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We are in the second half of the year, which means that most of us are dreaming of Christmas. As this time approaches, it is crucial for you as a business owner to start thinking strategies. It is never too early to bring out the best that you have and use it to make Christmas Social Media Posts and what not!

Once the season finishes, there will be numerous reports looking at the execution of strategies. These strategies include business strategies and even customer conduct.  These reports are substantial on the superlatives and overstatement. They offer data into how any business can profit by the routes in which innovation is impacting customer behavior.

It is no doubt that Christmas is the most significant time for retailers. As a business owner, you must focus on these progressions and Christmas Social Media Post ideas. Keeping in touch will allow you to use these ideas to your advantage.

Social media marketing is one of the most critical aspects in this regard. Since Social media is an influencing platform, it is significant to use it to boost your Christmas sales.

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Regardless of what advertising channel you use, we bring you Christmas marketing ideas. These showcase ideas you can use to add some radiance to your holiday marketing and sales strategy. There is still time to execute these. However, for some, you might just be starting at the right time!

Flair up your brand

The first and most important thing you need to do is show your customers you are celebrating Christmas. Apart from Christmas Social Media posts, you need to show them this in so many words. The best way to do this is to give a festive touch to your brand. Refresh the persona of your brand by changing the logo. Not entirely, just add somethings or change the colors to make it look Christmas-y. Use this new logo and picture on all your advertisements and social media handles.

Remember when you this, you will have to stay unanimous. This change should show in all print ads, digital ads, media ads, and everywhere. Every 9 out of 10 people celebrate Christmas as a culture or even a religious festival. Show them all that your brand is in the Christmas Spirit.  

Use Festive Content and Hashtags

The general rule of content marketing everywhere follows the 80-20 rule. 80% of the content should add value to your customers. The rest of the 20% is for your brand advertising, promotions, and as such. Keeping this in mind, Social media post scheduling tools are usable too.

Don’t feel guilty about bending this rule slightly over the holiday season as long as you don’t end up only posting self-promotional updates. As we approach the end of the year, it is the perfect time for sharing retrospectives. These include styles, new tools, and everything else. You will see that there is no shortage of topics to write about over Christmas. Using popular festive hashtags helps get your content in front of shoppers that use Twitter or Instagram. You can also create an influential hashtag that can trend.

Example: #ChristmasWith*YourBrand* resulting in e.g. #ChristmasWithGucci

Reward your followers with special offers

Since Christmas is the time for giving, why not give back? Come up with new offers, coupons, or other special offers to give to your followers this Christmas. People are always looking for cheaper ways to get gifts for their loved ones. If you have an e-commerce system, then giving out specialized codes or discount vouchers work great. Brick-and-mortar businesses can still offer print-at-home tickets that are promoted exclusively on social media.

An alternative for online companies is to create a landing page with unique offers. Make this Social Media exclusive. Making a special offer and sharing posts in advance, it is an incredible approach to create buzz and sales among customers and get plenty of Christmas social media ideas.

Don’t forget holiday videos!

Videos are one of the best ways to create some buzz on your social media. Give them the Christmas look by making video Christmas Social Media Posts. Make use of this time by mixing Christmas with videos. Christmas is one of the broadest celebrated holidays, and videos create the best engagement.

Christmas Social Media Ideas

On Facebook and Instagram, consider creating carousel or multi-image posts for maximum engagement. Keep the videos short. If you want to share them on Twitter, they have to be 140 seconds in length. Instagram’s breaking point is 60 seconds. You can either make a video to suit all platforms or work on different videos for different platforms.

Arrange a Christmas themed contest!

One of the best Christmas Social Media posts is a contest. Ask your audience to complete a challenge and be open to giving gifts. This is the best way to promote your brand as well as add value to your audiences’ lives. You can also run a hashtag with the challenge of making your brand more visible.

When conducting a content keep a few things in mind

  • Make sure that there is an incentive for the audience. Why else will someone use their time? Make sure to give them some kind of gifts or even high end promotional items.
  • Do not let the audience do everything. People on social media have an active life. They do not have time to follow multiple complicated steps. Make sure that the competition is pure and there is not a lot of labor.
  • Close the contest on a good note. Of course, not everyone can win. The rest of the participants will be bummed. You can close the competition on a good note by thanking everyone. Moreover, if you have the budget, give them some sort of incentive too.

Use strategic placement

Do you ever buy impulsively in a grocery store? Especially when you are hungry? This is because these stores present everything that they have strategically. These range from colors, to the simple idea of showing a product. Eventually, customers buy impulsively. Use this strategy in your online store too.

Use featured items on your homepage, include features like one-click buy, or even buy at a special price. Depending upon your kind of business, you may have quick purchases at all paying locations. However, ensure that these suit the Christmas season, instead of merely bland items.

Remarket and Retarget

Of course, nobody but you knows your customers better! You probably have a system to target your audience and market them in different ways. This holiday season, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. It’s a particular time of the year, and everything is unusual for a change. You need to do some surveys in the prior months and find out how you can change your target audience. You will also require new ways to market your items.

It can take many touches for a client to get comfortable with you to take the next step. People do not generally settle on a buying choice in the first impression. Remind them of your identity through retargeting and giving them Christmas social media ideas. You can use email marketing, Christmas social media posts prior, or any other way.

Use an SMMS tool to rescue you!

Christmas times means a lot on your plate! The most important being some family and friends time. It is a nuisance to wake up in the morning, and instead of sitting with your family, you work.


Social champ is an interactive social media platform. Its purpose is to enhance marketing purposes.  This helps in scheduling Christmas Social Media posts so that more and more audience discerns your post. Hence, relieving you from the complication of re-writing them. This platform is for new businesses and also organizing and collecting the way they should market.

There is no need to go wild during Christmas because this tool will help you become more organized in your marketing work.

Wrap-up (With a Christmas wrapping paper)

Christmas is the time for joy and cheer. When marketing your business, do not forget that! People expect sentiments at this time of the year. Your job as a business person is to keep that in mind and use it to your practical knowledge. Remember, your audience is your Santa Claus!

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