Elon Musk, maintaining his distinctive approach, has introduced another update on X (previously known as Twitter). The platform’s Trust and Safety team has been rebranded as simply Safety. Although it’s uncertain how such a slight modification will impact the situation, Musk’s unconventional viewpoints often lead to unexpected outcomes.

“Trust is something that must be earned. As an entirely new company with a new set of priorities, we intentionally rename our Trust & Safety team to Safety. Our team remains indispensable, and our mission stays the same: to provide a safe environment for all users on the platform – on their terms.” — X representative

A snapshot of X
A snapshot of X

In another statement, Elon Musk has explained the reason for this change. He says:

“Any organization that puts “Trust” in their name cannot be trusted, as that is obviously a euphemism for censorship. Trust is something that must be earned. The goal of our Safety team is simply to ensure compliance with the laws that already exist to protect the people.”

This alteration might appear baffling and insignificant to a lot of people. However, Musk is on his way to making big changes in the digital world and aims to make X a one-stop app for everyone. While he hasn’t succeeded in that, his decisions often provoke curiosity and skepticism.

Apparently, the word trust has a negative connotation in Musk’s world, so he doesn’t want just to say it. The true significance of this change in Musk’s plan is unclear, yet it may seamlessly integrate into his grand scheme of things.

Aside from the title, the functionality of this feature remains unchanged. Therefore, if you’re looking to utilize the Trust and Safety feature on X, simply search for Safety now.

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