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10 Twitter Automation Tools & Bots That You Need to Try in 2024

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How much time do you spend on social media every day?

A question I continuously struggled answering to my parents is now a part of my daily hustle. Social media gradually changed its course from being entertainment to work and now to a necessity.

On the record, Twitter has always been about #WhatsHappening. It is the number one platform for discovering authentic views and the latest news. It has rarely been about entertainment, thus keeping the media celebrities, sports personalities, and politicians most active here to build authenticity. With the passing of time, businesses of all kinds entered the Twitter world to build brand authenticity and trust among people. Brands were then followed by influencers, resulting in the platform introducing Twitter for Business.

Today Twitter is a social hub where people connect, and businesses sell products while a huge audience makes their ideal purchases. With a growing business resulting in elevating sales to running Twitter ads, maintaining consistency on social media is near to impossible alongside day-to-day business operations.

There may be a question swirling in your mind ‘Can I automate Twitter’

The answer is YES!

This is where Twitter bots and automation come into play with the help of various tools like Twitter schedulers to bring in a balanced life.

What is Twitter Automation?

Twitter is a competitive digital market. One where brand discoverability, right marketing strategy implementation, strategy analysis, active engagement, and much more are required within a limited time. This is why automating Twitter can be super helpful or your brand’s key to success.

Automation is a crucial component of digital transformation in today’s time. It is your powerful way of creating and implementing practical ideas using artificial intelligence.

Work smarter, just not harder!

Prevent yourself from wasting time and staying online without compromising your sanity, content quality, and maintaining consistency.

How to Choose the Right Tools for Your Business?

Emphasizing automation could be easy, but this may seem like a foreign world for many with several options as a first-timer. With various business goals, deciding on one Twitter bot to manage all your tasks is overwhelming.

To make the right choice of a tool, there are four things you must keep in mind:

Benefits of Twitter Automation

  1. Your Twitter Goals

    If you are clear about your social media goals and what you want Twitter to do for your business, it is easy to choose.

    If my goal is to achieve content consistency online, then my choice will be a tool that allows me to Tweet and Retweet posts automatically. A Twitter automation tool that will suit me best is the one that can schedule content in various ways to maintain consistency without being online. If content arrangement into calendars is the goal, then a tool with an extensive social media calendar can work the best to automate Twitter.

    Varying social media goals and strategies require different features to bring you in the limelight.

  2. Time Management

    If you are using Twitter for a small business or a startup, you are majorly on your own. With no team or small team on board, time management becomes the biggest task, and there seems to be no option.

    Twitter automation will allow you to save an ample amount of time for social media scheduling and management in bulk for up to months. Automating content to be directly posted from the web to your social media accounts is a blessing in the current times. You just do not need to be online or even in a place with a wireless connection and still can be consistent with your tweets at the best times.

    Choose an automation tool or a Twitter bot that helps you save time which can be used productively in achieving other major tasks.

    Best Times To Post in 2023

  3. Multiple Integrations

    Twitter is a social media network with various features leveraged to make you stand out, connect with people, build communities, and promote your business. Finding a Twitter automation tool supporting all major features yet loaded with multiple integrations is a hustle for performing tasks with ease.

    Why would anyone pay for an automation tool instead of tweeting directly from the web or app?

    Integrations here play an important role. Like Social Champ, a Twitter scheduler that integrates Canva and other visual integrations to design within the platform. Or choose a GIF from Giphy within the dashboard and schedule a tweet.

    Twitter automation bot can be of several types; some AI-generated platforms integrate Chatbots to facilitate more effortless engagement with a broad Twitter audience. So, if integrations are your primary concern, then pick a fully loaded automation tool.

Save Time with Unlimited Features on Twitter

Schedule tweets to reduce the manual work and automate your Twitter accounts smartly with Social Champ.
  1. Team Management

    Growing businesses does not just mean growing financially but also growing as a team. If you are a business who have their social media goals set, planners prepared, content aligned but have no system of what gets posted, when, and how? Then getting yourself and your team on board with a Twitter automation tool is the best decision.

    Working with a team in-office or within tool results in more productivity. According to a survey, up to 80% of businesses use social collaboration tools for their team to boost their businesses. Social media management has become more convenient with automation tools incorporating team collaboration, content approvals, and designated tasks – creating a seamless workflow.

    Team Management

10 Twitter Automation Tools You Must Know Of

Once you know what you are looking for in your planned Twitter marketing strategy, you can find the right tools. But making a decision could be a difficult task, and this is why I have shortlisted the best Twitter tools for you all.

The All-Rounder

  1. Social Champ

    Social Champ

    If you are looking for a platform that does everything for you to achieve your goals & automate tweets, then this social media automation tool is the right pick. Social Champ will allow you to connect as many Twitter accounts as you wish and schedule content for up to three years without hassle.

    Keeping in mind that tweets have a short life, Social Champ will allow you to schedule retweets and the original posts. Choose the frequency of repetitions and post it away or schedule it to maintain consistency online. If saving time is your goal, then social media calendar should be your go-to. Allow Twitter automation by connecting your favorite websites with RSS feed links to your accounts and start driving more engagement.

    Social Champ will also allow you to work with your team on board without paying for them separately within the same pricing plan – so no more exhausting yourself.

    With all these perks, you can also avail multiple integrations within the automation tool like Canva. Create Twitter dimension images within the platform and publish them on the content dashboard without switching tabs or downloading them.

    Most importantly, this automation and management tool will let you analyze your tweets with all significant data metrics and export PDF files.
    CTA: Measure, Monitor & Manage with Social Champ
    Ditch your spreadsheets & track all your Twitter metrics. Analyze your top-performing tweets with detailed graphs – all within one unified dashboard.


    Social Champ has a Free Plan with 3 social accounts, 1 user, and all premium features.
    Pricing Plans start with the Champion Plan, Business Plan, and Agency Plan.
    Champion Plan starts at $29/month.

  2. Keyhole

    Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that began its journey with Twitter tracking. One of the pioneers for Twitter analytics, Keyhole has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. All you need to do is add your Twitter profile and Keyhole will fetch all vital metrics like engagement rate, top tweets, engaging hashtags, engagement rate, follower growth, etc. 

    It gets better. You can also track multiple keywords and hashtags for a custom date range. This will help you pull data for your recent campaigns, brand mentions, and relevant topics. Apart from this, you get a quick insight of what exactly your customers feel about you and your fellow competitors. 

    Coming to its publishing functionality, Keyhole offers unlimited publishing and even showcases your best time to post. Furthermore, it has optimization tips that you can leverage to improve your overall presence on Twitter. 


    Keyhole currently has 4 plans: SMB & Freelancers, Corporate, Agency, & Enterprise

    SMB & Freelancers plan starts at $79/month.

    Twitter Similar Platforms

  3. TweetDeck


    This tool is a Twitter-native tool that looks very similar to the original platform. All you need are the Twitter log-in credentials to sign in and start making the most of it.

    TweetDeck gives you a customizable Twitter experience, with customizable columns on its dashboard. These columns can be used to view the type of data you want to see to stay updated. TweetDeck allows users to tweet, retweet, respond to favorites, DM, and much more for multiple accounts within a single interface. Accounts can also be followed, muted, or blocked as well.

    This Twitter automation tool lets you add several profiles to its dashboard at once to manage and streamline real-time tweets for you to keep you updated.

    Columns are its selling feature, and with a particular screen, you can choose the type of columns you wish to add. You can filter tweets based on including GIFS or with images etc. TweetDeck initially had iOS and Android apps, which were discontinued in 2016.


    TweetDeck is Free.

    Twitter Growth Tools

  4. Tweeteev


    This platform promises the best Twitter growth service in the market. Tweeteev will help you target customers and gain organic followers on Twitter without doing much.

    Tweeteev guarantees that the follower gain will not contain any pseudo accounts or fake accounts. Instead, they commit to running calculated campaigns to attract the right audience to match your social account. Twitter is all about you getting discovered online to connect with new people, and if your content is authentic, the followers will flow in.

    Ghost accounts are not long-term and do not provide any benefit – so they should be avoided at every cost.

    What matters is to have the right audience targeted, which can bring value to your business with active engagement. Tweeteev is your Twitter growth tool that drives traffic on your account and can lead to beneficial conversions.


    Tweeteev has a Standard Plan and a Premium Plan.
    Standard Plan starts at $15/week.

  5. Buffer


    Businesses focused on growing their Twitter accounts are always searching for tools that can help them grow and save time simultaneously. Buffer is an efficient Twitter bot that will help you get the most relevant and targeted audience in just a few minutes.

    The tool helps you monitor retweets, likes, people you follow, and actions you have taken within a unified dashboard. It is easier to know where your account stands in the market and how much work is needed to boost your connections online.

    You can even schedule a Twitter thread at the best time of the day. Twitter automation is essential to help you save time without compromising your productivity and brand growth.

    This automation tool supports insightful analysis for your business to show its standing in the Twitter world.


    Buffer has a limited Free Plan.
    Pricing Plans consist of Essentials, Agency, and Team.
    Silver Plan starts at $6/monthly for 1 channel.

  6. Twesocial


    Unlike other Twitter bots, Twesocial is not an automated tool. This well-managed Twitter automation platform allows you to buy authentic and relevant followers to help your account grow.

    This tool guarantees you organic followers and skips all fake and spam accounts. The deal is to start with Twesocial by giving your target instructions. Next, your case manager will analyze the requirements to design a custom campaign, including the type of audience, topics, and content relevant to your niche.

    Your campaign will be set up to begin interacting with similar accounts as per your instructions, helping you to get true Twitter followers. Content interaction results in organic engagement and attracts a huge number of followers.

    Twesocial, being organic, suggests its customers create authentic content to serve all new followers. Twitter growth tools are preferred to drive traffic that small businesses and brands are unable to generate with super-occupied schedules. Relevant yet attractive content allows online engagement to flow without much hard work.


    Twesocial has a 3 Day Free Trial.
    Pricing Plans consist of a Standard Plan and a Premium Plan.
    Standard Plan starts at $15/week.

    Twitter Marketers

  7. HootsuiteHootsuite


    Hootsuite is a social media scheduler majorly focused on Twitter management. They aim to make their platform easy to use and intuitive for all its customers, small businesses, and brands. As a scheduling-focused Twitter automation tool, you can design, plan, create, and automate content on your account from one place.

    Apart from scheduling content, you will find a ‘recommended time to publish’ your content. This helps you to post at the best time of the day, and you can maintain post consistency.

    They commit to helping their customers strengthen their brands and grow Twitter accounts in unique ways. Real-time Twitter following analysis is also available to get the right demographics and data on your standing in the market.

    Overall, this is a trusted platform by its loyal customers, which does help in growing your audience online with authentic scheduling, analytics, and easy growth tool integrations.


    Hootsuite has NO free plan
    Pricing Plans consist of a Professional Plan, Team, and Enterprise 
    Professional Plan starts at $99/month.

  8. Audiense


    Audiense calls itself the number #1 among all the Twitter marketing platforms that help you automate your accounts to keep consistency flowing.

    This powerful tool helps you with many features to keep your Twitter game strong. You can take advantage of the ‘best time to post’ feature to schedule or post your tweets when your audience is majorly online.

    Audiense lets you browse your community in-depth to see who your followers are, what type of content they are interested in, and how to interact with them. To drive organic traffic, maintaining your lists and interacting with your followers at the right time is very important.

    Twitter automation comes into play when you get multiple integrations to make your work easy without compromising the quality. This platform provides you with Twitter analytics, detailed conversation analysis, Twitter community reports, and one-click campaign targeting. Save time by getting filtered segmentation of most active and interactive followers versus inactive, fake, and noisy followers to keep your lists clean.

    Unlike many other marketing services, this Twitter-focused tool even enables you to build an in-app chatbot of your own to engage with your followers directly.


    Audiense has a limited Free Plan.
    Pricing Plans consist of two branches: Twitter Marketing and Audiense Insights. Twitter Marketing starts at $49/month.

  9. Twittimer


    This platform is a Twitter scheduling and management platform. Twitter automation allows you to schedule precise tweets to gain more followers, share media content, use shortened URLs, archive your messages for up to 60 days or manage campaigns.

    Twittimer supports Twitter along with Facebook and LinkedIn for effortless social media scheduling. With the help of a bulk uploading feature, a number of tweets can be scheduled via a CSV file. Just make sure that the tweets are new each time, as Twitter themselves does not support the same ones.

    This tool does support RSS feed integration to keep the online consistency undisturbed with trending pieces similar to your niche. Save time by setting up timetables of fixed timings within the platform to avoid the hassle of reselecting time with every new post.

    As a marketing tool, Twittimer supports social media statistics for its integrated networks. All basic data metrics are covered to generate results of how well your posts are working and what could be done.


    Twittimer has a basic Free Plan with 3 accounts and 1 RSS feed.
    Pricing Plans consist of a Pro Plan and a Business Plan. Pro Plan starts at $6.99/month.

  10. Tweepsmap


    This AI-generated Twitter bot brings your social media management dreams to come true.

    Tweepsmap is a Twitter automation and management tool that helps you map followers and provide deep, straightforward analysis. The tweet scheduler is supported by an RSS feed and can also guide you with the best time to post content.

    Driving engagement is a task. However, keeping productivity consistent, posting at the best times per your followers, and maintaining tweet quality make this task easy. Tweepsmap enables you with in-depth and focused Twitter analytics which can be studied by mapping your Twitter followers.

    Mapping is done down to the city level, filtering people by demographics, gender, languages, and professions. You can filter them into categories or lists with a range of data available.

    Build tight communities keeping the analytical results in the view from this super useful platform.


    Tweepsmap has a feature-full Free Plan.
    Pricing Plans consist of a Starter Plan, Growth Plan, Advanced Plan, and an Enterprise Plan. The Starter Plan starts at $14/month.

It’s A Wrap

These platforms and bots are a game-changer in the current busy times with too much on our plates and when every task asks for nothing but the best effort.

These tools are designed accurately to imitate human activities like what users do to get their social media content to the limelight. Picking up the right tool could be a task, but keeping your needs and business goals in mind can be super handy to make the right choice.

Get on board with a Twitter automation tool today for an easy and more convenient life to perform multiple tasks without compromising anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automate my Twitter for free?

Several Twitter scheduler tools can help you to automate your Twitter for free. Also, you can use free tools like Social Champ.

Best Twitter Automation Tool in the Market?

Social Champ will allow you to connect as many Twitter accounts as you wish and schedule content for up to three years. If you are looking for a platform that does everything for you to achieve your Twitter goals, then this social media automation tool is the right pick. This tool will allow you to schedule retweets and the original posts.

What Are Twitter Bots?

Twitter Bot is an AI-generated bot software that will automatically handle your Twitter accounts as per the Twitter API. Bot software will like, follow, unfollow, and retweet the tweets within your set parameters. Twitter Bots can be effective to get a good engagement within your business niche or market.

What is the Best Twitter Automation Tool in the Market?

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