25+ Secret Instagram Tips to Know in 2023 for Growth

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Instagram, the term is not new at all and has already taken the globe with a storm. People have become avid Instagram users and from their pictures to food, vacationing, and success, everything is on the platform of Instagram.

The hot-favorite social media application has been bridging the gap between people since 2010 and since then, the platform has not seen a fallback!

The popularity of Instagram is totally incredible. With more than 1.3 billion users, Instagram has become the top-favorite social media application where people are sharing what they want to share with their loved ones.

Narrowing down Instagram and its importance towards the businesses.

One of the finest addictions, Instagram has become insanely popular among youngsters and Generation Z. This astonishing rise of Instagram has also emphasized the businesses to launch their brands and products on the platform. And to automate the operations proficiently, businesses should use an authentic Instagram management tool.

Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram has made media sharing way easier than ever before. It has now become a global platform that empowers brands to cultivate their content on newer levels, connect with fresh talent, and spur the audience. Be it influencer marketing or the promotion of the brand via videos and images, Instagram has topped the charts and has become the favorite choice of businesses.

Effective Instagram Tips to Use in 2023

Since Instagram has made it easy for businesses to communicate with their audience, it has become quite potent for the brands to work for their online growth on Instagram. But wait, is it easy to grow your brand on Instagram? Well, let me answer this for you.

It is definitely not easy to grow your brand. You need to implement a lot of smart strategies for the marketing of your Instagram business profile. With a massive global audience of up to 1.4 billion people, Instagram is offering a dramatic reach for business engagement.

No matter if you are an influencer, marketer, or business strategist; you need to know some great Instagram hacks and tips that could help your business stand out from the crowd. In this detailed article, I will let you know different Instagram tips categorized in several sections. Trust me, no matter if you run a brand or if you promote other brands by being an influencer, these Instagram tips are going to be your lifesaver. Let’s dive deep into the study.

Instagram Tips for Beginners

Instagram is definitely a hot-favorite platform that has already gained popularity among influencers and businesses. And now iGen is the second most targeted audience. However, those who have recently joined Instagram are quite obsessed with the application already and can’t resist sharing pictures and videos with their loved ones and friends. I have broken down 4 Instagram tips for beginners. Let’s have a look.

  1. Use Search and Explore Function to Find Great Content

    Since you are a beginner at Instagram, you might be having difficulties in finding your friends and favorite celebs. But hold on, the Instagram explore function has got your back. All you need to do is click the magnifying glass showing on the bottom of Instagram. And boom! You are into the world of creators, celebrities, and influencers. In this section, you can see the content curated as per your interests. You can browse this page further to search for specific users, hashtags, and trending subjects.

    Instagram search explorer

  2. Post Interesting Content to Keep Your Followers Engaged

    Once you find your friends and get a good following, this is the time to post interesting content to keep your followers hooked and engaged in your creativity. If you want your followers to stay engaged and active towards your account, you would have to post great content on a regular basis. I won’t recommend you to post 10 photos each day but yes post a picture or a story regularly so your followers stay interested in your account. If you won’t post often, you may lose a lot of your followers.

    Creative and engaged account

  3. Stay In Top Trends With Trendy Hashtags

    Instagram is all about hashtags and trends. But wait, not every hashtag would work every time and you must not use these expired hashtags. Before posting anything, it is highly recommended to check out the trending hashtags. With the help of the right hashtags, your profile would climb up the search results and would show up in the explore tab (if you haven’t kept it private). While using Instagram, it is important to know the latest trends in order to avoid putting yourself in the danger of losing followers.

  4. Limit the Screen Time

    Trust me, Instagram is an addiction, a bad one, and can be a good one too! Using Instagram can consume much of your hours and you would be wasting a lot of your time without even taking notice. Limiting the screen time would come to your rescue here. You can limit the screen time by activating the in-built screen timer and your usage would get limited. Once you reach the limit, your Instagram built-in timer will automatically warn you to close the app and your eyes can rest well!

    Built in timer on Instagram

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Instagram Tips for Influencers

Not only in terms of beginners, but Instagram has also taken the attention of influencers and digital marketers. Be it the Instagram engagement or Instagram reach, influencers are excessively using Instagram for their growth among the audience. Aspiring creators from all over the world are stepping into this golden industry of influencer marketing, all set to hit up to $15 billion by 2023. Here are some cool Instagram tips for influencers.

    1. Understand Your Niche and Content-Type

      If you want to become an influencer, then you first need to understand your niche and the area of interest. If you would be focused and niched in the initial stage, it would be easier for you to grow among the audience with trust and love towards your content. Identify your niche and search what inspires you to create content. Once you understand your content type and your influencer-ship style, it would be easier for you to deliver the content to the audience as per their choices and interest.

    2. Master the Short Form Video Content

      People simply love Instagram IGTVs and do love to watch the small reels and short-form video content. You must have seen the makeup influencers who create short-form ‘Get ready with me’ and other promotional and tutorial forms of content. There are hundreds of bloggers and influencers who create totally mesmerizing sort of video content and post it on Instagram. And believe me, they are gaining a huge following just with the help of short IGTVs and videos. Yes, you can be a great influencer too!

      video content Instagram

    3. Optimize the Bio and Profile

      If you are looking forward to shine out bright in the career of influencership and blogger on Instagram then hear another tip. You need to optimize your Instagram bio and profile according to your industry and interest in the business. You must have seen makeup artists and influencers promoting different brands as they have found their area of interest in that certain market. If you want to be an Instagram influencer, get ready to optimize your profile with the right hashtags and details about yourself and your interested business.

  1. Build Your Network and Engage With Audience

    Once you have found your niche, the next step is to engage with the audience and build a network with the following. Since a lot of people would be following you, this is clearly your responsibility to keep them engaged within your content and hooked with the posts. In the meantime, you can launch giveaways as well in collaboration with any of the brands. This will indirectly boost your trust and credibility among the audience. You can also create polls and questionnaires as well to engage the followers.

    Nike Customer-centered accounts

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Instagram Growth Tips

Influencers and business marketers need to understand the fact that Instagram can help them in growing their personal brand like no other platform. At this point, Instagram has become the only platform where influencers can pitch their personal brand and can work on their branding. Apart from the influencers, brands should also be focusing on their Instagram marketing strategies. Check out these cool Instagram tips for the growth of your business profile.

  1. Create Content Calendar

    Be it the marketer of a business or an influencer of Instagram, it is important for both of them to have a content calendar or scheduler for the posts. Social champ comes to your rescue here and with the help of its vibrant dashboard and carefully designed scheduler, marketers and influencers can post their content for all the social platforms for up to three years. With the help of the content suggestion feature of Social Champ, one can curate content for socials within no time. Isn’t this tool your greatest help? I know, it is!

    Content Calendar

  2. Use Instagram Metric to Track Your Success

    Tracking your growth and performance on Instagram is quite difficult for newcomers. But with the help of Instagram metrics, you can keep the track of all your success! With the help of our guide about top Instagram Metrics, businesses and influencers can check how their brand is performing among the audience. At this stage, you can implement the social media management tool of Social Champ and can use its Instagram analytics feature to stay updated about your brand’s performance.

  3. Come Up With Catchy and Playful Captions and Content

    Instagram is definitely a race of rabbit and turtle where the one with the cool captions and stunning photos/videos wins! Be it the influencership or business marketing, having catchy and playful content is a must for everyone. Moreover, to engage the audience in your product and content, you need to put up something very cheesy and super cool so the audience can enjoy it like never before. Check the examples of how Huda Beauty has hyped up her makeup on Instagram and the audience is all gaga over it.

    Huda beauty Instagram

  4. Keep Your Business and Personal Branding Transparent

    When we talk about the businesses and the influencership, what we need to understand is that everything should be crystal clear in both domains. No matter if you are a marketer or the brand marketer, you need to keep everything quite clear and transparent so that the audience could trust you. Stay all voiced about your product and your marketing strategies so your following could believe you without any doubt in their hearts! Make sure that your commitment to the followers is undying and strong too!

Instagram Tips for Small Business

If you are someone who is looking forward to initiate his own business and brand then Instagram could work wonders for him. The marketing strategies of Instagram could help you to go loud about your brand. While promoting your brand on Instagram, you are having the chance of reaching a wider audience. In this way, this active platform can help your small business succeed. Have a look at these Instagram tips for small businesses. You can also check out this guide to learn more about selling on Instagram.

  1. Find Your Ideal Customers and Interact With Them

    Once you have stepped into the business market, it could be a bit difficult to talk about your brand. But wait, Instagram marketing has got your back! Your very first responsibility is to find your ideal customers and the people to whom you want to sell your product and service. At this stage, it is highly recommended to interact with your targeted customers and audience so they could trust you blindly. Be active on the platform and stay cooperative towards your following to increase brand awareness.

    Oreo Instagram marketing

  2. Create Killer Content and Strategic Marketing Plan

    Once the customer identification is all done, you are at the stage of creating content that could hook the audience. Having a strategic marketing plan is important here as it would help you to redirect the marketing prospectus. Assure that whatever you are creating for the audience is excessively engaging and would strike the attention of your following at a glance. For this purpose, you need to conduct extensive market research to find what would work best for your ideal customers.

    It’s also wise to use social media in tandem with other lead-generation tools at this stage. You want to build up an audience across channels that you can communicate with, wherever they may live digitally.

  3. Use the Trendiest Hashtags

    When your business is in the struggling stage, you need to take the help of each component and the trendiest hashtags would work best for you here. With the help of the trending hashtags, your business can ultimately reach the explore option of the audience which would increase your profile and posts’ visits. Incorporate the hashtags rightly in your business posts and stories and make sure that they are quite interactive. In this way, your marketing would reach the wider horizon of the audience.


  4. Offer Discounts and Post Phenomenal Photos

    I understand the fact that it might be difficult for a struggling business to offer some exciting discounts or free goodies for the audience. But still, while producing the product, keep a little margin for your lucky followers and hype them up with mini discounts and some free chocolates. Moreover, ensure to post phenomenal photos of your product and offer to keep the following curious with ‘What’s coming up next!’. This strategy will automatically drive traffic and sales towards your business.

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Instagram Tips for Branding

Building your brand on Instagram is definitely the best option for which business marketers should practice. This is the best time to capitalize your brand on the most used platform of Instagram. Believe me, the hype is truly real and the consistently changing Instagram algorithm could help you here. I have compiled some cool Instagram tips that you need to implement for the Instagram branding of your business.

  1. Show Up With the Catchy and Engaging Stories

    If you want your business to get the limelight on Instagram that it deserves, you need to show up with the top branding tips of Instagram. Here, Instagram stories and captions are your biggest support. With the help of the story option, a business can easily strike the attention of the audience. You need to incorporate the right type of content with hashtags in the stories to reach a wider audience. Make sure that the stories are quite engaging and interactive for your targeted audience and following.

    Instagram Stories

  2. Post More Creative Videos and Stay Active With the Audience

    It is a fact, video content is more popular among the audience as compared to pictures and stills. Since video is quite engaging and feels interactive, it is more likely to get more views, visits, and loyal customers as well. If you want your business’s branding to be successful and perfect then you would have to infuse a lot of your time in making extremely energetic and interactive videos. Moreover, it is also highly necessary to stay active and cooperative with the audience to create the credibility of the brand.

  3. Monitor Your Instagram Metrics and Analytics

    If you are working for the branding of your business or influencer profile, you need to monitor the metrics and analysis to track your success and performance. Social champ social media management tool is all here for your help. You can try out the Free Social Media Scheduler offered by Social Champ and can enjoy the perks of monitoring your social metrics from one single dashboard. Remember, your social accounts’ success monitoring is as important as its maintenance and no one can do it better than Social Champ.


  4. Add Up the Call-To-Action in the Posts and Stories

    Keep in mind, if you want your branding tactics to work, you need to add the call-to-action button in the posts and stories. Wondering what that button or toggle is? Well, that is a small button, link, or any sticker posted on the stories and shared under the posts. This tiny element helps your business to drive the interested visitors towards the purchase. With the help of the call-to-action button, you can hype up the followers to visit your website or main profile for more information and purchasing purposes.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram marketing has become one of the most crucial elements for businesses and influential brands. There is a huge number of influencers and brands on the social platform Instagram and they have got massive followers as well. With the help of the right plan, you can market your brand on Instagram and can drive more sales. Have a look at these proven Instagram tips for marketing.

  1. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

    Instagram marketing could be overwhelming if you have not prepared for it beforehand. Marketing your business or your profile on Instagram could be a bit difficult but with the help of a free Instagram marketing tool, it has all become so easy! Yes, Social Champ has got you an absolutely free yet premium – freemium plan for this purpose where you can use all the premium features for absolutely free to market and manage your business on all the social platforms.

  2. Create the Hype of Product That Is Tempting

    Take a look at Starbucks and their fundamental marketing strategies, the way they promoted their red cup was quite tempting and the audience went all crazy to get it. That’s what you need to do for your business as well while doing Instagram marketing. Create the curiosity and hype of your product while marketing it all around Instagram. Let the audience get engaged with the content and share their opinions and guesses. By specifying any particular date, unveil the product and win hearts!

    Starbucks Red Cups

  3. Generate More Leads With Instagram Stories

    Do you know Instagram reels and stories are more powerful as compared to posts? Well, yes they are! Since people are highly addicted to Instagram Stories, videos, and IGTV on Instagram, it would benefit your business like never before and you can hook the audience in engaging content. With the help of curiosity-creating stories, you can easily trigger your followers to buy the hyped product. Make sure that your content is catchy enough to strike the attention of your targeted audience in each way.

  4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing and collaboration on Instagram work wonders for businesses. Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s number one footballer. He collaborated with Clear Haircare and brought a phenomenal boost to the shampoo. Since Cristiano Ronaldo is already the world’s most-followed celebrity on Instagram with 400 million followers, his fan following quickly shifted to Clear Shampoo. In this way, it is quite clear that influencer marketing and collaboration for the work front can market the business like no other technique.

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Clear

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Instagram Engagement Tips

Are you still confused about the tactics that could increase the engagement of Instagram? Well, you don’t have to as I have brought you some proven and tested tips that could skyrocket your Instagram engagement. There are hundreds of ways in which you can engage your targeted audience. From creating trending memes to hosting live sessions and giveaways, check out these fantastic Instagram tips for engagement.

  1. Share Valuable Posts and Informative Carousels

    Engaging the targeted audience in your posts and videos could be highly daunting and may turn out frustrating. However, with the help of valuable posts, informative carousels, and interactive videos; you can steal the attention of your followers. Ensure that you have used the right templates, typography, hashtags, and pictures as well that could interact with the audience amazingly. Use the right scheduler for Instagram posts and carousels to make the audience feel at home with your business.


  2. Use Relevant Hashtags and Hype Up Engagement With the Stories

    The proper use of hashtags plays a vital role in engaging with the audience. You need to incorporate the proper hashtags in your posts and stories to keep up with the audience and their demands. For this purpose, you need to create fundamentally original and catchy posts and stories that could make the audience feel happy and curious. Edit all your videos and photos like a famous blogger and leave the audience all head over heels with your stunning marketing strategies.

  3. Collab on Instagram Reels and Videos

    If I say, Instagram reels and videos have definitely taken businesses and influencers to another level, then it won’t be wrong! The ultimate rise in the creation of IGTVs, short videos, and quick tutorials has made it very easy for brands to collaborate with popular influencers. Brands are also offering great discounts over the collaborations and it is indirectly getting more limelight on Instagram. You must not have forgotten how Uber and Spotify collaborated for a personalized experience for their followers.

    Spotify and Uber partnership(Picture source:  The Verge)

  4. Create Funny, Engaging, Interactive Memes

    We are living in the era of memes and jokes that quickly take the internet with a storm. If you want your audience to engage with your brand then you should sprinkle a pinch of humor in your content to catch their attention. Instagram engagement is not easy when you are a struggling business profile on Instagram. But with the help of little humorous content, you can get the attention your content deserves. Post great TikTok videos or clips with Instagram filters and hashtags for enhanced engagement.

Wrapping Up The Instagram Tips

Instagram has become one of the most significant channels for the marketing of a brand and for personal branding as well. This social media platform is helping out businesses in unlocking new heights of success with digital media, information, and entertainment altogether. We are looking forward to a brighter future carried out in the light of Instagram marketing for all the digital brands.

I have categorized all the Instagram tips and tricks in this detailed guide and by walking through each section, you will gain a deeper insight into the business operations that are taking place via Instagram. Not using this active social media tool for your branding and promotion is definitely not a choice anymore! Have a happy Instagramming week ahead!

People Also Ask

1. What are some good tips and tricks for Instagram?

Instagram has made media sharing way easier than ever before. It has now become a global platform that empowers brands to cultivate their content on newer levels, connect with fresh talent, and spur the audience. From influencer marketing to the perfect use of Instagram Reels, Videos, IGTVs, and hashtags; there are several tips for an effective Instagramming and marketing strategy.

2. What are the 5 steps to being successful on Instagram?

Becoming successful on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. You need to put a lot of effort into your content to shine out brighter than other content creators. Have a look at the successful influencers including Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo, they have got enormous fan followings and established personal branding. You should implement the right tips and tricks of using hashtags, social media schedulers, and posting interactive yet catchy content for the audience to become successful Instagrammer.

3. How do you get popular on Instagram 2023?

If you want to become popular on Instagram, you would have to follow the right Instagram hacks and engagement rules to make your profile stand out. From the posting of stunning photos to the creation of Instagram Reels and videos, you should create the content in your interested niche and industry so you could work best on its strategies. The only secret to standing out on Instagram is the publishing of catchy and engaging content for the targeted audience.

4. Why is Instagram so important?

Instagram has become way so important for your business and personal branding than ever before. With the help of Instagram, your business has got the amazing opportunity to show off its services and products in an excellent way. From products and services to your brand’s value, Instagram has provided your business with a platform where you can showcase your brand proudly, indirectly boosting the interaction of your brand with the audience.
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25+ Secret Instagram Tips to Know in 2023 for Growth

Picture of Summaiya Shahid

Summaiya Shahid

I am a part of #ChampFam as a content writer and content strategist. A computer science graduate who always hated coding yet my love for writing poetry and blogs grew stronger with time. I usually love to watch cartoons specifically Doraemon and hangout with my friends when I am free. Launching my personal makeup brand has always been my dream and I am open to more advice about it. Ping me at [email protected]

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