Snapchat is testing out a promising new feature aimed at giving users more control over their messaging experience. In a recent update on its newsroom webpage, the social media giant announced plans to introduce an opt-out option for their “auto-delete messages” function.

Previously, Snapchat only allowed messages to persist until the completion of the 24-hour cycle. Now, they are piloting a groundbreaking feature dubbed “never delete” messages, granting users the ability to maintain an indefinite retention mode for their conversations.

It’s important to note that this feature won’t be activated by default. Instead, users will have the flexibility to manually select this option within each chat’s settings. For other chats, the default setting of automatic deletion after 24 hours or upon viewing will remain unchanged.

Excitingly, Snapchat has offered a sneak peek of this upcoming feature on their newsroom page:

Snapchat New Feature

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