Meta is consistently updating Threads with new features to enhance its appeal. Recently, Threads introduced an automatic post archiving feature, which will archive older posts automatically after a certain period.

“We’re starting to test the *option* to archive posts with a small number of people. You can do this manually for individual posts or choose to automatically archive all posts after a certain period of time. If you want to make your post public again, you can always unarchive it whenever you’d like. I ran a poll white back, and the resounding feedback was not to make this the default, so we’re gonna try it as an option.” — Threads Chief Adam Mosseri

Adam Mosseri clarified in his statement that the auto-archiving feature is optional, giving users the choice to activate or deactivate it at their convenience. His clarification followed a poll he conducted on Threads, where he introduced this update and sought feedback. The poll revealed significant opposition to the idea from the user base.

Despite the opposition, Adam Mosseri believes that users will find the auto-archiving feature highly beneficial once they begin using it, which is why they are proceeding with its implementation. In 2022, Adam shared, “Friends now post a lot more to stories, and send a lot more DMs, than they post to Feed.”

Many politicians and celebrities often face controversies due to their old posts, providing a rationale for the appreciation of an auto-archive feature. Mosseri has taken a step forward to make it happen.

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