Vedran Rasic Talks About LeadDelta Accommodating LinkedIn Members

LinkedIn is one of the most professional platforms out there. Using it to connect with managers, recruiters, and specialists from your field can greatly kickstart your career. The platform serves more than 810 million people globally & is continuing to grow among the workforce. Since the platform has been in use for quite a long time, a talented entrepreneur Vedran Rasic launched a tool named LeadDelta to help the members organize their connections proficiently. 

The tool offers a CRM view of contacts, tags, notes, filters, personalized messages, and more to its users. In this interview, the CEO and Co-founder of the startup, Vederan Rasic, is sharing his journey with us. Let’s find out how his tool is helping thousands of members to manage their networks more effectively. 

Ashmal: Hi Vedran, it’s lovely to have you with us! It would be great if you could start by telling our readers about your background? 

Vedran: Thanks for the opportunity. 

I’m a startup founder with a 1x failed startup, 1x successful exit, and 1x profitable startup. I operate mainly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space selling to businesses (B2B). Next to LeadDelta, I’m currently testing multiple SaaS product concepts and serving as a Go-To-Market advisor.

Ashmal: As a CEO and Co-founder at LeadDelta, please tell us more about your product and how it works?

Vedran: LeadDelta is a LinkedIn connections manager that allows professionals to organize and effectively manage their connections. We offer a CRM view of contacts, tags, notes, filters, personalized messages.

Ashmal: What’s the inspiration behind launching LeadDelta? What sort of buyer persona does the tool help?

Vedran: LeadDelta is helping thousands of CEOs, Sales Leaders, Recruiters, and Digital Creators to manage their networks more effectively. 

We launched LeadDelta because we believe that no professional should start from an empty CRM. Whether you are marketing a product or service, selling, hiring, or looking for a job, you should not start from scratch.

Ashmal:  You have an incredible journey as an entrepreneur. What’s the importance of kicking off on your SaaS product, and what factors to count before making it happen?

Vedran: The first thing is figuring out who you are? Are you a “Producer” or “Seller.” When you figure it out, go find the opposite. It’s hard to do a startup alone. 

It’d be cool to have some background and experience in the space you are trying to disrupt. 

Having some savings and a regular income from assets that generate $ while doing other things helps keep the mind clear. 

And finally, before you go all in, it’d be great to have an audience of potential users. In other words, build media business and community first.

Ashmal: Life is all about ups and downs; what were the challenges you faced at the early ages of your entrepreneur journey? And, how did you overcome them?

Vedran: You keep facing challenges that will never stop. As an entrepreneur, your job is to solve riddles and challenges. That’s why society pays entrepreneurs.

The biggest challenge for me was to overcome the inclination to make everything perfect. Nothing is perfect in a startup, and if you want to make everything 100% perfect, you will burn yourself out, or most likely, you won’t even start. So learning to prioritize and organize is important. 

There are many personal challenges along the way, but that’s for another medium or format.

Ashmal: What are your plans with LeadDelta? Are you planning to integrate or launch another tool alongside?

Vedran: LeadDelta is my priority. The plan is to disrupt how we network and generate value.

In the meantime, we are building a team version of LeadDelta, a better inbox, and more integrations.

Ashmal: What’s the importance of marketing in terms of promoting SaaS products/tools?

Vedran: It’s hugely important. You gotta have your audience of users & supporters; without that, your product is worth nothing. There are two forms of unlimited leverage in SaaS:

  1. Media
  2. Code

Ashmal: What’s the biggest motivation in your life?

Vedran: I think we are all given a chance to improve something during our limited time on Earth, and I get motivated by the fact that I might do just that.

Ashmal: Please share your professional pro-tips about SaaS products with our readers?

Vedran: Following are the SaaS tips that I would like to share:

  1. Start with a community.
  2. Write & share your journey regularly.
  3. Start NOW. Launch your product and collect feedback NOW.
  4. Sprint weekly. Iterate weekly.
  5. Do everything, tiny. Slack chat, product, emails, ideas… tiny.
  6. Monitor $ at hand, but your north star should be MRR.
  7. All that matters is the delta between yesterday and now.
  8. Don’t be afraid to talk to all your stakeholders often and honestly about #7.

Ashmal: It’s time for rapid-fire!

Rapid Fire Round 

Product Management or Product MarketingProduct Ownership
Twitter or LinkedIn?LinkedIn
Traveling or Watching a MovieTraveling
Tea or CoffeeCoffee

Ashmal: Please share an image of your workstation with our readers.

Vedran Workstation

Thank you, Vedran, for your time and for being a part of our Champ interview series.

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