What’s AI-Moji, you ask? Well, it’s TikTok’s shiny new feature that lets you transform your face into a cartoonish avatar for all your sticker needs. Say goodbye to boring emojis and hello to your digital doppelgänger!

Social media aficionado Matt Navarra shared a sneak peek of the feature in action, revealing that some lucky users are already getting a taste of this new feature. And guess what? It’s spreading faster than gossip in a high school cafeteria, with TikTok rolling it out to more regions as we speak.

TikTok AI-Moji
TikTok AI-Moji

So, how does it work? Simple! Just tap on the “Get Started” prompt, scan in your face, and voilà! Your very own digital character is born.

Use it to react to stories, spice up your messages, or add some flair to your chats.


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