Google is planning to discontinue the chat feature from Google Business Listings starting July 2024.

Yes, you read it right! There’s a chat option on Google right now!

“We are reaching out to share that we will be winding down Google’s chat and call history features in Google Business Profile on July 31, 2024. We acknowledge this may be difficult news – as we continually improve our tools, we occasionally have to make difficult decisions, which may impact the businesses and partners we work with. It’s important to us that Google remains a helpful partner as you manage your business, and we remain committed to this mission.” — Google’s Representatives

The chat feature on Google Business Listings, which allows users to directly contact businesses with the expectation of a reply within 24 hours, is not the most highlighted feature. However, it is available if you are searching for a business right now.

Google introduced the chat feature in Business Listings to strengthen customer and business connections. Unfortunately, this feature didn’t gain the expected popularity, possibly due to the 24-hour response time requirement, which many businesses found difficult to meet.

Given that this feature hasn’t proven particularly beneficial for customers, businesses, or Google, it might be more advantageous to discontinue it and redirect those resources towards something more impactful.

If you were unaware of this chat option on Google Business Listings, this change won’t affect you. However, if you’ve been using it, note that it will only be available until July 31st.

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