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Enroll the best of the best startups in your upcoming cohorts by marketing the enrollment window to the fullest with a social media management tool.

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Market Incubation Centers Using Social Media


Consistent Posting With Auto RSS Feeds

A massive part of incubators is the group of startups that are currently enrolled in it. Incubators need to help put startups on the map by marketing them.

Switch to smart automation using the Auto RSS feeds by connecting startup websites to the profiles. This way, the incubator’s profile will stay fresh with new content and the startups will get the much-needed exposure.


Enroll The Best Startups

Find the best fit for your incubation program by searching for them on social media. Upload posts that will market openings and put them on repeat. The repeat feature from Social Champ will post it after regular intervals set by you.

Track analytics, such as the reach and engagement on that post, and create reports to base your future posts on.


Share Success Stories

The incubation period is a massive part of a startup’s journey. It enables a startup to grow into its own and step into the market as an entity. Share all such success stories of startups that started in your incubation center.

Use the bulk upload feature to schedule success stories and testimonials on social profiles to motivate your audience.


Never Miss Out On Important Updates

Once you are done making your social calendar for the quarter, focus on scheduling content on the social profiles. This way you will not miss out on posting important updates or about social events.

Social media calendar by Social Champ will provide a calendar view of all the scheduled posts so that you can easily edit and update posts.


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