YouTube is now expanding its testing of comment topic sorting to include short clips, following its initial implementation on longer videos. This feature organizes comments into categories, simplifying the process for creators to engage with pertinent discussions.

“To help you understand and participate in conversations on YouTube, we’re testing a feature that uses A.I. to organize large comment sections on English-language Shorts into easily digestible themes. If you’re in the experiment group, you’ll see a new option to sort by “Topics” on some Shorts when reading comments on mobile.” — YouTube

This feature proves advantageous for both creators and viewers on YouTube, as it allows them to sort comments and engage in relevant discussions more efficiently. Even those who choose not to actively participate can gain insights into the main topics of conversation.

Given its success, YouTube is now testing this comment-sorting feature on short videos as well. Currently, this feature is still in the experimental phase, so not all clips with numerous comments will offer the comment sorting option. However, should the testing prove successful, it’s expected that the feature will become widely available, benefiting all users.

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