LinkedIn’s famous “Who’s viewed your profile” feature has received a significant upgrade. Recognizing the feature’s potential ambiguity, LinkedIn has introduced options allowing users to clarify why they visited someone’s profile. This enhancement aims to refine the interaction between professionals by providing insights into the intent behind profile visits.

Moreover, LinkedIn now offers a distinct notification for when a profile is viewed by a “LinkedIn Influencer,” adding another layer of engagement and recognition for its users.

Social media analyst Matt Navarra shared these updates on their threads profile, outlining the specifics of what these new options comprise:

Screenshot of Matt Navarra's Post
Screenshot of Matt Navarra’s Post

Despite the intent to enrich the user experience, feedback from critics suggests a cold reception. Many argue that this enhancement doesn’t substantially contribute to LinkedIn’s value as a professional networking platform, questioning the overall utility of the “profile views” feature in its enhanced form.

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