YouTube has introduced a mentorship initiative targeted at female Shorts creators, dubbed #WomenofYouTube. This program aims to empower and enhance women’s confidence on the platform. It enables female creators to collaborate with others, offering coaching, advice, and support to one another.

The YouTube mentorship program is accessible to anyone actively posting Shorts on the app without violating community guidelines. It mainly emphasizes short-form content on YouTube and seeks to further promote the already popular Shorts feature.

“Through our creator-to-creator coaching framework, seasoned Shorts creators will lend their expertise to emerging talents in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, fostering an environment of support, camaraderie, and shared success.” — YouTube

The network’s objective is to support creators who are consistently active on the platform and show potential for growth. While this criterion may be subjective, it is crucial in amplifying engagement with YouTube Shorts.

Following its adaptation of short-form content similar to TikTok, YouTube has witnessed a substantial increase in viewership. YouTube Shorts are gaining popularity over long-form videos. This format better suits viewers’ preferences and motivates creators to excel in producing short-form content.

This initiative further highlights the importance of YouTube Shorts, offering women enhanced strategies for content creation and the supportive guidance of mentors on the platform.

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