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The main factor in running a successful agency has the relevant tools to automate your daily tasks. Maintaining an online presence is challenging when you have so much to do on your business plate. Many social media management tools can help you manage your social media accounts without hassle.

Social media management tools help you manage your social inbox, track the analytics of your posts, allows you to schedule at custom time slots, collaborate with the team members, and auto-post your content to multiple social media platform. However, every social media tool has different features and different pricing plans. So it can be overwhelming for agencies to choose the right tool.

To help you out, we contacted the agency experts to get their thoughts on what tools they are using.

Here is the question that we popped:

As an agency owner, do you use any social media management tool for your client? If yes, please mention what pain point it covers, what are their USP(s), and how many social accounts you could manage with your current tool?

And here is what they had to say:


Radu Tyrsina

CEO & Founder at Windows Report
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We use a tool that is included in the list of the most powerful social media management platforms that comes with solutions for planning, engagement, analytics, and more.

It helps us promote various aspects of our own business through different social media accounts as well as clients that are affiliated with us.

The platform lets us manage all our social media accounts, around 15, from one unified dashboard, which helps us maintain efficiency.

You get quick information about how each of our accounts is doing directly from the home page, which then allows us to start scheduling our posts and see more in-depth reports about engagement rates.

It also facilitates the interaction between us and our client’s audience. The platform’s dashboard displays all our comments, and you can respond right away without having to browse around various accounts.

The analytics feature gives us insightful reports on how your social media posts are doing, and the amount of reach and visibility you gain from each of them.


Michael Kim

Michael Kim

Co-Founder at Evcharger Reviews

We use a marketing tool that is pretty affordable, good for small teams, easy to use and has great reporting and collaboration features.

It is a social media management tool that helps businesses and organizations effectively manage their social media accounts. It offers a variety of features such as scheduling posts, tracking analytics, Managing team members, and creating reports.

We find that platform is an invaluable tool for managing our social media accounts. Additionally, the reporting features are excellent and allow us to track the performance of our social media campaigns in detail. The collaboration features are also very useful, as they allow us to work with other team members on social.


Mila Garcia

Mila Garcia

Co-Founder at iPaydayLoans

With a specialty in content curation, I often use a social media management tool for my managing my clients’ social accounts. While it originally started off as a social media posting tool for Instagram, over time, it steadily evolved into a visual content calendar and scheduler that now allows me to visually plan my content calendar, store evergreen content in the asset library, and frequently schedule it in a stipulated time.

But what I especially enjoy most about the tool is its useful Preview feature that allows me to see what the Instagram profile grid will look like in advance with my scheduled posts, thereby allowing me to maintain grid aesthetics, color schemes, and more. Plus, since it also allows me to add labels, notes, and stars to every media, this ensures quick filtering for all my content.


Shane McEvoy

Shane McEvoy

Managing Director at Flycast Media
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As a digital agency, we use a platform thats very easy to use in terms of setting up long-term scheduling. It also has a very good multi-account “priority inbox,” which makes it very easy to monitor inbound messages across all client accounts very quickly each morning.

When we used another social media tool in the past, the same/similar tasks took so much longer to implement and were less effective. Overall we have seen a massive time-saving in using this particular platform. This tool really has the best ‘set and forget function’ out of all the apps we’ve tried.


Sarah Cuellar

Sarah Cuellar

Marketing Copywriter at Heretto
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We like a social media tool for managing social media. With it you can create, edit, and schedule posts to any social media platform. The tool also makes it easy to clone a post, so you can use the same post in multiple channels.

It is already integrated into our lead generation and email campaigns, which makes creating analytics reports super easy. The platform is fairly intuitive and easy to get started with. Using this social media tool saves us time and effort.



Padmaja Santhanam

Growth Manager at FirstPrinciples
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The query you have raised is very relevant as social media is thriving & celebrating its heyday in the recent era. It was also a topic of discussion in our recent team huddle as businesses are inclining toward utilizing the social media spectrum to propel their reach and brand visibility. Bringing my decades-long experience as a Growth Manager in the industry, I have witnessed that agencies are leveraging social media management tools for clients in recent years.

And yes, in my work aspects, I also prefer to use SMM tools for agency work, and it helps to derive certain benefits that are time-saving and cost-effective.

Social media tools can solve a myriad of pain points for agencies. Using a social media management tool offers us greater control over the client’s
social media accounts, scheduling posts, targeting messages, and measuring results. It can help to ensure that the social media content is relevant, engaging, and consistent across all channels. You can measure the impact of your posts and optimize them for better results. This can lead to increased ROI in website traffic, conversion rates, and more.

Besides, it further boosts your efficiency as the tools allow you to schedule posts quickly and easily. It reduces the time you spend on social media and helps you focus on more critical tasks. Furthermore, social media management tools bring increased transparency. Leveraging the tools, it is easy to see which posts are performing well and which ones need improvement. It increases transparency between you and your clients, ensuring that everyone is aware of the brand’s social media presence.

You can also ensure that your clients’ social media accounts are consistent with the brand’s image and message. This helps to boost brand awareness and increase sales. By providing a platform for communication and feedback in real-time, social media management tools can help to build customers.

Rolling to your last query, I would like to add that I use one social media management tool as the tool offers bulk management features that allow users to manage multiple client accounts from a unified interface. It also provides preset scheduling features that help you automate your social media activities so that you can focus on your business goals.


Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

CEO & Founder at Intelus Agency
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As a LinkedIn marketing agency, we use a platform to manage the approval stages of the content development process. It triggers automated Slack channel messages to let each team member knows when it’s their time to review the content and move it to the next stage in the process.

We also have a client-facing platform where the client leaves feedback and request changes, which also notifies our team and reduces turnaround times on revisions.


I would like to thank everyone for taking out the time and sending in your responses.
See you next time!

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