BeReal, once praised for its authentic online connections, is now struggling. The platform is now facing harsh realities as its user base stagnates and funding dwindles.

Remember when everyone was talking about BeReal? Influencers and thought leaders praised it as the answer to shallow social media. But the excitement didn’t last long.

Be Real
Be Real

According to Business Insider, BeReal is in a sticky situation. User growth is grinding to a halt, and new features, like a celebrity feed, are failing to ignite interest.

With only 25 million active users, a far cry from its peak of 70 million, the platform’s charm has certainly dimmed. And to add insult to injury, its funding well is running dry, with no immediate solutions in sight.

According to Business Insider

‘Leaders of BeReal are now weighing their options as continued growth proves difficult. The company is considering raising a Series C before what’s left of its $90 million in funding runs out. It faces what is said to be relatively tepid investor interest or being acquired, the people familiar told Business Insider.’

Looks like BeReal might need to get real about its own survival strategy. Will it stage a comeback, or will it fade into the background like other social apps? Only time will tell.

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