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Social Media For Financial Advisors: The Foundation Of Success

Set the pace right for all social profiles by automating the workflow using social media management tools for financial advisors. Create, publish, and schedule posts using Social Champ. 

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Social Media Marketing For Financial Advisors


Build Credibility

Build credibility via social profiles by posting authentic information and visuals. Focus on providing numerical data that will help the audience.

Use the schedule tab on Social Champ to schedule posts for the week, month, or the year to come. Alternatively, make use of the RSS feed and suggestions for regular posting of content on social profiles.


Get The Conversation Going

Use social media to increase reach beyond the local community. Post interactive content and get the conversation going. Use the Social Inbox from Social Champ to reply to the comments and build conversations. 

Save yourself from hopping from one post to another and missing out on replies!


Post Interactive Content

Interactive content, such as LinkedIn AMA sessions and Twitter polls, is one of the best ways to include the audience in a conversation. Interactive content  works exceptionally well when coupled with product visualizations. 

Use a chart that shows some big numbers or an interesting infographic. Alternatively, use royalty-free images on Social Champ to make the post more engaging. 


Consistent Brand Voice

Every company has its assortment of brand guidelines, some more serious, others cheekier. But it’s important to remember that a considerable part of social media is social.

However, it is essential to maintain a uniform brand voice across all profiles. Proof read all content with post approvals and let the team get posting!


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