Good news for music and fashion fans! With Pinterest heading to Coachella this year, many style inspirations and fashion trends related to music are on their way!

Given that Pinterest is a favorite destination for Gen Z to seek inspiration for outfits and much more, it makes perfect sense for Pinterest to immerse itself in the Coachella excitement. After all, Gen Z and music are intrinsically linked.

“With tens of millions of searches related to Coachella on Pinterest, and 40% of those searches driven by Gen Z, the platform has become a go-to destination and ultimate companion for users to find inspiration, plan and shop their beauty and fashion looks for festival season.” — Pinterest

Pinterest has updated new data on trends to prepare for the event. For starters, it has posted a range of insights to help users get ready for Coachella 2024. Among the highlights, nostalgic styles are making a significant comeback on the platform, with users gravitating towards timeless fashion choices. Additionally, there’s a notable trend of people seeking outfits inspired by particular singers as a way to express their fandom, with searches for Lana Del Rey outfits soaring by 300% this year!

To make it even better, celebrity stylists Chloe and Chenelle have partnered with Pinterest and posted outfit suggestions to help people dress well for the event.

A snapshot of Pinterest
A snapshot of Pinterest

Apart from recommending outfits, Pinterest has also decided to host an IRL “Manifest Station”. This will allow visitors to start their own festival trends.

“Visitors will be able to find new ways to express themselves and make festival trends their own – filled with ethereal-inspired photo opportunities alongside trending beauty and styling experiences.” — Pinterest

Coachella is  one of the most popular festivals and it is the time when trends originate so for Pinterest, it is a good push in terms of marketing to associate with Coachella and let people have a fun experience with it.

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