How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide

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What’s better than using a social media platform that gives you an enjoyable time while also helping you make money?

From countless inspirations of home decor, gift ideas, life hacks, and laughable memes, Pinterest certainly has left its mark on people to cherish, and there’s A LOT to love about it. But do you know that you can also generate revenue on this platform?

You must be wondering how to make money on Pinterest and why this platform is suitable for earning. Well, 482 million users worldwide are active on this platform, and 90.1 million are Americans, yes! It’s a huge number!

Do you think you can miss out on an opportunity to garner attention here? I don’t think so! Simply use a Pinterest Scheduler to plan your posts more effectively.

Additionally, with the unending search queries on Pinterest, there are opportunities for people to sell their products, and you will be surprised to know how many people trust Pinterest products and use this platform as a medium to purchase things.

Now, let’s explore how to make money on Pinterest!

Can You Make Money on Pinterest?

Anyone with a digital presence can easily make money on Pinterest. Whether you’re a business selling products, an influencer sharing affiliate links, or a graphic designer selling templates, Pinterest is a great place to generate income!

Additionally, most users on the platform are ready to buy. So you need to be as creative as you can be with your target. If you have yet to consider Pinterest a medium to generate revenue, it’s time to start now.

For example, check out KOCKU, a merchant on Pinterest that deals with fancy dresses for women.

A snapshot of fashion brand on Pinterest
A snapshot of fashion brand on Pinterest

You can find countless similar examples on the platform. Many pinners have shopped from Pinterest and stated that this platform gives them a positive feeling. Don’t take our word for it; trust the master itself. The Pinterest Business page has stats on its website that tell us how effective the platform is in promoting new products and businesses.

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How to Make Money on Pinterest

  1. Explore Pinterest

    Even if you have been a genius on social media platforms, it doesn’t guarantee you will excel at them all! Every social media platform has its charm, and Pinterest is known to be the most charming one. This colorful world of images, boards, videos, and pins requires a lot of knowledge before you dive in to create your magic. So, first, take your time to understand its algorithm and explore your recommendation page to see what type of content is related to your interests. Once you have got the gist of it, things will get easier.

  2. Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

    This point is especially beneficial for businesses having eCommerce websites. If you are selling products from an official website and want more people to land on it, there’s no better place to feature your products than Pinterest. You can pin the products to your Pinterest account and direct the users to your website. This helps bring traffic to your site, and this way, you eventually make a sale.

    A snapshot of Shein on Pinterest
    A snapshot of Shein on Pinterest

    To make it more clear, let’s have a look at an example of this pin from @SHEINofficial, where they are showcasing one of their products to their followers on Pinterest and directing them to visit the site. You can take inspiration to sell your products on Pinterest like this.

  3. Advertise Your Products

    The right type of advertising can lead you to bigger and greater achievements on Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is known for its visually stunning boards. So, when you’re creating the advertisements, make sure your ads are scroll-stopping!

    You can post several types of ads on your pins to make money on Pinterest, including video ads, promoted pins, and carousel ads. All these allow you to showcase the brilliance of your products. Promoted pins help you to reach users based on demographics and their interests, whereas carousel ads enable you to post multiple pictures of a product at once so users can see it thoroughly.

    Here is an example of a video ad that will help you understand how creativity and editing can elevate your products’ value on this platform.

  4. Send Traffic to Your Blog

    Pinterest is not only a gold mine for sellers; marketers and bloggers also have a good shot at generating revenue and traffic. A marketer’s job is time-consuming and tiring as you wait and wait for blogs to rank on Google. Even if you have used the right keywords, it’s far from a walk in the park. However, scoring big traffic on Pinterest using the right keywords can be great for your marketing, as you can ultimately achieve better leads.

    Since Pinterest is most known for its tips and hacks, many users use this platform to learn something new. This makes it a perfect ground for bloggers to market their websites. If you are creating content related to a niche and think that Pinterest users will find it helpful, pin a small section of your blog in the post caption with the featured image and direct your audience to the site.

    Take this example of a short review of Rihanna’s brand, Fenty Beauty, capturing your attention with just one line. After seeing this visual, you (and several other makeup enthusiasts) will likely go check out the full review.

    A snapshot of a review on Pinterest
    A snapshot of a review on Pinterest
  5. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a trend that can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars for you without having a blog or a website. Isn’t it fascinating? All you have to do is search for websites that host affiliate programs like Shopify, Amazon Associates, and more. You can visit the website, check their affiliate programs, and select the product you want to market.

    Next, you must create a board to help you make money on Pinterest. Be mindful that Pinterest doesn’t support any link unrelated to your board. For example, if you have a board dedicated to women’s fashion, you must market products related to that theme. Otherwise, Pinterest will consider it spamming.

  6. Create Sponsored Content

    Influencer marketing is a huge deal these days, but if you thought that it ain’t working on Pinterest, I’m bursting that bubble now! If you’re an influencer or a blogger, simply negotiate and deal with brands on the platform. Just like other popular social media platforms, Pinterest also offers good returns on sponsored content.

  7. Collaborate With a Brand

    Wondering “how to make money from Pinterest without selling something?”. You’re not alone! It’s a common thought among people looking for opportunities to earn via social media, and the answer is easy— yes, you can!

    One of the best ways to do that is to review a brand’s products. Several businesses are willing to pay influential bloggers with a large following. For instance, a business may ask you to list their highlights as “X best things about [brand’s name].” Check out this post by @wanderherway, where she is directing her audience to a blog where she talks about the best hotels in Coconut Grove.

    A snapshot of hotel reviews on Pinterest
    A snapshot of hotel reviews on Pinterest
  8. Manage Pinterest Accounts for Others

    Besides being a content creator and building an audience for yourself, there are ways to fill up your bank account with Pinterest. If you consider yourself a wizard in managing Pinterest accounts, you can lend your services to other creators. Several creators on Pinterest use schedulers to manage their posts with busy schedules. This can be easily done by you if you learn to schedule and plan posts on this platform. You will eventually end up making money on Pinterest with this skill!

  9. Create Video Content

    Since platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are mainly about pictures and have made videos a key element in their algorithms, It is safe to say that video content is appreciated unanimously on all platforms.

    Countless businesses are paying people to shoot unboxing and tutorial videos for their products so more people can resonate with their offerings. The engagement rate on video content is significant on Pinterest, as users also download videos and circulate them within their groups.

    For example, check out this video by @subtlbeauty, where they are showcasing their product and making the most of video content.

  10. Sell Templates

    Pinterest is a visual platform, which means it offers bigger opportunities for graphic designers. Templates are popular on Pinterest. And if you have great design skills, you can come up with astounding templates for things like grocery lists, notebooks, to-do lists, and more. You can create Pinterest templates and sell them to the users, making it a residual income, as the templates can be reused hundreds of times.

  11. Learn to Make Your Own Products

    Browsing endlessly on social media platforms is not a waste of time anymore; it might help you discover a new talent within you. Pinterest has a lot of cool content ideas for everyone, and users have developed their own products after finding something that catches their attention. For example, you might be motivated to start your own DIY business inspired by a Pinterest hack.

    This is exactly what this platform is famous for— making lives easier with those 5-minute hacks, and we all love to implement those, don’t we?

    So why not try to build something useful out of it?

    Check out this cool video of a DIY book vase; you will be amazed to see the creativity and dedication.

    Isn’t it worth trying?

  12. Review Analytics

    Pinterest allows you to access powerful analytics on the platform to identify what type of content works best for your audience. You can track your impressions, shares, engagement, pin clicks, video views, and countless other analytics. This helps users generate the right content and pinpoint what is disturbing their journey toward money-making.

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Bonus Tips to Boost Your Engagement

As an avid user of Pinterest, I have seen the bests and worsts of the platform, so I’ll take this opportunity to share some bonus tips to boost your engagement. These can be your secret ingredient to answer how to make money on Pinterest.

  1. Build a Strategy First

    No matter how many efforts you make on Pinterest, it won’t be of any use without a strong strategy. You need to first establish what you aim to gain on this platform. Ask yourself if you want to get more traffic or if you want to increase sales. Once you sort your goals, building a strategy should be your next step.

  2. Make Organized Boards

    Sharing pins in an unorganized way can be a complete turn-off for users. Imagine exploring a board of shoe designs and coming across a pin of a travel destination; you will end up confused. You need to organize your boards according to themes so the users can have a pleasant experience going through them.

  3. Do Giveaways

    To make money on Pinterest, you might need to give away free stuff; how ironic!

    You might be thinking about how spending money without any tangible gain will help you generate revenue, but trust me, it will.

    Everyone pounces at free stuff on the Internet. Giveaways are one of the easiest ways to increase engagement on your Pinterest account; better engagement means bigger opportunities. If you don’t believe me, try giving your users free stuff, and you will see the difference.

How Many Followers Do You Need on Pinterest to Make Money?

If you ask me, “Can you make money on Pinterest without followers?” I would say no problem!

Most users don’t know it, but it’s never about the followers on Pinterest. You can have a few followers on the platform and still earn with affiliate programs. It depends on the strategy you choose to generate revenue from this platform.

For example, if you hope to get brands to collaborate with you, the number of followers will matter. However, if you have a blogging website and wish to drive traffic to it, having no followers won’t get in your way as much. The bottom line is that not having followers won’t be a problem if you smartly choose a money-making strategy.

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Helpful Tips for Earning Money on Pinterest

It’s easier to answer how to make money with Pinterest, but when you practically try it, you will be left with even more unanswered questions. So, here are some things that will help you execute your plans effectively.

  1. Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices

    No need to go far to find the water when Pinterest itself has a well for you. Pinterest has a creative best practices page for users to understand what works on the platform. You can go through the content on this page and determine the type of content you want to create. I mean, when the master itself is telling you to do something, why not try it and see the progress?

    A snapshot of the Pinterest Creative Best Practices page
    A snapshot of the Pinterest Creative Best Practices page
  2. Pinterest SEO

    Knowing what you need to post doesn’t bring results; you also need a dependable strategy to make it work. This is where SEO comes to the rescue.

    You are posting content on the platform, but no one knows about it— this can be the biggest nightmare for any content creator on social media. Keywords are the critical element in making your content reach the right audience. You need to infuse keywords in places like description, board title, and profile description, among others.

    To find the right keywords for your content, you must search a query to see what’s relevant on the platform. For example, we are a social media management tool, so we can search “social media management,” the colorful tabs at the top tell us all the trending keywords related to our query.

    A snapshot of pins responding to a keyword
    A snapshot of pins responding to a keyword

    If you want to see more keywords, you can click on any of the colorful tabs you think are the most relevant to your content, and it will show you more options on the next page.

    For example, I clicked on “portfolio” on this page to see more keywords related to my query. This is the result I got:

    A snapshot of keyword recommendations  
    A snapshot of keyword recommendations 
  3. Create a Media Kit

    If you are looking for collaborations and sponsorship deals, a media kit is absolutely essential in this case. An influencer media kit is a conversation starter when you are interested in collaborating with someone. It provides all the information about your brand and offers insights into advertising packages. You can create a creative graphic design and make its PDF available for download or feature it on your website or blog.

  4. Schedule Your Pins

    When starting your Pinterest journey, you might feel tempted to stuff your boards all at once, but from a social media management perspective, it’s not worth it!

    You will end up exhausting your account, and users will also not like this. It is better to post one pin at a time, and you will need a Pinterest scheduler for this. You can schedule your pins for several weeks and months in advance to be consistent on the platform.

    Using a scheduler helps you save time, which you can invest in making more creative choices on your Pinterest later. At the end of the day, it’s your creativity that will generate money for you, so make sure you are not slacking while a scheduler is taking care of the consistency.

In Conclusion

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the unique platforms we have on social media. Whether you have an eCommerce website, blogs, or an influence on the platform, there’s something for everyone that answers how to make money on Pinterest.

Ultimately, we believe in generating as much income as possible because who doesn’t like to fill up their bank accounts and live their lives like a dream? Like many other social media platforms, Pinterest is an ocean of opportunities; all you need to do is dive in bravely!

Whether you open up a shop on Pinterest or become an influencer, Social Champ is rooting for you every step of the way. Here’s to finding more side hustles and passive income opportunities that will make life more fulfilling!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog?

Affiliate programs are a great option if you want to make money on Pinterest. You can market products from affiliate programs even without having a blog. This way, you earn a commission every time someone purchases those products via your link.

2. What Is the Average Income of Pinterest Users?

21% of Pinterest users have an average income of $30,000 or less. Not all Pinterest users earn a high income, but it is still considerably a large number.

3. Is Pinterest a Good Side Hustle?

Yes, if you have the right strategy, Pinterest can be a good side hustle. Many users generate significant revenue on Pinterest using different techniques, including brand promotions and affiliate marketing programs.
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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide

Picture of Afirah Shaikh

Afirah Shaikh

I am a part of a #Champfam designated as a content writer who strongly believes that everything has a story to tell. When I'm not lost in the world of words, you will find me indulged in K-dramas, and manifesting my life to turn into one (a romcom). You can ping me at [email protected]

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