TikTok has elevated its offerings by launching new rewards for its content creators, extending subscription packages to all users beyond just those who stream live. This move introduces additional avenues for monetization, encouraging creators to remain active and continue sharing content on the app.

Previously, this subscription option was known as the LIVE subscription, but it has now been expanded to include creators who do not stream live. This expansion opens up a new avenue for creators to earn income on the app, secure brand partnerships, and host shopping streams.

Monetizing TikTok is crucial for the platform’s long-term viability. Without opportunities for creators to profit, they may quickly recognize that platforms like YouTube and Instagram offer superior alternatives. Therefore, introducing such monetization strategies is a significant move to ensure creators stay engaged in producing content on TikTok.

This expanded subscription by TikTok will only be available for “invites only” initially, but in a few weeks, creators will be able to gain access to these features by signing up.

“Eligible creators can sign up for Subscription for a new way to strengthen their community with added value through exclusive content and benefits, while providing their most engaged communities an opportunity to connect even deeper with their favorite creators.” – TikTok.

Likewise, the Creativity Program has exited its Beta phase and has been rebranded by TikTok as the Creator Rewards Program. TikTok believes that longer-form content consumption greatly benefits the platform. The Creator Rewards Program is designed to offer additional incentives for posting longer videos on the app.

“The new Creator Rewards Program will continue rewarding high-quality, original content over a minute long, with an optimized rewards formula focused on 4 key areas: originality, play duration, search value and audience engagement.” — TikTok

Although TikTok lags behind other social media platforms that already provide numerous monetization opportunities, the app is making efforts to bridge this gap to prevent creators from seeking better prospects elsewhere.

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