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Coupon codes can be a pretty handy tool to attract new and repeat customers. However, it’s important to make sure discounting fits into your overall brand strategy.

Racing to the bottom to become the “low-price” leader can have a disastrous effect if you’re not careful.

Sometimes, it’s better to not lower prices and wiser to devote your energy to providing outstanding service and overall unique brand experience.

In any case, running an e-commerce business is all about experimentation, social advertising and finding out what works best.
Social Champ, an all-in-one tool to create, post, schedule, and analyze all of your social media management efforts – eliminating the monotonous task of having to switch tabs between dozens of accounts.

With this tool, the users get a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time.

Learn how you can redeem your Coupon Codes at Social Champ to enjoy the promos introduced on special occasions!
Let’s show you an example!

  • Log into Social Champ’s Website
  • Go to Pricing tab under your accounts on the left side panel
  • Scroll down to Pricing and Select your desired Plan
  • Fill your card details, and Enter your Coupon Code
  • Voila! Repeat and Schedule anything like peanuts!

First, Make Your Personal Social Champ Account

The first step is to sign up on Social Champ and make a personalized account on Social Champ by simply clicking on the sign-up option at the top-right corner of your screen. You can create your account easily by signing up with your email address.

SIgnupAfter that, you will see this screen (minus the social profiles)

social profiles - coupon code

Head Over To Pricing Tab

Go to the Pricing tab, by clicking on Pricing under your social media accounts.
Or use the Pricing button in the top bar, or use the Upgrade button to upgrade your package.
apply coupon code

Scroll Down to Pricing and Select Your Desired Plan

Head over to Pricing, Select the plan that you wish to subscribe and Click on Upgrade Now.
You can also go through the Features Comparison to get a better insight in choosing the plan.
pricing - apply coupon code

Fill your card details, and Enter your Coupon Code

Fill in your Credit Card Details, followed by entering the Coupon Code, and click Apply.
card detail - coupon
Once you click Apply, The Champ discount will be applied to your plan.

Voila, All Set to Schedule and Make Mark in Digital Marketing

Social Champ is proud to offer the kind of personalized service that seems to be lacking in social media scheduling tools these days.
Whatever the scope, from blogging and content marketing or content repurposing to new startups, social media reach analysis and effective scheduling, the distinguishing features at Social Champ will ensure users are given the correct platform, pricing, and service the first time.

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