X is gradually evolving into the “everything app” that Elon Musk imagined. The platform currently hosts over a million job listings exclusively for premium users through X hiring, thus progressing toward Musk’s vision.

With over a million job listings now accessible through X hiring exclusively for X premium subscribers, the app is making progress towards that vision. Although it still has a long way to go to fully realize Musk’s ambitious goal, this new feature is proving to be a beneficial enhancement.

A snapshot of X hiring
A snapshot of X hiring

X rolled out its inaugural job posting feature for organizational packages in August of the previous year, and this year, it extended the capability to personal profiles of Premium subscribers in the U.S.

The introduction of this feature bridges the gap between professionals and organizations. Users can now seamlessly search for jobs and post openings on this widely popular platform, significantly enhancing X’s marketing value.

One of the greatest advantages of this feature is that it’s included at no extra charge for Premium subscribers. Organizations have the added perk of advertising job vacancies directly within their content without any extra conditions. This makes it an effortless way for businesses to share job opportunities as they engage with the platform.

Although X is not yet close to becoming an “everything app,” adding this new feature is a strategic step towards incorporating additional functionalities. Elon Musk’s vision for X to serve as a comprehensive app is evident with the inclusion of audio calls, yet this move has not been as successful as hoped. The primary issue is that most users prefer X to remain as Twitter without seeking additional features.

Let’s see how well the new features work for X. It would be interesting to see how people interact with this new side of X as they hire and apply for jobs via this platform now!

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