What Is the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram in 2023

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From big brands like Nike and Chanel to big influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Khaby Lame, you must have noticed a huge spike in their engagement levels. Either it can be good quality content, or they prefer to post at the optimal times, but they know exactly the Instagram drill to ignite curiosity with their posts.

So we have talked about quality content quite a few times on our blog. Therefore, today we shall find out the best time to post!

What’s exactly the best time to post on Instagram Reels?

Of course, the internet is overwhelmed with the bounty of information floating around about the best time to post on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But when it comes to the best time to post Reels on Instagram, everyone has their own opinions, perspectives, and research, and in reality, there is no fit answer to this mysterious question.

But the logic is quite simple and precise – the best time to post Reels on Instagram is when your audience is more likely to be active. Since every business or brand is located in different regions, it could be hard to figure out the best time to post Reels on Instagram, so why not consider the global time zones?

Of course, it is pretty challenging for every marketer to post Instagram Reels manually, so get rid of all those manual postings and use automation tools for Instagram management.

To make things easier for you, we have combined the latest posting times based on our research. Master it, and soon you will be crushing on Instagram in no time.

Unleash Your Inner Creativity With Instagram Reels

Create fun-filled Instagram Reels and schedule them at the optimal times to maximize your engagement levels.

Instagram Reels – An Overview

Believe it or not, the secret of viral Instagram growth are Instagram Reels. With over 1.440 billion Instagram users leveraging the power of Reels, it’s very clear that video content is still holding the crown. With its ability to create quick, engaging videos, it’s no wonder that from your favorite celebrities to your next-door neighbor, everyone is using it.

These Instagram Reels are short-form, vertical videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. You can record multiple video clips for up to 30 seconds and get creative with the text overlay, amazing AR filters, and trending audios. You can even upload videos from your phone’s gallery and express yourself through these short and witty videos.

Instagram Reels help you to bring out your creative ideas to life. Capture your best moments to create your flawless transition videos. Think of them as mini-movies you can create using images, video, and audio. You can use Instagram Reels to share anything from a quick how-to video to a funny clip from your day-to-day life.

Reels can be edited with creative tools and effects, shared on Instagram Stories, Explore page, or uploaded to your accounts. They provide a whole new opportunity for businesses to reach and engage with customers on the platform.

For instance, here’s a Reel from popular influencer Addison Rae. This video has 2.1 million views on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Addison Rae (@addisonraee)

Global Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram

If you want to get the most out of your Instagram Reels, you want to post them at the best time. Before we dig in, here’s a quick rundown of a few factors you should consider before posting at the ideal times.

  1. The Algorithm: Like regular posts, the Instagram algorithm will consider the time of day you post your Reel. You are more likely to get views and engagement if you post when most of your followers are online.
  2. The competition: If you post your Reel during a time when there’s less competition from other brands and influencers, you are more likely to stand out.
  3. Your audience: Consider your audience’s schedule and try to post when they’re most likely to be on Instagram. Think about when your target audience is most likely to be scrolling through their feed

However, timing is everything when it comes to social media, and that goes double for Reels. If you post at the wrong time, your Reels could get lost in the shuffle and never be seen by your target audience. Here’s a weekly breakdown of ideal times.Global-Best-Time-To-Post-for-Instagram-Reels

  • Monday: 1 AM, 3 AM – 6 AM, 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 3 AM, 5 AM – 6 AM, 10 PM
  • Wednesday: 3 AM – 6 AM
  • Thursday: 2AM, 4AM – 6AM
  • Friday: 2 AM – 6 AM
  • Saturday: 1 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 11 PM
  • Sunday: 2 AM, 6 AM – 7 AM, 10 PM

Global Worst Time to Post Reels on Instagram

Just because you can post on Instagram Reels doesn’t mean you should do it at any time. There are definitely times that are not ideal. In general, you want to avoid posting during the middle of the night as they are not the best time to post Reels on Instagram. These are times when people are less likely to be on Instagram, which means your Reel is less likely to be seen.

There are certain times of day that are just plain bad for Reels. Let’s look at the worst time to post on Instagram Reels.  So next time you are planning to post a Reel, avoid these times. Worst-Time-To-Post-for-Instagram-Reels

  • Monday: 10 AM, 1 PM – 2 PM
  • Tuesday: 1 PM, 5 PM
  • Wednesday: 10 AM, 4 PM
  • Thursday: 8 PM, 11 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM, 8 PM
  • Saturday: 4 PM, 7 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM, 2 PM

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Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram Based on Various Locations

Of course, your location is one of the important aspects influencing the best time to post Reels on Instagram. Audiences with different regions behave differently, and mismatched time zones can definitely have a significant impact.

Here are the ideal times to post Instagram Reels based on various locations.

  • Best Time To Post Reels on Instagram UK: 4 AM – 6 AM
  • Africa: 6 AM
  • Europe (Eastern): 5 AM – 7 AM
  • South Asia and the Middle East: 3 AM
  • US and Canada (Western): 12 AM – 6 AM

Measure and Monitor Your Instagram Reels

Get clear statistics of your Instagram Reels and figure out your best performing one with Social Champ.

7 Best Tips to Maximize Engagement on Your Instagram Reels

Who doesn’t love to spend a chunk of their day scrolling through their hundreds of Instagram Reels? Of course, we all do!

You love a good Instagram Reel. They are quick, fun, and often very creative. But if you are a business or influencer trying to use Reels to promote your brand or products, you might wonder how to get more people to watch and engage with your content.

No one wants to watch a boring reel, so put some effort into making yours stand out, so here I have compiled some tips that can help you maximize your engagement levels during the best time to post Reels on Instagram.

  1. Post Consistently

    Let’s be honest. You probably have a love-hate relationship with Instagram Reels. On the one hand, they are a great way to stay entertained while scrolling through your feed. On the other hand, they can be a huge time suck. But if you are a content creator, you know that consistency is key to growing your following. So how do you find the balance? Here are a few tips:

    • Set a schedule and stick to it.
    • Use social media management tools like Social Champ to schedule your Reels at the optimal times.
    • Keep your content fresh and engaging.
    • Take advantage of Reels’ unique features.
    • Use hashtags and captions to your advantage.

    To be successful on Instagram Reels, you must post consistently, especially at the best times to post Reels on Instagram. That means posting at least once a day, preferably multiple times a day. The more you post, the more likely you are to be seen by your target audience.

    Of course, quality is more important than quantity. But if you are not posting regularly, you are not giving yourself a chance to be seen.

    Have a look at the popular Khaby Lame’s Reel inspiration.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Khaby Lame (@khaby00)

  2. Keep Up With the Latest Trends and Music

    Staying on top of the latest trends can be hard. With new fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends popping up daily, it can be tough to know what’s worth your time. It can be pretty hard to keep up with the latest trends, but it’s important to try. After all, the social media world is constantly changing, and if you don’t change, you will be left behind. But to stay ahead of the curve, knowing what’s new and what’s next is important, especially when it comes to the best time to post Reels on Instagram.

    Here are four tips to help you keep up with the latest trends, from following the right people on social media to signing up for newsletters. These tips will help you stay in the know without spending hours online.

    • Set aside time each day to read industry news.
    • Follow key influencers on social media.
    • Attend industry events, take training and participate in online communities.
    • Use social media tools like Feedly, Google trends, and Ahref content explorer.
    • Sign up for multiple newsletters for the latest trends.
    • Create a stream on Twitter with popular hashtags.
    • Explore the Instagram tab to see what’s happening.
    • Lastly, don’t forget to observe your competitors.

    For instance, this is the latest Instagram audio. You can use this trending sound to catch the attention of your audience.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Fleur (@fleurraffan)

  3. Track When Your Audience Is Active

    As a business or a creator trying to build an online presence, you may wonder when the best time to post Reels on Instagram is. After all, you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, and you don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. There are a few ways to track when your audience is online, so you can make sure your posts are being seen.

    • Use Instagram’s built-in insights. Go to your profile and click on the ‘Insights’ tab to do this. From there, you will see when your followers are most active.
    • You can also just keep an eye on your engagement levels. If you notice that your posts are getting the most engagement at a certain time of day, that’s a good indication that that’s when your audience is online.

    So get the most out of your Instagram marketing and know when your audience is online and active. The above tips can help you get more eyeballs on your content.

  1. Collab With Other Influencers

    Looking to get more views on your Instagram Reels? One of the best things you can do is collaborate with influencers. Reels are all about creativity and collaboration, so teaming up with influencers is a great way to get started. Not only will you be able to tap into their creative ideas, but you will also be able to reach a whole new audience.

    This can be a great way to get your content in front of a new audience and help you build relationships with other creators. But how do you go about finding influencers to collaborate with? Let me help you with this.

    • Firstly, ensure that the influencer you have chosen to work with is a good fit. That means the influencer should be from your niche. Their followers should be interested in your offers.
    • Be clear about everything. Send guidelines to the influencer you collaborate with, and don’t forget to promote your collaboration.
    • Alert your followers, and post content before collaborating with the influencers. Encourage your followers to check out what you are offering through collaboration.
    • You can create short Reels highlighting the topic you are talking about and schedule the best time to post the Reels on Instagram.

    By working with influencers who already have an engaged following, you can tap into their audience and get your Reels seen by more people. For example, here’s a Reel inspiration of Cristiano Ronaldo when he collaborated with Binance.

  2. Repost Popular Content

    Have you seen those super popular Instagram Reels? The ones that have millions of views and thousands of likes? Yes, those. The thing with popular content is that it’s well-popular. So, when you repost it on your account, you are likely to get a lot of engagement. But there’s a catch. You have to be strategic about it. You can’t just post any old thing and expect the same results.

    For instance, you have probably noticed that a lot of the content you see is reposted. Not talking about the occasional repost of a friend’s photo or a funny meme. I am talking about entire accounts dedicated to reposting popular content from other accounts. Why do people do this? Well, there are a few reasons.

    • For one, it’s a great way to get more followers. If you constantly repost popular content, people will start following you because they know they will see content they are interested in. Try the best time to post Reels on Instagram to maximize your engagement.
    • Another reason is that it’s a great way to curate content. If you are following a bunch of different accounts, keeping track of all the content you want to see can be tough. This is an easy way to fill your account with high-quality content without spending hours searching for it yourself.

    The reposting strategy can help you tap into trends and get your Reels in front of a whole new audience. Look for relevant Reels to your brand and resonate with your followers. And be sure to give credit to the original creator when you post.

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    1. Join a Trending Challenge

      If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get creative on Instagram, why not join a trending challenge on Reels? New challenges are always popping up each day, so there’s sure to be one perfect for you. Additionally, taking part in a challenge is a great way to connect with other creatives and catch more eyeballs on your content. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of  the easiest challenges that you can join right now:

      • The #10secondclub challenge – This challenge is all about creating short, 10-second clips that are creative and engaging.
      • The #30secondchallenge – As the name suggests, this one is all about creating a 30-second clip that tells a story or showcases your talent.
      • The #loopchallenge – This challenge is all about creating a seamless looping video.

      It’s great to show off your editing skills and get creative with your content. So what are you waiting for? Get involved in a challenge today and see what you can create. For instance, here’s the video inspiration for a trending challenge.

      You can join this trend, sync each photo with the beat and watch your photos come to life.


      View this post on Instagram


      A post shared by BANDA (

  1. Leverage the Power of Hashtags

    Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram, and using them on your Reels can help you reach a wider audience and get more views. If you are unfamiliar with hashtags, they are basically keywords that people can use to search for content on Instagram.

    When you use a hashtag on your Reel, anyone who searches for that hashtag will be able to see your video. And if you use popular hashtags, your video will be seen by even more people. So how do you find the right hashtags to use, and don’t forget the best time to post Reels on Instagram? Here are a few tips:

    • Keep it simple and relevant: Pick something people are searching for and can easily remember. A long hashtag could be difficult to pronounce and will not give you the desired result.
    • Use Trending hashtags: Explore for trending ones. You can find them easily on Twitter and Instagram or use hashtag analytics tools such as Hashtagify.
    • Don’t overuse too much: Use at least 5 to 10 hashtags, and don’t overstuff your caption with too many hashtags.
    • Monitor competitors: Start by monitoring competitors and popular influencers, see which hashtags they use and how many, and make a list then.

    For example, Nike has their branded hashtag #Justdoit. Here’s a video inspiration from the brand.


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Nike (@nike)

Schedule Instagram Reels With Social Champ

Scheduling Instagram Reels with Social Champ is super easy. Here is how you can do it with few easy steps.

  1. Login to your Social Champ account Social champ login
  2. Select your Instagram account from the drop-down menusocial champ insta 2
  3. Now add media. You can either upload from your PC or upload from Google Drive Social champ insta 3
  4. Create your content, add trending hashtags, and select Reels belowsocial champ insta 4
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Instagram Reels Are Everywhere!

If you are using Reels to market your business on Instagram, you need to be strategic about when you post. The best day to post Reels on Instagram is during the workweek, from Monday through Friday.

The best times to post are during lunchtime and after work, when people scroll through their feeds looking for a break from their day. Experiment with posting times to see what works best for your business and audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Matter to Choose the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram?

Yes, it matters. To get the most in return for your Instagram Reels, you must post at the right time to maximize engagement on your content.

How Many Reels Should I Post a Day?

You should post at least 1 to 2 Reels daily at the strategic hours with trending hashtags and the latest audios.

Do Hashtags Work in the Reel?

Yes, hashtags work in the Reel as it helps users to find the right content on Instagram.

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What Is the Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram in 2023

Picture of Yumna Hafeez

Yumna Hafeez

I am a part of the #ChampFam designated as a content writer who likes to write with a side of coffee. When not glued to the keyboard, you will find me munching popcorns in cinema or catching K-dramas on Netflix with a ramen bowl. Let's chat about content, cinema, or anything in between at [email protected].

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