Social Champ Annual Review 2019 in Spotlight

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“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey

New dreams, goals, and resolutions – New Year Celebration is all about getting inspired and excited for what’s next.

While planning your new year resolutions, how about pausing for a moment to have a look at last year’s progress?
Let’s see what has been accomplished so far from the Social Champ’s 2019 timeline.

Social Champ’s 2019 in Spotlight

It all started with Social Champ being a birthday gift. A vision, to manage social media without wasting time, coming to life. When friends work together as co-founders, wonders happen. And that’s what made Social Champ a success from the beginning.

A startup with motivation, a vision to be on the top, belief, and dedication by the team – today, Social Champ is ahead of many others. We continuously aim to provide social media management solutions to individuals and other businesses in the digital world.

2019, has been a great year at Social Champ. We have spent the year working on new features for you. Updating our current features to make the product smarter, and better for our users.

Since now we’re heading into 2020, why don’t we take a moment to look back and celebrate how Social Champ has gotten better over the past twelve months!

Starting By Thanking You All!

First things first, it won’t be possible without you all. A big thank you to all our users for your support, trust, patience, and feedback. You all have been great. Thank you for trusting us to share your voice on social media. It’s a treat to have you all with us!

Social Champ Annual Review  2019

Let us highlight a few essential statistics we cherished the most in 2019.

Our Traction

  • 589306 posts have been posted via Social Champ on social networks that include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Business Profile.

Number of post stats

  • 9,000+ social media profiles have been added to Social Champ.

Number of social profiles

  • 4000+ new users were added to Social Champ in 2019.

Our Growth

our growth 2019

As we compare our numbers with the previous year, we used to post an average of 700-900 posts daily on different social networks. In 2019, we published around 2000 posts daily, which means that our champ community is growing bigger. People all around the globe are trusting Social Champ to manage their brand’s presence online.

How Did We Make Our System Faster and Better?

Be A Part Of Champ Fam

Let’s connect to grow together. We’d love to serve you in building your online presence.

While we see all these numbers shining bright, let’s not forget those endless efforts and sleepless nights by our development team to make this happen. As we put 2019 in the spotlight, it was undoubtedly the year to celebrate “the star of the year,” our CTO Zohaib Ahmed Shakir. With his constant dedication, Social Champ got better with every passing month.

Moving our servers to Amazon Web Services was one of our key achievements in 2019 to make Social Champ more secure, stable, and faster.

Launching a New Product: ENGAGE – Social Inbox

Here’s to our new product launch in 2019. The most requested one from our customers. A platform where you could react and reply to all your messages, comments, mentions, and reviews. A single place to handle all your customers’ queries on all major social accounts and to make your customer service more efficient and timely.

 “Engage” is right now available in the BETA version for our current users only. We would love to hear your feedback on the product.

New Features Added in Social Champ in 2019


Group together your accounts in one folder based on your clients, interests, or social media platforms, etc.

Personal Account Setting

Change your profile picture, password, and name in the app. This feature does not apply to users who have logged in through their social accounts.

New Platform Added: Google Business Profile

Add your Google Business Profile account to Social Champ and post and schedule directly.

Custom Content Composer for Different Platforms 

Tweak your content according to the platform you are posting it on.

Introducing Bitly Connector

Connect your social profiles with Bitly for more real-time data and analytics.

Media Library in Social Champ Editor 

View all your scheduled or previously uploaded images in ‘My Library.’

Library of Pictures & GIFs

A broad range of royalty-free images (without a watermark) is now available within the app. You can also add GIFs to your posts from the featured GIFs.

Custom Login Option

Log in with any email address on Social Champ’s desktop and mobile app. No social accounts required.

Introducing Hashtag Suggestions

Providing lists of hashtags appearing according to the niche.

Improvements & New Updates in Features in 2019:


2019 milestone

Love and Support from Our Customers

Happiness is to see your customers happy! 😊 
customers feedback 2019
customers feedback 2019
customers feedback 2019
customers feedback 2019

Social Champ Yearly Review 2019: Events & Workshops

2019 has been a happening year at Social Champ. We participated in many events, seminars, and workshops all around the globe. Here are a few which we are excited to share with you.

1. OTF Wadi Accelerator Program, Oman


OTF Wadi Accelerator Program, Oman
Earlier in January 2019, “Social Champ was one of the 12 startups selected from the entire MENA region for the second cohort of the OTF Wadi Accelerator Program founded by Oman Tech Fund.”

Not just that, Social Champ was also the one to receive the investment of $100,000 from OTF Wadi Accelerator.

OTF Wadi Accelerator Program, Oman 2
Two of the three co-founders, Sameer Ahmed and Zohaib Ahmed, were part of the three months training program held in Oman.  They had gone through a rigorous training program managed by Wadi Accelerator, that had workshops related to, growth hacking, analytics, financials, marketing, etc.

OTF Wadi Accelerator Program, Oman 3
(from left: Zohaib Ahmed Shakir, Asma Rawahi, Charlie Ill, Al-Muathar Al-Wahaibi, Sameer Ahmed Khan)

2. Startup Training Program, UK

Social Champ was invited for a startup training program held in Hambro Perks, London. The three weeks training program involved financial training, marketing, and growth hacking and how to track the right data for growth. The program helped the company in solving team-based problems and the development of business models for creating a foundation for a viable company.

Startup Training Program, UK

3. GITEX, Dubai

3. GITEX, Dubai
Social Champ was proud to be part of the Middle East’s most happening event Gitex Technology Week and representing as a Pakistani startup with their channel partners, Ashraf Kalim and Zain Moosa from Magnus Communications.

3. GITEX, Dubai 2
This was the first time Social Champ’s application was introduced in the Arabic language for the MENA region. We also got to collaborate with different agencies and startups from different countries.

4. 021Disrupt 19

Being the outreach partner of the most happening technology event held in Karachi is one of the best memories of 2019. 021Disrupt is considered as the premier entrepreneurship conference organized by NestIO. Social Champ was also pitched by Sameer Ahmed Khan in the startup rapid-fire round in 021Disrupt.

What’s Next for Social Champ in 2020 – Founder’s View

Zohaib - Social Champ

“In 2020, I, along with my development team, will be focusing on strengthening our platform to provide more value and capabilities to our customers. We aim to achieve all the targets we have set for Social Champ in our 2020 roadmap promptly. The main goal is to do better than we did last year.”

CTO & co-founder, Zohaib Ahmed Shakir

Shakir- Social Champ

“We wish to celebrate new heights of monthly growth this year. In 2020, one of our product team goals is to implement smaller, more frequent releases that improve our product with every update. We’ll be working enthusiastically to be available to our customers all the time.”

COO & co-founder,  Shakir Ghani

Sameer - Social Champ

“As we move into a new decade, it had been an exciting 2019 journey for Social Champ. We have had customers organically referring others to us and giving valuable suggestions that transformed our entire product as the year ended. “Engage” was launched because it was the most requested platform by our customers. I’m proud of the community we have on social media but there is still room for improvement. Moving forward in 2020, we will be focusing more on helping agencies along with small-medium size businesses. We see that there is a lot of development and innovation that can be done to promote and grow the businesses of our customers. Keeping this in mind, expect different digital solutions from us in 2020. Our focus will also be to grow our team and improve our company culture. The team at Social Champ is the core of our company, each of us is a leader in the work they do. We will invest more time in training and developing a healthy company culture that will help us create more leaders to better serve our society and businesses.”

CEO & co-founder, Sameer Ahmed Khan

Here’s to growing together in 2020!

Happy New Year! 🙂 

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