Amé’Lie Weber on How Social Champ Helps Her Brand

Starting a new business, particularly a service delivery business, is a huge risk. You can never be sure (if and ) when the business would take off. On top of that, the ongoing pandemic adds an additional set of challenges for the new business owners.

However, the pandemic has opened up a lot of opportunities for leveraging digital marketing for businesses. Since everyone is observing social distancing and the “stay-at-home” regime, social media has emerged as the primary communication channel for businesses.

This was the situation in which Amé’Lie Weber found herself when she launched Bubbly, a social media management agency that serves businesses of various sizes.

We invited her to discuss how she built Bubbly, the services her brand delivers to the customers, and how Social Champ helps her company maintain a high standard of services.

How You Got the Idea for Your Business? What Services Do You Offer?

My company, Bubbly, is a small business that I manage for now on my own, but I expect it to grow to be able to collaborate and start my little Bubbly team.
The purpose of Bubbly is digital marketing, specialized in Social Media. I guide companies to make good communication: so they entrust me with their communication projects, and so they can concentrate on their core business.

I launched it in June 2021 after seven years of experience in the communication and marketing department of several companies and communication agencies.

How Social Champ Helps You Deliver Value to Your Customers?

Social Champ helps me to make my processes more efficient as I can really plan and manage the posts on one single platform. I really hope it will continue to grow and add some very useful features for small entrepreneurs like me.

Keep on Social Champ. It’s really great to have a platform like yours!

Can You Explain Your Process of Planning and Execution of a Campaign for a Client? What Tools Do You Use?

I’m using my method based on collaborative tools (such as Google Drive). The process can be adapted to each customer and profile mix. After producing the contents (I take the pictures and edit them with Lightroom) and texts associated with the posts, I validate everything and adjust eventually with the client. After that, I plan a whole month in advance on SocialChamp and start working on the following one. I always try to have four weeks of posts in advance.

On the day of each publication, I modify the posts on Instagram to add localization and eventually tag some accounts.

For the stories, I use Canva to edit existing templates and adjust them to the brand of my customers.

Social Champ is a social media management tool built for agencies and businesses that handle social media accounts, either for themselves or on behalf of their clients.

We are adding new features so that businesses such as Amé’Lie’s can experience problem-free social media scheduling and monitoring. We invite you to give Social Champ social media management tool a try and see for yourself the value it adds to your client relations and management.

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