Meta has recently announced that they will reduce the amount of political content on users’ feeds when they use Facebook, Instagram, or Threads. Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram, posted on his Threads account announcing that the platform will now try not to show political content recommendations to users anymore.

Here’s what he posted on his account:

Screenshot of Adam Mosseri’s Threads Post

Adam Mosseri further quoted:

“Over the next few weeks, we will be improving how we avoid recommending content about politics on recommendation surfaces – like Explore, Reels, and Suggested Users – across both Instagram and Threads. If you want political recommendations, you will have the control to opt into getting them.”

He further added:

“These recommendations updates apply to public accounts and only in places where we recommend content. They don’t change how we show people content from accounts they choose to follow. If political content is posted by an account that is not eligible to be recommended, that account’s content can still reach their followers in Feed and Stories”.

Will This Happen for All Users or Is There a Way to Change Suggested Content for Users?

While Mosseri shared this news, it’s still unclear what the term ‘political’ means and what type of content would be restricted when using Instagram and Threads. Initially, for all users, this would be set by default. However, users can change this by clicking on suggested content and opting for whether they want to restrict it on their news feeds.

Instagram Suggested Content
Screenshot of Instagram’s Suggested Content Settings

This feature is not available yet, but once it goes live, users can change this through the suggested content window on a post on the Explore page.


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