How to Navigate Through Social Media With Janice Wald

Blogging and social media are two main pillars of digital marketing these days. Without them, you are missing out on so much potential that your business has. However, navigating your way successfully through all this can be tricky at times.

This is why we invited Janice Wald to share insights on blogging and social media. Janice is a professional writer who likes to talk about social media and how to share trustworthy content with the audience.

We are very excited to interview her and share her insights with our users.

Let’s start!

Fahad: What led you to start Mostly Blogging? What’s the one thing that excites you most about blogging?

Janice: My daughters left for college, and I returned to the University and finished a Master’s Degree in Education. The University professors strongly praised my writing which gave me the confidence to write online. I love analysis which my daughters and I did when they were home. Analyzing issues in blog posts and discussing them with an online community seemed like the perfect way to fill the void my daughters going to college left.

The one thing that excites me about blogging the most is helping people. I love sharing the results of my research– the knowledge I gain through original research and assisting others in discovering new tools and methods that can make them better bloggers.

Fahad: You are a school teacher and a blogger; how do you keep a balance between both?

Janice: The bottom line is you have to be highly disciplined. Make a schedule that includes your personal, professional, and blogging tasks and stick to it. I schedule all my responsibilities, including TV watching time with my husband. I know the day and time I will be marketing five years from now. I am that regimented. You have to be disciplined to fit everything you need to accomplish in a day.

Here you will find more information about my blogging schedule and how to find a balance.

Here you will find information about my blogging schedule in video form. Please watch it with the volume turned up.

Fahad: As an experienced blogger and digital marketing strategist, what would be your advice for brands who are just starting on social media? Share a few Dos and Don’ts.

Janice: I would start with organic methods of growing on social media. Don’t pay for paid ads. Start promoting your blog content on mainstream social media sites. Include Quora that allows you to include a relevant link in your answers. After a month, check Google Analytics to see where your blog traffic is coming from. Continue to promote at the Top 3 places. When I was new, Facebook groups helped my growth enormously. These groups allow daily and weekly promotion. Some of them have tens of thousands of members. That is tremendous exposure for free. Here you will find the groups.

Fahad: How essential are marketing automation tools for any business? What would you say about Social Champ?

Janice: Marketing automation is essential. We are all busy bloggers. If there are existing tools that can save us time and further our growth, I recommend them.

The MissingLettr service uses AI to help you create your promotional content. MissingLettr is a free service I couldn’t do without. Here you will find a MissingLettr review.

I am a huge fan of Social Champ. Social Champ helps the blogging community. Events such as Twitter Chats, interviews, and expert roundups are three ways Social Champ helps bloggers.

Fahad: What is your recommended blogging toolkit?

Janice: As indicated, MissingLettr is my favorite tool. I also use Ahrefs for all my SEO needs except Keyword Research. KWFinder is my preferred keyword research tool.

Fahad: Tips for newbies who want to pursue their career in digital and content marketing?

Janice: Be patient. Google wants blogs that get visibility to stand the test of time. While you are waiting for Google to recognize you as an authority in your niche, hone your craft. Practice writing daily. Guest post in your niche. Participate in expert interviews. Have a bio on your blog that explains why you are an expert in the niche. Before long, Google will see you are an expert and rank your posts better.

Fahad: Who is the one person that inspires you both personally and professionally?

Janice: Jon Morrow was my first blogging mentor. He has paraplegia, yet he doesn’t let adversity slow him down. He helps bloggers on his blog and his podcast. I was a student in his guest blogging program. Although his guest blogging program closed, it made me the blogger I am today.

Fahad: Stepping aside from work, how do you enjoy your free time? Any particular activity that might fascinate our readers?

Janice: My husband and I enjoy spending time with our dogs and our adult daughters. I just started growing my TikTok account dedicated to dogs.

Fahad: Time for our rapid-fire round:

Rapid Fire Round 

Facebook or Twitter?Twitter
Tea or Coffee?Coffee
Social Media or Social Networking?Social Media
Your favorite vacation destination?Alaska
Copywriting or Blog writing?Blog writing


Fahad: Finally, who do you think we should interview next on Social Champ?

Janice: Ryan Biddulph

Social Champ is thankful to Janice Wald for taking out the time and sharing her secrets with the champ community. We are sure that our followers loved hearing from you!

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