6 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Social Media Campaigns!

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Established business or a small local business, everyone is indulged with the terminology of social media marketing nowadays. Every brand owner, marketer, social media manager wants to jump on the bandwagon of making their brand presence felt on social networks. The simple reason being – that’s where the crowd is. However, most marketers are making some of the most common social media marketing mistakes, which are:

  • Why do some social media marketing activities fail?
  • Why are some Facebook and Twitter pages gain audience engagements and not others?
  • Why are your competitors performing better in social media marketing?
  • What promises are you making and not take caring of?

Everybody makes mistakes. Social media marketers are no different. Your follower count drops__ along with your revenue stream when you make too many mistakes.
As with all mistakes, the first and foremost step is to note them down and familiarize yourself to avoid those mistakes. So, to make sure you always get the highest point here are top social media marketing mistake that you should stay away from:

#1. Failing to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Just how you are supposed to assess your business’s niche, product, and audience. Is it necessary to approach your social media marketing strategy?
Many corporations might have carried out, minus a solid social media marketing strategy. Maybe including you too!
The story animation is the decision to join the social network, make your profiles, load it with info, put great stuff out there to attract attention and then disappear. You ‘banged’ launch within weeks but your page mirrors a barren land now, making your followers wonder where they are now, what they are doing, their answers are never replied back. Soon you face the downfall in social media.

#2. Not Measuring Your Social Media Efforts

If it’s hard for you to perceive what is working and what’s not, you are wasting your time and many opportunities are being eliminated by you.

Get the Most Out Of Your Social Media Efforts​​

Use Social Champ to get the most out of your social media marketing.

#3. Not Using Social Media Tools

Not using tools can mean a whole wastage of time.  My Recommendation is Social Champ which is not just a wholesome place to create, schedule, post, and analyze, but also suggest you content relieving you of all of your social media efforts – lessening the task of tediously having to switch tabs between dozens of accounts.

It offers features which will enable you to have a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time with.

You are successful with social media marketing when you have the multi-channel social media strategy. Some of the brands are only occupied with well-established popular channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn), and ignore other great and in-demand channel where the audience rate is high such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

#5. Boring Social

The thoughts may cross you as to why no one seems to engage in your social media posts? Let’s put it in a nutshell, the content. Are you simply posting the title of an article or blog and listing the link? That’s not very engaging. Or your posts are text-based and missing out on visuals like images, videos, and meaningful quotes and stats. The key is to look at your accounts from an outsider’s perspective, think about the type of social media content you click on as an individual. Would you like your company’s social media posts? No? The create new types of content using the chart below.

#6. Go Off-Topic In Groups To Promote Yourself

Whether you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, groups are an effective medium to connect with new people or even prospects in a specific niche. Don’t mess it up by changing the conversation to you.

Social Media Campaigns

Even if you think your blog is exactly what your audience is going to love reading it, context is so very important to successfully promote anything for your social media strategy.

6 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Social Media Campaigns!

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