Publer Pricing: Is It Affordable to Use in 2024

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Ah, social media. That mighty place of endless possibilities, where businesses can connect with customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

But let’s be honest: with all those endless possibilities come the cons of constant notifications, content creation pressure, and the ever-present fear of the dreaded algorithm shift.

Picture this: You are a tightrope walker, gracefully balancing yourself across the social media sphere. As one hand grasps a phone, flooded with likes and comments, the other juggles numerous content calendars and scheduling tools. Amidst this chaos, a chorus of metrics and analytics murmurs cryptic messages, leaving you slightly dazed and utterly confused.

Sound familiar? We have all been there, friends!

What if I ask you to leave behind the juggling act and navigate social media with confidence, like a seasoned pro? Imagine taming the notification frenzy, streamlining your workflow, and gaining insights that even the most cryptic data analyst would applaud.

There comes a hassle-free social media management tool. I know you probably think about all the giants like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, and Sprout Social leading the industry these days. But of course, with the cutthroat competition on social media, there are a plethora of other social media tools that can make your work tenfold easier without breaking the bank.

Among the other rising tools, Publer is one of the popular social media management tools. The tool comprises versatile features, but its pricing plan can be a bit pricey.

Anyways, let’s have a look at the detailed Publer pricing.

Publer – A Quick Recap

Struggling to keep your social media channels buzzing? Publer can be a good option for planning posts, scheduling content, and editing eye-catching visuals – all in one place!

Publer Home Page
Publer Home Page

However, Publer might not be your forever social media hero. While it’s user-friendly and budget-friendly, some users find it lacking in advanced features and encounter a few usability quirks.

Think of it this way: Publer is a solid sidekick, but if you crave a more feature-packed champion, consider Social Champ.  It boasts a similar user-friendly design, packs a heavier punch with its functionalities, and might be a better match for your needs, all at a comparable price.

The key takeaway? Choose the social media management tool that tackles your specific challenges and offers a balance between affordability and the features you need to truly shine online.

About Publer

Publer is a social media management tool designed to streamline your online presence across various platforms. It offers a comprehensive set of features and is a solution tailored for efficient content planning and scheduling.

Its intuitive dashboard provides users with a detailed overview of their content calendar, allowing for seamless planning and scheduling of posts across multiple social media channels. With Publer, you can effortlessly upload and edit photos or videos directly within the platform, ensuring your content is visually captivating and engaging.

One of Publer’s key strengths is its dynamic reporting and analytics tools, which empower users to gain valuable insights into their social media performance. So, when analyzing metrics, such as engagement, reach, and audience demographics, Publer enables users to make informed decisions and refine their marketing strategies effectively.

Furthermore, the platform extends its functionality beyond scheduling posts, offering additional features such as social media automation and collaboration.

However, despite its promising features, the platform falls short in certain areas. Users may encounter usability issues and limitations in terms of advanced functionality. While Publer’s pricing may initially seem attractive, it’s essential to consider whether the tool meets your specific needs and requirements.

Publer Previous Pricing Plan Vs. Current Pricing Plan

Once known for its budget-friendly options, Publer’s pricing has taken a surprising turn. What used to be an affordable choice for small business owners and individuals, now comes with a much higher price tag.

This sudden increase may pose a challenge for those operating on tight budgets, as it could require them to allocate more funds than anticipated for managing their social media presence. As a result, many may find themselves searching for alternative solutions that offer similar features without breaking the bank.

publer previous plan
Publer previous plan

Let’s have a detailed look at what Publer pricing was previously and what it has become now.

  1. Free Plan

    In the recent update to Publer’s pricing plans, the free tier has undergone significant changes, much to the disappointment of many users.

    Previously, the free plan offered generous features, allowing users to manage up to 5 social accounts without any team member restrictions. With the freedom to schedule up to 50 pending posts and save 25 drafts, users had ample room for creativity and planning. Moreover, the comprehensive 24-hour post history provided insights into recent activity.

    Coming to the current Publer pricing free plan, the latest adjustments have brought about tighter restrictions. The free plan now limits users to just three social accounts, with Twitter usage capped at one. Furthermore, the number of pending scheduled posts per account has been dramatically reduced to 10, severely limiting users’ ability to schedule posts.

    These changes may leave users feeling constrained and longing for the flexibility and freedom they once enjoyed with Publer’s free plan.

  2. Professional Plan (Previously Known as Argentum)

    In the previous pricing model, Publer offered a monthly subscription fee of $10, granting users access to manage up to 5 social accounts. However, if users wished to add more accounts, they had to pay an additional fee for each account, such as $14 per month for 7 social accounts. Team members were not included in the base plan and were required to pay an extra fee for additions.

    The plan included unlimited scheduling and drafts, bulk scheduling for up to 500 posts at once, an unlimited media library with storage, as well as export from Canva, Link in Bio feature (premium), automatic RSS posting, and analytics.

    With the new pricing model, Publer now charges $12 monthly, with additional fees for each added social account, significantly increasing costs for users with multiple accounts.

    The base plan includes management of up to 3 social accounts, with the option to add more at an increased price (that is $28 per month for 7 accounts) with no additional team members (if you want to add team members, you have to pay accordingly).

    The plan now includes multiple Twitter account management, unlimited workspaces, unlimited scheduling and drafts, and unlimited media library storage.

  3. Business Plan (Previously Known as Aurum)

    Under the previous business plan, Publer charged $20 monthly, allowing users to manage up to 5 social accounts. If users wanted to add more accounts, they had to pay extra, around $26 per month for 7 social accounts. Additional team members required extra fees. The plan included features like videos, multi-photo posts, GIFs, hashtag suggestions, content recommendations, and more.

    Now, the new business plan costs $21 per month, with extra charges for each added social account, such as $49 per month for 7 accounts. It doesn’t include additional team members. The plan offers unlimited AI prompts, in-depth analytics insights, hashtag and competitor analysis, PDF and CSV analytics reports, and more.

Switch to Budget-Friendly Plans!

Sign up with Social Champ for budget-friendly plans starting from as low as $29 per month and a fantastic customer service!

Difference Between Old Publer Pricing Plans vs New Pricing Plans in 2024

Side by side comparison
Side by side comparison
  1. Sudden Price Hike

    In 2024, Publer has implemented a significant price hike compared to its older pricing plans. Previously, users enjoyed more affordable options with flexible pricing tiers that catered to various needs.

    However, the new pricing structure has made Publer considerably more expensive, making it less accessible for small businesses and individual users. With increased costs for additional social accounts and features, many users may reconsider their social media management tool options.

  2. Limited Social Accounts

    Publer’s new pricing plans impose stricter limitations on the number of social accounts users can manage without incurring additional costs. Compared to the older plans, which allowed for more flexibility and scalability, the new plans restrict users to fewer accounts, with steep fees for adding extra accounts.

    This limitation could pose challenges for businesses or individuals with diverse social media needs, forcing them to downsize their online presence.

Publer Pricing vs Social Champ – The Mighty Feature Wars

The competition is fiercer than ever, with new contenders emerging regularly in the social media industry. While Publer may offer reasonable features, it falls short in providing the versatility, additional user capabilities, and extensive social media integrations that users seek in today’s landscape.

Another rising star is Social Champ, the undisputed champion. With a sleek UI and an effortlessly navigable dashboard, Social Champ has made its way toward the leading social media management tools in the industry. With robust features and seamless integration across 10 major social media platforms, including a Bluesky scheduler, Social Champ stands out as the go-to choice for savvy marketers.

Moreover, Social Champ’s commitment to accessibility is unmatched. It offers an exclusive free plan with all features readily available, ensuring users have everything they need.

  1. Exceptional Features

    When comparing Social Champ to Publer, it becomes apparent that Social Champ offers a wide array of exceptional features that Publer simply doesn’t provide. While Publer may serve as a reliable social media management tool, it falls short in offering versatile features.

    On the other hand, Social Champ stands out by offering users many exceptional features. These include innovative features, such as Best Time to Post, Champ AI Suite, repeat posts, Twitter Thread scheduling, automated Queue postings, a shareable calendar, and more. These features streamline scheduling processes and provide users with a competitive edge in managing their social media presence effectively.

    With its intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard, Social Champ makes scheduling tasks a breeze, enhancing the overall user experience. In comparison, Publer may lag in providing comprehensive and user-centric features, making Social Champ the clear choice for marketers seeking an advanced and efficient social media management solution.

  2. Social Media Integrations

    When examining Publer’s social media integrations, it becomes evident that the platform needs to improve in this aspect. Publisher offers limited social media platform integrations, whereas Social Champ shines with its extensive integration capabilities.

    Social Champ surpasses Publer by offering integration with 10 major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Mastodon and Bluesky.

    This comprehensive integration set empowers users to effortlessly manage their presence across various platforms, providing unparalleled flexibility and reach.

  3. Customer Support

    Regarding customer support, Social Champ stands out as the epitome of excellence, setting a new standard in the industry. Unlike Publer, which restricts customer support access to users on higher-tier plans, Social Champ prioritizes the needs of all users, regardless of their subscription level.

    Whether you are a free plan user or a premium subscriber, you can expect top-notch assistance from Social Champ’s dedicated support team. Renowned for their responsiveness and commitment to user satisfaction, the support team at Social Champ ensures that every user receives prompt and practical assistance to overcome any challenges they may encounter. With Social Champ, users can rest assured knowing that they have a reliable partner by their side, ready to support them every step of the way.

In Conclusion

While Publer has been a contender in the social media management sphere, recent changes in its pricing model may leave users feeling limited and frustrated. With fewer features, higher costs, and less extensive social media integrations, Publer falls short of meeting users’ evolving needs. On the other hand, Social Champ emerges as the clear victor in this comparison. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and exceptional customer support, Social Champ offers a superior solution for managing your social media presence. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to endless possibilities with Social Champ.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Publer Free or Paid ?

Yes, Publer is free but comes with a limited pricing plan, but it also offers a 14-day free trial on paid plans.

2. Which Is Better, Social Champ or Publer?

Social Champ is the better option when comparing Social Champ and Publer. With its extensive feature set, seamless integrations across multiple platforms, exceptional customer support, and competitive pricing, Social Champ provides users with a superior solution for managing their social media presence effectively.

3. Is Publer Worth It?

Publer offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a valuable tool for managing social media presence. However, Publer’s pricing may be considered expensive for individuals and small businesses, especially compared to other alternatives on the market.
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Publer Pricing: Is It Affordable to Use in 2024

Picture of Yumna Hafeez

Yumna Hafeez

I am a part of the #ChampFam designated as a content writer who likes to write with a side of coffee. When not glued to the keyboard, you will find me munching popcorns in cinema or catching K-dramas on Netflix with a ramen bowl. Let's chat about content, cinema, or anything in between at [email protected].

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