Great news for all Pinterest-ERS out there!

The social media platform has finally announced its recent addition of advanced AI ad tools that will allow users to experience even better performance and outcomes.

One of the main roll-outs is Pinterest’s very own AI-based automated ad campaign system, called “Performance+,” which will help users optimize pin promotion through an enhanced systematic process.

Here’s what Pinterest announced in their recent release:

“We’re investing in new automation and AI-powered tools that make it easier to build goal-based campaigns that help deliver better advertiser performance. Pinterest Performance+ (currently in closed beta) brings together our latest AI and automation features to help increase performance while making it easier and quicker for marketers to create campaigns. 

Early results from alpha testing show that most advertisers saw a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns or a 10%+ improvement in CPC for Consideration campaigns2. In addition, the suite of Performance+ tools decreases campaign creation time significantly with 50% less inputs required.”

Pinterest AI Ad Tools


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