What’s Your Take on 10 Year Challenge: Yay or Nay?

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10 Year Challenge

The internet is a strange, strange place. It’s just the first month of 2019, and we have already crossed the coo-coo-crazy border with trends like the ten-year challenge.

The year began with people being blinded into the madness of BirdBox, then beating Kylie’s record of the most liked picture with an egg.

An Ordinary Egg.

Nothing special.

An egg

How Hard Did Time Really Hit You?

Okay, so now there is a storm of pictures going around on the internet. People are posting pictures of themselves ten years apart.

It is fun, and comes up with a ton of hashtags, like #GlowUp #10 YearChallenge #HowHardDidAgingHitYou, etc.
Even celebrities have hopped on this bandwagon.
Celebrities before and after

I think it’s cute, a little narcissist, but cute.

All you got to do is post a picture of yourself from 10 years ago, along with a picture of yourself now.

But Why?

If I talk about myself, I have transitioned from being a weird teen to a bizarre adult.
This is just a pleasant reminder of how vastly things change as time passes, and how awesome one must’ve blossomed.

Basically, Promoting Self-Love.

The pictures from the past of this 10-year challenge usually have people doing something silly or making a “funny” face.

Totally harmless, yeah? Umm… Some might differ.

People have this challenge associated with privacy concerns and Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm.
Where they are a little right on the front of how people share things abruptly without any reservations, I see no harm in it as Facebook already has the pictures in its database.

THE VERGE : “Facebook’s 10-year glow-up challenge reminds us that Facebook used to be fun.”

I think it’s a sweet and nostalgic reminder of what it was like when we first joined and who we used to be,  through 10 year challenge.

We used to have fun on Facebook, and that’s all I see when I look at my friends’ facing this particular online challenge.

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