Weekly Social Media RoundUp: Facebook Celebrates International Women’s Day And More!

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Social media is a vicious place. If you are outdated, you are often forgotten. Not only do users need to keep up with all the trends, the platforms also have to update themselves to stay relevant. 

A lot can happen in a week, Facebook can experiment with a new feature, acquire a new platform, Twitter might give us an option to edit our posts later on (in our dreams!), or perhaps something new, such as Clubhouse can pop up!

It can be pretty overwhelming to keep up with all the news separately, which is why Social Champ is back again with its weekly social media roundup. This week we have some pretty big news from some of our favorite platforms.

We have;

  • Facebook’s latest feature for International women’s day,
  • Pinterest is empowering women with its new collection,
  • Twitter announced strike system for COVID-19 vaccine,
  • Snapchat is adding new avatars to its already huge collection,
  • Facebook’s new experiment – Bars!

Let’s get into the details without a second delay. Shall we?

Facebook Announces New Features to Coincide with International Women’s Day

Instagram Live room with multiple participants

Women’s day is right around the corner, and it seems as if everyone is celebrating the powerful women around them. To learn more about women and their contribution to society, you can listen to influential women talk about their journey on the new multi-participant IGTV live streams!

According to Facebook

Starting March 1st, creators and others can dwell on Instagram with three different individuals with the launch of Stay Rooms. Throughout Girls’ Historical past Month, tune in to Stay discussions with influential ladies and creators on how ladies can assist one another overcome obstacles and succeed.

You can go live on Instagram IGTV streams with up to three different people. This feature was rumored to be in the testing phase for quite some time.

Moreover, you can interview, invite fans or customers, and go live with your favorite influencers.

Pinterest’s Support Women-owned Businesses

women showcasing their style and product

It’s a P-interesting way to celebrate a women’s day. As COVID-19 has affected every profession and working women were the primary target. Pinterest steps ahead to support all working women out there by launching a new shop collection only for women, including 25+ businesses by women and hundreds of designs and products, all created by the girlforce.

Supporting small businesses and brands is the core thing of Pinterest. International Women’s Day provides excellent opportunities to recognize the challenges all business women have faced because of the pandemic.

Pinterest also quoted that women have mostly searched for women supporting women, small business plan, start a business from home, and much more in the time of crisis.

It clearly says that they are planning to start something to switch their jobs or careers.

Moreover, the International Women Fund has been initiated by Pinterest to match donations from employees to non-profit helping women to succeed.

Let’s appreciate Pinterest for supporting all the working women out there in their crucial time.

Twitter Presents a Strike System for COVID-19 Vaccine Deception

Hold on! The pandemic isn’t over yet. COVID-19 vaccine is here, and it’s better to get vaccinated than to suffer from this dangerous disease. Social media is the central hub of all the activities and happenings, and Twitter just found out some misleading information related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here’s Twitter taking the next action just to prevent misleading information. On Monday, Twitter announced a strike system for all those who are spreading deception. Twitter said that it would start labeling tweets with the misinformation related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now the question stands what these strikes are? Let’s clear it for all those accounts which are continuously violating misleading information. A strike system will be applied to those accounts. One strike will indicate a label of ‘harmful’ two strikes indicate if the account has deleted the tweet.

Two strikes will lock the user’s account for 12 hours, three strikes will lock the account for 24 hours, and more than four of five strikes will permanently ban the account from Twitter.

Twitter’s quick action is strict but appreciable.

Snapchat Includes a New Wheelchair Animation for Bitmoji Avatars

Bitmoji Avatars are cheerful on wheelchairs

Snapchat bitmojis is an all-time favorite feature. Over these years, Snapchat has added many different animations for bitmojis avatars. Now Snapchat users can apply a wheelchair avatar on their snaps too.

Here’s what Snapchat says

Bitmoji’s mission has at all times been to create avatars that replicate and characterize the variety of our group. And whereas we acknowledge that we’ve extra work to do, at this time, we hope to change into one step nearer to reaching our better purpose of creating inclusivity, a basic part of our Bitmoji avatar platform.

Looking to use this new bitmoji avatar? Here’s how you can get it. Simply open your bitmoji app, and in the search bar, type ‘wheelchairs’, and there you go. Scroll and find the best wheelchair avatar that exactly fits your post.

To all the Snapchat users out there, it’s real-time to maximize your avatars and wait till Snapchat launched more new fun animations.

Facebook Launches a New Experimental App – Bars

a rapper on facebooks new app Bar

Facebook has launched a new experimental app, ‘BARS’ specially designed for all the rappers or those who love to rap. It’s a real-time app for all the rappers to showcase their talent through Facebook’s new app. Now users can rap over the generated beats or create their video-formatted content and showcase their talent to the world.

Moreover, a user can learn, write lyrics, and record while singing. Bars will also include an auto-generated option for rhymes and some visual filters for video content.

According to Facebook, the app is currently in the beta testing process, and it will be launched shortly once it is good to go. We hope this new experimental product from Facebook turns out good.

Aaaand that’s a wrap. See you all next time with some more news!

Till then, try out these new things from your favorite platforms and share your experience in the comment section below.

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