. It has a lot of features where users can add makeup to their faces, edit smiles, hair color, and much more!


The use of filters has not only taken over apps like Instagram and TikTok but has also taken over other apps in the run like Snapchat and Facebook. These applications are an amazing way for users to create artistic and aesthetic photos and videos to keep up with the trends.

It might also pave the way for new creators very soon and give them a structure to “create”. Although these apps have their drawbacks, they have allowed a lot of people to share content in a form that they are most comfortable with.

Happy TikGrammin’!
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How to use Instagram Filters to create TikTok Videos?

Picture of Zahra Farid

Zahra Farid

Humbled to say that I'm the most fun and lively character of our #ChampFam, designated as Senior Content Writer. I've five years of experience in content creation. Digital marketing enthusiast and horror movie addict. When not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! You can ping me at [email protected].

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