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Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” –@benfranklin

Benjamin Franklin once said something to make a long-lasting impression on the world. In this era, the words of Franklin still embrace the truth as a peculiarity in business.

As he discusses, customer’s demands are increasing day by day on the credibility of organizations and business professionals. Now, you will ask how? If we break it into two parts, the prior words refer to supervision, leadership, management, and another part refers to a buzzworthy, momentous mark. These are the basic PR practices of any business, adherence to this can upraise credibility and visibility.

Digital World And Visual Opportunities

Digital media has taken the world by storm. Leading to developing opportunities in new ways over the decade for experts through aimed content. Limiting the space for the newsroom, social media platforms have taken a more prominent space on which people, firms, organizations, small businesses share their content- digital content. Hence, developing more extensive opportunities for bloggers, graphic designers, social media experts.

If you are looking forward to tackling a content marketing campaign, the foremost things to grasp are online growth and engagement. Marketing’s innate part is text-based content, but to seal your place in the digital era, you must use visuals to gain that place.

A significant factor that makes content marketing such a substantial component in present-day brand maintenance is the way that it enables your business to give people useful information. Numerous brands have taken to writing blogs and articles, making helpful videos, and making step-by-step guides. All of which offer valuable information snippets that each brand’s consumer has a craving.

While creating content, the most significant confusion you might be facing would be over which images to use in a blog post, web page, social media page, paragraph, etc.?

Knowing that visuals play a crucial part in the success of the post, you must take this matter on a serious note. Humans are visual learners, the fact that text mixed with visible in the right proportion can outshine dramatically. They love to assimilate ideas visually than reading a long paragraph.

Words aren’t enough to keep customers engaged. Team Social Champ is here with the solutions; catch up on the following to make your content and visual grind together.

1. Photos and Images

Photos have dominated a fair portion of our day-to-day life. We love to click, view, and share pictures. Kin mind your brand, there are numerous approaches to stack them in your marketing plans and strategies. Using a description for the product you may sell, people whom you have interviewed, or the pictures of your own teams, and achievements, finding ways to introduce your brand through photos will definitely engage your audiences.

For example, some websites are content-based, be they political, humor, general interest, or any pop- culture news on the homepage of these sites. A majority of the links to the content will have the following image.

One study has shown that articles with images get 94% more views where 60% of consumers contact when an image pops up in their search result, a news feed, etc.

Selecting a good photo can make a good change in your content marketing.

2. Charts

When marketing and visual aids come to mind, we think of charts. They extensively help in visualizing data by visualizing numbers, relations, relationships, and contextual signs to understand the information more briefly.

According to Rand Friskin, “(Charts and graphs) get picked up and used all the time by sources that want to quote the numbers and even by sources that originated the numbers that are looking for visual ways to represent them.”

This constancy means the more charts and graphs are dispersed, people look for the original source.

Developing a simple, easy to read, the well-temperate graphic will benefit the consumer to understand. Consider your audience, a lot of people want to review the stats on an immediate basis. Graphic representation of data is a great way to provide them with the main facts. Subsequently, leaving you to discuss the data, etc. in the accompanying text.

Remember: keep it simple, identify the main pieces of data you want to present, find a logical and exciting way to display that data, and then execute it.

3. Visual Representations

Visual representations are used to visually represent concepts. A piece of text that is the outline of the data thought, or any idea, then image gives out accuracy and visually to that idea.

The representation shows you, and the text tells you. Over half the population of the world is thought to be visual learners. This leads to an understanding that information is better when visualized.

A successful representation is not an easy task, especially when it comes to visualizing complex ideas, theoretical can be tricky.

Think about better approaches to represent old ideas, and make sure to attempt to keep that balance of appearing and advising with the end goal to create an extremely extraordinary bit of content and a similarly incredible visual resource.

4. Comics, Artworks, Memes

Memes, comics, and artwork are playing a cheerful role nowadays. We’ve all read a comic in our lifetime, so we are, for the most part, comfortable with the format. This is the thing that makes comics such a valuable visual resource – the familiarity and openness of them.

People associate themselves with a light-hearted tone. Consequently, this nature of memes and comics makes it more appealing while going through your news feed. The question that comes to our mind is, how do we transform our complex and theoretical ideas into these while maintaining light-heartedness?

The answer to this is simple. If we use these correctly, putting up the bearings, memes, comics, and artworks can be magnificently informative, educational, and authoritative resources.

5. Infographics

Infographics are a fantastic tool for presenting data or information visually. They help to disentangle data and make “dry” subjects all the more engaging. So, they can have a high amount of shares and be visually enticing.

An IBCW study, “The State of Infographics 2017,” found that consumers prefer infographics over commercials, presentations, articles, and blog posts.

Make your infographics exceptional by applying fundamental copywriting techniques, including:

  • Benefits: Let readers know how they’ll benefit from your product or service before you list product details.
  • Empathy: Relate to your readers by showing that you understand the problems they’re struggling with.
  • Problem-solving: Tell readers how your product can solve the problems outlined in your “empathy” section.

Create Stunning Infographics With Social Champ

Use the best designing platform Canva within Social Champ to create infographics & social media posts in just a few clicks.

Rand Friskin, marketing specialist and founder of, makes an interesting debate about the fall of infographics. He took note of what they can do without much of a stretch turn out to be excessively mixed up and overpowering. Thus, diminishing their viability as visual resources.

He argues that once the popularity of infographics took off, the quantity rose, and quality started to fall. Infographics producers began including superfluous graphics and bits of information to fill space, hence destroying the medium.

The upside of visual resources, when compared with infographics, is their simplicity. Generally, visual resources like the ones we’ve talked about here convey a couple of sets of information or ideas. Basically, their adequacy lies in simplicity. Visual resources are regularly far faster to create and have more adaptable applications. They are less demanding to share around and will probably be perused overall.

Obviously, this is one point of view. A well-made infographic can do wonders, it can convey fascinatingly and dynamically. Yet, the takeaway from this is to simply know. Realize what data you need to include and don’t jotter things out for the sake of feel and aesthetics.

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