TikTok has announced a new program for retailers with small businesses in the app. With these programs, TikTok aims to help small businesses sell their items on the platform. This initiative tells us that TikTok wants people to shop on the app.

The platform now has a new funding and training program under the broader banner of “Supporting Our Artisans and Retailers (SOAR)”. The initiative is to help women-owned businesses via a 6 weeks training program. This program covers a variety of marketing and business elements that will help businesses build their in-app presence.

“The TikTok Economic Impact Report 2024 found that more than three-quarters (81%) of young female entrepreneurs under 30 agree or strongly agree that to stay competitive their business needs to continue to use and improve upon their TikTok marketing content. We’re thrilled to support the growth of women-owned businesses and selected 15 U.S. businesses to participate in the program that represent the breadth and diversity of entrepreneurs on TikTok Shop.” — TikTok Representative

Initiatives like this are not just about short-term gains. They are about empowering small businesses to reach a wider audience and boost sales on TikTok shops. This long-term commitment to supporting retailers is what sets TikTok apart, and the platform is excited to continue launching new programs to further this mission.

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