Chanty – A Team Collaboration Tool That Is Helping Businesses Increase Their Work Productivity

In today’s fast time, the productivity of any team or business is highly dependent on effective communication and collaboration within the team. In order to achieve that a powerful tool is required, that diminishes the communication barriers and allows the users to effectively collaborate within their organization.

One such tool is Chanty, which allows users to effectively collaborate and manage their day-to-day activity with their workflow and management tool. Today we got the opportunity to interview their founder Dmytro Okunyev and find out how his startup is disrupting the industry with its leading-edge product.

How the Journey Began

Since the beginning of time, my aim has always been to improve the flow of communication between teams. When I started my career, I struggled quite hard to communicate effectively with my team. As a result, our productivity was affected a lot. Bearing this in mind, the idea of Chanty came into being followed by a lot of hard work, struggles, and improvements along the way.

Challenges Made Us Stronger

We entered an already dominated market with an established competitor like Slack. Making everyone believe in the idea of Chanty itself was a huge struggle. However, we were focused and determined to take over the challenges and make the service work.

We wanted to provide what we and many other consumers felt was lacking in the existing communication tools. That was a smooth communication interface, promising to increase productivity through an efficient system and an all-in-one solution with a focus on user experience. With all that in mind, we fought our way in the race and managed to grow successfully.

Wins Down the Path

During and after the pandemic, the way businesses behaved changed a lot. This has been quite a hit for us. In March 2020, we had so many teams joining Chanty and it has continued to grow ever since. Today we have 13,000+ active teams using Chanty and the number continues to grow every month. For us, the last two years have been the best of all as we help companies communicate effectively both in-office and remotely.

Team Play Is the Name of the Game

Initially, we just had a marketing manager, an engineer, and a designer. With a lot of hard work and push, we released the idea to a group of beta testers. After that, we enhanced the application with continuous feedback. Today, we have a great team divided into four main departments of Sales, Marketing, Support, Design, and Development who have adopted Chanty as their own baby and are working very hard to provide the best product in the market.

Lessons on the Way

Believing in yourself and working with determination to fulfill your dreams. Think about the needs of not just your customers but also your team. Don’t treat them as just your employees, rather your family. If you keep them happy, they will keep your customers happy too!

Community Matters!

We make sure to donate at least 5% of our profits to well-known charitable foundations that work towards providing education in neglected areas. Also, when the pandemic started, we gave a lot of free accounts to non-profit firms who were struggling with their way to cope with the scenarios. Besides this, I also make sure to provide my team and customers with free and Chanty-sponsored courses to enhance their skills and knowledge on subjects that are quite useful for their careers.

Recipe for Success

Let me list this one down!

  1. Believing in your idea (most important).
  2. Wake up early to meditate and do yoga – trust me, it opens the “problem solving” hemisphere of your brain.
  3. Work with a lot of determination.
  4. Always be open to feedback from your team and customers! You might be surprised to learn things that you did not even think of.

The Road Ahead

We see Chanty leading and dominating the market with its simple and easy-to-use communication features and also providing learning activities and informative material to teams to enhance their skills! We believe in growing with our customers!

Listen, Improve and Conquer

We have always valued feedback from everyone internally and externally. The best judge of your product or service is the customer and incorporating their feedback in the service can really make a huge difference.

Dmytro and his team share a passion to create a remarkable product that not only helps brands get over their communication gaps but also guarantees an increase in their productivity and to this Social Champ wishes the whole Chanty team a great journey ahead 🙂

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