After X, Instagram has now limited direct message requests to verified users only. Meta has revealed that after a year of testing, only verified users on Instagram will have the capability to send direct messages to other verified accounts.

The app researcher Radu Oncescu posted a screenshot on Threads, explaining that verified users now have the option to restrict direct messages.

This update will benefit users who receive an overwhelming number of DMs on Instagram, making it challenging to sift through and identify important messages. Influencers, who often receive numerous irrelevant messages, might miss out on significant opportunities due to their flooded inboxes. However, if you’re not dealing with thousands of messages daily on Instagram, this update is likely not going to significantly impact you.

Verified users on Instagram include well-known public figures recognized by the platform as well as users who opt to pay for verification. Initially, X removed all verification badges from non-paying users, requiring everyone to purchase verification, which made this feature inaccessible to those not willing to pay. However, X has now reinstated non-paying verifications, aligning this feature with Instagram’s approach, where both paying and non-paying users can be verified.

This update will be particularly advantageous for those tired of receiving unsolicited marriage proposals and bot-generated messages cluttering their inboxes. It will help highlight genuine opportunities and allow verified accounts to connect more effectively with one another.

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