#ChampsTalk Highlights: Jonathan Aufray Discusses Actionable Growth Hacks

Growing a business is often more challenging than establishing one. Once the ball starts rolling, it becomes difficult to sustain the momentum and see improvements month-over-month and year-over-year.

In order to break through such plateaus, businesses need to leverage growth hacking tactics to increase market share and attract a steady stream of high-ticket customers.

Growth hacking combines digital marketing, lead/demand generation, and conversion rate optimization tactics that combine together to deliver exceptional growth for the business. However, since there are too many tactics on the list, and you need to discover the ones that work for your niche.

We are pleased to have Jonathan Aufray, Co-founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, who would discuss these ideas.

For more than six years, Jonathan has inspired business owners and digital marketing professionals to try out new inbound marketing and growth hacking ideas to see sustainable growth over the years.

In this edition of #ChampsTalk, Jonathan will discuss how businesses could use growth hacking tactics to see growth and brand traction.

Thank you, Jonathan, for your great insights. We hope our readers now have some ideas that they can try to implement for their business.

Now it’s the readers’ turn – Do mention your favorite mentor you want to be featured in the next episode of ChampsTalk.

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