Halloween Hashtags 2023: Fang-tastic Hashtags to Use This Season

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October comes with spooky chili vibes and full of fun!

When Autumn leaves fall, filling up the streets. The smell of pumpkin spice lattes is all around. The Conjuring series is on the screens, and the magic of the Oogie-boogie season lights up the sky. So, you have got your costumes ready, carved pumpkins with scary smiles are set in the garden, and monster truffles are freezing in the refrigerator.

Then and there, you know that the Halloween season is upon us!

But, wait!

For marketers, the festive season is incomplete without social media postings. October finally marks the beginning of the holiday season, the one when the entire marketing department puts their most creative foot forward. You know, insta-popular pumpkins are out with Halloween hashtags.

So it’s the right time to post your eerie post with trending Halloween captions to light up your social media accounts using a social media scheduler so that you can also enjoy!

Looking for the best Halloween hashtags to spice up your feed? Well, here I have hand-picked some of the top trending hashtags that will maximize your post reach and drive more engagement.

So without further ado, let’s make the most of this spooky season, wear your witch hat, and get into the Halloween spirit.

Mysterious Halloween Facts in 2023

Since the festive season is spooky, let’s make it more fun with some quick Halloween mysterious facts.

  1. The word ‘Witch’ comes from old English, which means Wicee, ‘Wise Woman.’
  2. Germany’s tradition is to hide all the knives on Halloween nights to prevent the spirits from getting injured.
  3. In old times, people carved turnips instead of pumpkins.
  4. Halloween colors are orange and black because orange is associated with the fallen Autumn leaves, and black represents darkness.
  5. The world’s longest haunted house is ‘the haunted cave’ in Ohio. The house is 80 feet underground. Isn’t it creepy?
  6. Candy corn was initially called ‘Chicken Feed.’
  7. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
  8. A full moon on Halloween is extremely rare; it occurs three to four times in a century.

I have compiled a long list of hashtags that will boost your spooky social media posts.

Let’s have a look at the trending hashtags that are making rounds on social media this year.

  1. #Halloween2023

    While I was researching for the Halloween hashtags, #Halloween or #Halloween 2023 are the most common ones used in major social media posts.

    This hashtag currently has around 236,631 posts on Instagram, making it the top leading hashtag for Halloween 2023.

  2. #HalloweenCostume

    Every Halloween party is incomplete without scary costumes, and social media is a goldmine for the best inspirations. Whether you are a fan of horror movie characters or just trying classic costumes like zombies or monsters, you can use the #halloweencostume hashtag with your creepy caption.

    #Halloweencostume or #Halloweenmakeup can go a long way. Use this hashtag to show off your Halloween makeup, or you can even show some of your beauty products.halloween costume

  3. #October or #Autumn

    Autumn and October are both equivalents to Halloween. The orange on Halloween represents the fall of crunchy leaves and all-night horror movies.

    #October and #Autumn are both popular Halloween hashtags for your post. You can show aesthetically carved pumpkins with autumn leaves around or a lifestyle post to get more eyes on your content and get your followers into the spooktacular spirit.Autumn

  4. #Spooky or #Enchanted

    Halloween is incomplete without the thrills, silhouettes moving near the windows, and that eerie glow. If you are planning a horror movie night with your friends or decorating your home with cobwebs, and little pumpkins, use hashtags like #spooky or #enchanted to create a chili vibe around.spooky

  5. #TrickorTreat

    Knock knock, trick or treat?

    #trickortreat is the fun Halloween hashtag you can use this Halloween. Whether you are posting a major throwback picture, showing off your vast collection of Jack-o-lanterns, or sharing a monster cookie recipe, you can use the #trickortreat hashtag.

    Use this hashtag to show your creative side, either record a spooky video or share funny Halloween memes; #trickortreat can be the best fit for your next Halloween post.tricktreat


Happy Halloween Hashtags

Hashtags occupy an essential place in your social media posts. It is considered the key element to reaching a wider audience. Here’s a rundown of some popular happy Halloween hashtags you can use this season.

  1. #Spooktacular

    Kick off the holiday season with the perfect combination of the festival you are celebrating and the people you are celebrating with.

    #spooktacular hashtag can be used to describe a spine-chilling post. You can use it to recommend a scary book or a photo dump from a horror Halloween event, or you can post a hand lettering post to show your festival spirit.spooktacular

  2. #HalloweenIsComing

    Gear up your audience for the most anticipated event of the year. If you own a brand, you can post a short teaser of your upcoming product using the hashtag #halloweeniscoming.

    Moreover, you can run a scary contest, giveaway, or post a picture of your Halloween costume, ask your audience about theirs, and involve your audience using this hashtag.Halloween coming

  3. #HalloweenSpirit

    Whether you opt to stay at home carving pumpkins and hanging paper witch-feet or you decide to shop for your costume, makeup, and decorating items, you can take a Halloween picture. Then upload your latest masterpiece with the hashtag #halloweenspirit to get your followers in full swing of the season.

    You can show off your Halloween nail art or your new collection of skeletons, coffin jars, and decor. Let everyone know your enthusiasm for this spooky season.
    halloween spirit

Halloween Funny Hashtags

Halloween brings wholesome vibes, so why not make the most of this festival and spread smiles and laughs all around?

  1. #FeelingFangtastic

    Halloween is all about fun and parties. If you are winning at the game or enjoying your fullest, you can share a photo with a spooky caption and a funny hashtag like #Feelingfangtastic.

    You can share a selfie with your friends enjoying the 31st night or show off the creepy monster mash you prepared for the event. Moreover, you can use more similar Halloween hashtags like






  2. #BasicWitch

    Halloween and the love for brews is something that makes a perfect combination, and not to forget, brands like Starbucks, DunkinDonuts, and Tim Hortons roll out Halloween special drinks to make the festival more fun.

    Grab your favorite brews, click a picture with your friends and show your followers your love for coffee or drinks. Use hashtag #basicwitch on your seasonal drink and tag your friends.basicwitch

Instagram Halloween Hashtags

You would find Instagram bombarded with all Halloweenized posts and videos, and I think that’s actually the magic of this season. Let’s look at some popular Instagram Halloween hashtags you can use in your captions and stories.

  1. #InstaHalloween

    The most popular generic Instagram hashtag is #Instahalloween. You can use this hashtag with any Halloween picture or video. Whether it is your Halloween costume, a spooky dish you have made, or a store decoration, there are endless options for this specific hashtag.

    I have found 236637 Halloween posts with this hashtag, all generic posts.instahalloween

  2. #CountdowntoHalloween

    This spooky season is filled with festive vibes, and I am sure we are eagerly waiting for this festival. Since Halloween is approaching quickly and we can’t hold our excitement.

    You can run a creepy Halloween post and a countdown to level up your followers’ excitement, and use hashtag #countdowntohalloween in your creepy captions and stories.countdown to halloween

  3. #PumpkinYouEven

    Pumpkins, yes, you guessed it right, everything is orange, dark, and creepy!

    Share photos of your carved pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, scary monsters, and the little gaggle of gourds with this spooky Halloween hashtag.pumpkin you even

Halloween Makeup Hashtags

It’s the time of the year when you can spook up your looks and make powerful impressions on your followers. Halloween and makeup are both associated with each other somehow. So, if you are a makeup artist and you have decided on your creepy look to post on social media, don’t forget to use trending Halloween makeup hashtags to reach a wider audience. Let’s have a look at some makeup hashtags.

  1. #CreepingItReal

    This one is my favorite. It is one of the most playful yet creepy hashtags anyone can use throughout the month.

    This hashtag goes well with your scary costumes, creepy makeup look, and eerie poses. Use the hashtag #Creepingitreal to share your horror Halloween looks.creeping it real

  2. #Bootiful

    You look Bootiful today! Sounds creepy.

    This hashtag can show off your beautiful makeup looks, or you can even dress up your cute pets with a Halloween costume. Moreover, if you are running a scary makeup challenge, this Halloween hashtag fits perfectly in your post.bootiful

  3. #Unboolievable

    We all have came across a situation where we saw something incredible and ‘unbelievable’ is the first word we utter. You can use this hashtag to create spooky makeup looks with your scary costume post to inspire your audience with your creepy looks


And The Thrill Goes On!

As Halloween spirit continues to grow, social media users can’t really get enough of this Oogie boogie season, but honestly, things could be pretty challenging and tough during this festival, and you could hardly find time to post your content on social media.

Then why not choose the most convenient social media management tool like Social Champ? The tool allows you to post your content on multiple social media platforms.

So, don’t miss out on important events, and share your social media post at the right time using the perfect Halloween hashtags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Halloween hashtags are trending in 2023?

The trending Halloween hashtags are Halloween, October, Autumn, Skull, Happyhalloween, Scary, Spooky, Ghost

2. How do I choose a catchy hashtag?

For catchy hashtags you need to be creative. Think out of the box to capture the attention of your audience.

3.How many hashtags are perfect?

You can use 3 to 5 hashtags on Instagram.

4. How to find trending hashtags on Instagram?

You can use the search bar on Instagram to find the trending hashtags. 
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