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Influencer marketing has taken over the world by storm. Businesses of all sizes are starting to see the value in partnering with social media influencers to promote their products or services. Influencers have a loyal following of engaged fans interested in what they have to say.

When influencers promote your brand, they essentially give it a stamp of approval. This can lead to increased brand awareness and recognition.

To search for micro-influencers in seconds, inBeat can help you reach out to the right influencers in the social media world. You can connect brands with multiple social media influencers and get optimal results. Today we got a chance to cover the success story of inBeat and its co-founder David Morneau. Let’s find out how their startup works in a highly competitive world.

The Story Behind inBeat

inBeat was created out of a need for a more efficient way to connect brands with social media influencers. The traditional process was inefficient and often resulted in mismatched partnerships. inBeat’s platform uses data and analytics to match brands with the right social media influencers, saving time and money while ensuring that partnerships are more likely to be successful.

The thought behind inBeat was to create a win-win situation for brands and influencers by making it easier for them to connect and work together.

Challenges That inBeat Had to Face

The biggest challenge inBeat faced in its early years was getting brands and influencers to use the platform. To overcome this, inBeat offered free trials to companies and content creators, so they could experience the benefits firsthand. Additionally, inBeat’s team directly reached out to potential users and built relationships with them to show how the platform could benefit them.

Of course, the free business talks to discuss strategy before buying the subscription are our personal touch, differentiating us from the competition.

Milestones & Achievements

The first significant achievement, to put it that way, was bringing the company into existence. Next, it was honing it into this lean, mean platform that connects you with the right influencers.

And that’s not as easy as it might sound.

We’re more than a search engine. inBeat aims to be a partner for its clients, and you can see that from the second you jump into a call with David Morneau, the company’s founder.

So our main achievement is seeing our partners thrive. We are helping companies save hundreds of hours of research every month because our platform is blazingly fast, comprehensive, and affordable. We have streamlined our search engine, honed our analytics tools, and we’re still improving our services each month.

Of course, all our influencers are 100% vetted and have higher engagement rates than the industry average. For example, a reasonable engagement rate for Instagram is 4%, but our micro and nano-influencers can easily reach 20-30%.

As for practical achievements, we’ve worked with major companies such as New Balance, 7-Eleven, and Nissan. We’ve also helped put Phone Loops on the map through our content creators’ concerted efforts. Basically, the world went from not knowing what phone loops are to everyone using them, which increased their ROAS by 80%.

We take pride in smaller achievements, too (smaller for us, not for our customers).

For example, BlueHouse Salmon can now completely power up its content calendar with user-generated content without paying heaps for advertising.

Basically, we’re helping companies evolve according to their needs and goals.

The Team Behind inBeat

The leading player behind inBeat is David Morneau. He is the co-founder and CEO of inBeat, a hybrid micro-influencer marketing SAAS/agency that helps brands scale their marketing efforts. He has helped over 200 DTC brands to date.

David Morneau

A few years back, David was running an SEO agency helping local DTC brands. One day, one of the clients brought up the idea of micro-influencer marketing to get more content, and David immediately realized the issue sounded a lot like SEO. The similarity lies in a similar sell cycle, comprised of the outreach, the prospecting, the negotiation, and the onboarding. This short sell cycle was a perfect fit for the agency’s operations.

The next step was creating operating procedures around that, and here is inBeat today: loved by thousands of agencies and brands, helping tens of DTC brands each month.

Lessons Learnt Along the Way

The biggest lesson inBeat has learned is that constantly adapting and evolving is essential. The world of social media changes rapidly, and inBeat has to stay on top of the latest trends and changes to succeed. Additionally, it’s essential to listen to feedback from users and make changes based on what they want and need.

People won’t buy your products or services because you’re great. They’ll do it because of the benefits they get from that business relationship.

That’s why we always strive to help our customers and the influencer marketing community.

Giving Back to the Community

inBeat has a dedicated team that works with brands and influencers to ensure they get the most out of the platform. Additionally, inBeat offers free resources, such as ebooks and guides to help brands and influencers learn more about influencer marketing. In addition, David Morneau hosts and participates in podcasts educating the community about the latest trends in influencer marketing.

Companies also have access to our many free tools, such as the calculators and checkers on the platform, plus free searches.

inBeat’s Recipe to Success

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success, but there are some key ingredients that can help you achieve your goals.

First, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Without a clear destination, it won’t be easy to map out a route to success.

Second, you need to set realistic and achievable goals. Trying to accomplish too much at once will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Third, you need to be persistent and resilient in the face of setbacks. Every journey has its bumps in the road, but it’s essential to keep moving forward.

Finally, you need to surround yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you. inBeat believes combining data-driven decision-making, constant innovation, and excellent customer service is paramount. Additionally, building strong relationships with brands and influencers is an essential ingredient for success.

The Future of inBeat

There’s no question that influencer marketing is here to stay. In the past few years, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in brands and businesses leveraging influencers to promote their products and services. And as the industry continues to grow, so will the demand for experienced influencer marketing agencies like inBeat.

We anticipate that in the coming years, we’ll see more brands turning to agencies like ours to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of influencer marketing. We’ll also see a continued increase in the use of micro-and nano-influencers as more brands realize the power of working with smaller, more niche audiences.

At inBeat, we’re excited to continue playing a leading role in the influencer marketing space, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic industry.

inBeat & the Community That They Have Built

When inBeat first launched, it was clear that the micro-nano influencer marketing landscape was ripe for disruption. Our company quickly found success by leveraging its technology platform to connect brands with hundreds of thousands of influencers worldwide.

However, to maintain its position as a market leader, inBeat knew that it needed to evolve and innovate continuously.

In 2020, the company made a significant push to engage with its community and collect feedback. This was an important step in understanding how inBeat could better serve its customers and improve its platform.

As a result of this feedback, inBeat made several significant enhancements in 2022, including the Creator Studio designed to help brands better manage their influencer campaigns.

This tool helps companies access on-demand content creation quickly, without vetting and cherry-picking influencers. inBeat has already done that for them; after analyzing over 30,000 influencer applications, we only chose the top 1%.

We’re also constantly improving our other tools and creating new useful ones, such as Engagement Rate Calculators, Fake Follower Checker, Money Calculator, and more.

Thanks to these efforts, inBeat is now better positioned than ever to help brands reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

Social Champ wishes the entire team of inBeat a successful journey ahead.

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