Looks like Instagram is all set to roll out the latest update that will make you go from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG.’

Yes, the platform is shaking things up as it tests live-stream games to escalate engagement and keep you entertained.

For instance, now you can have a live stream, and while answering your audience’s random queries, you can play games with your audience, too! Some lucky broadcasters can now select from various games to play with their viewers, making the whole experience more interactive and fun.

An Instagram user, Ahmed Ghanem, posted a picture on Threads:

Instagram Game
Instagram Game

Whether it’s a round of ‘This or That’ to spark some lively debates or a trivia session to test everyone’s knowledge, these games are designed to keep your audience hooked and engaged throughout your livestream.

It’s all part of Meta’s mission to make live-streaming on Instagram a major hit among creators and users alike.

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