How to Use the Instagram Link in Bio to Drive Traffic

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Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you must have stumbled upon those three simple words: ‘link in bio.’ They seem almost omnipresent, appearing beneath captivating posts, intriguing stories, and even those short yet interesting reels. But other than its continued presence, what exactly does ‘Instagram link in bio’ accomplish? Believe it or not, this simple phrase allows you to introduce your followers to an unlimited amount of external content.

In this post, we’ll explain the significance behind ‘link in bio’ and explore why it’s a major tool in Instagram captions, its role in driving traffic, and strategies to use this powerful tool to reap all its benefits. Whether you use an Instagram scheduler or publish your posts manually, we believe everyone can benefit from this content-boosting tool.

What Does “Link in Bio” Mean

So what does ‘link in bio’ mean on Instagram? Well, creators use it in their captions to tell followers, ‘Hey, the good stuff is not just here in this post; there’s more waiting for you in my bio’.

Instagram’s ‘link in bio’ feature is a place in your bio section where you can attach a clickable link that takes your followers to something important – your website, a new product, an exciting blog, or whatever you want them to explore outside of Instagram.

So here’s the deal. You can usually add links directly to your posts on social media platforms like Meta and Twitter, making it easy to guide people to specific pages or products. However, Instagram does things a bit differently.

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Features of Instagram Link in Bio

In your Instagram bio, you can have just one clickable link. This might seem restrictive, especially when you want to highlight more than one important thing. For instance, many businesses that are using more than one social media platform might want to add their YouTube channel link, a link to their Facebook business page, and maybe even a LinkedIn profile link to their Instagram bio. But Instagram doesn’t allow users to put more than a single link in your bio.

So does that mean you will be juggling between which link to put in the bio and which one to set aside for a while? Fortunately, no. Thanks to our tech wizards of social media, we now have these great Instagram link-in bio tools. How do these tools work? It’s simple, really. These handy tools allow you to compile multiple important links into one, creating a custom landing page accessible through that single URL in your bio. Now, all your followers have to do is click once to access your important linked content.

What Links Should You Add in Bios?

Getting recognition on multiple channels and crosslinking various social media platforms is necessary for any growing business. If you’re a brand with several exciting products, blog posts, or pages to share, you might get limited engagement without these Instagram link in bio tools.

But with a custom landing page, you can rotate links based on your latest content while maintaining evergreen destinations like your homepage. It keeps your Instagram content fresh, engaging, and fully connected to your business’s complete online presence.

Instagram users often use the link in bio to guide their audience to several possible destinations:

  • Official Website: Directing followers to the main business website to get more engagement.
  • Other Social Media Profiles: Interlinking social media profiles is the fastest way to grow your customer base
  • A Blog: Sharing in-depth thoughts, stories, or informative content.
  • A Product Page: Displaying and promoting a specific product or collection.
  • An Online Shop: Making it easy for followers to browse and make purchases.
  • All of the Above: Some creators cleverly use their bio link to cover all bases.

Simply put, the Instagram ‘link in bio’ feature simplifies the process. By using it, you can add a link to your bio on Instagram through several tools. Once the link is there, you can highlight it in your posts and remind your followers that a whole world of additional content is waiting just a click away.

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How to Use the Instagram Link in Bio Effectively

Once you crack the code of using Instagram’s link in bio effectively, it can significantly improve your business promotion strategies.

So, how do you use a single link to cover all bases? Well, we might have a few tricks up our sleeve that we believe can help you with that. Let’s talk about all the ways we can use Instagram’s “link in bio” to get maximum engagement.

  1. Promote Sales and Discounts

    Utilize the link in your bio to promote ongoing sales or upcoming discounts on your website or any other shopping portal. You can use the Instagram “link in bio” to direct the users to a dedicated landing page where they can get all the details and links to the sale items. This way, your marketing efforts to increase Instagram followers will directly increase sales and promote newly released products. A great example of this is Zero Gravity’s Instagram link in the bio, which takes you to their sales and new releases.

    A snapshot of Zero Gravity's Instagram link in bio
    A snapshot of Zero Gravity’s Instagram link in bio
  2. Product Launches

    You can create excitement around product launches by linking to a landing page that promotes the new product. If you have an event for the product coming out, use the link to share event details or content related to it. After the launch, provide detailed product information or links to make purchases.

    For example, Perfect Keto uses their link in bio to direct their followers to the New Maple Spice Barista Blend. This is a great way to get your Instagram followers to try your new product while expanding your customer base at the same time.

    A snapshot of Perfect Keto's Instagram link in bio
    A snapshot of Perfect Keto’s Instagram link in bio
  3. About Page for Brand or Cause

    You can overcome character limitations in the Instagram link in bio by linking to an “About” page. Use this page to introduce your business, product, or cause in detail to followers. You can list all your services in detail, with multiple social media links or links to your blogs. This will help you generate leads for your website and bring traffic to your other social media profiles.

  4. Highlighting Best-Selling Products

    If you are using an Instagram link in bio tool, create a custom landing page with links to all your best-selling products. Highlighting these products can lead to increased traffic and sales.

  5. Highlighting Blog Posts

    Another great way to use Instagram link in bio is by linking it to a popular blog post or creating a URL containing links to recent articles. This makes it easy for followers to access and read your latest content without searching for it individually.

    A snapshot of Open Seas' Instagram link in bio
    A snapshot of Open Seas’ Instagram link in bio
  6. Engaging Contests or Giveaways

    A great way to get the audience to engage with you is by organizing contests or giveaways. An even better way is to get your Instagram followers to participate in those contests by posting the content link.

    A snapshot of Upwork's Instagram link in bio
    A snapshot of Upwork’s Instagram link in bio
  7. Promoting Videos or Podcasts

    If you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, using the link in the Instagram link on bio is an excellent way to drive traffic to your video-based media content. This easy access to your videos or podcasts will increase the engagement for your channel and bring your Instagram followers to become your YouTube subscribers.

    A snapshot of Kathryn Budig's Instagram link in bio
    A snapshot of Kathryn Budig’s Instagram link in bio
  8. Offering Free Samples or Demos

    Everyone loves free stuff. You can share a link to a page where users can sign up for free samples or product demos. You can collect valuable leads by having users fill out a form with their contact information. And the next time you want to send an email blast about your big sales event, you will have all the information you need to take it to a bigger audience.

    We hope that now you understand that the key to using Instagram’s link in bio effectively lies in strategic planning. This feature is not set in stone. You can tailor the link destination to align with your current business goals, whether it’s boosting sales, increasing engagement, or providing valuable content to your audience.

    By using this versatile feature to its maximum benefit, you can create a seamless and engaging experience for your Instagram followers, driving them towards specific actions that benefit your business.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

Adding Instagram’s link in bio to your profile is really easy and takes only a few steps. Let us walk you through the process.

  • Step 1: Head over to your profile page and tap “Edit Profile.
     A snapshot of Step 1

Your Instagram profile page has a button for Edit profile under your profile photo. Tap it.

  • Step 2: Tap on the Add Link section
    Snapshot of step 2

On the Edit profile page, find and tap “Add Link.”

  • Step 3: Tap Add External Link
    Snapshot of step 3

There are two fields here: one is to Add an external link where you can paste any external link. This could be a link to your business page on other social media platforms, your blog posts, podcasts, YouTube channels, a product catalog, or a giveaway contest.

The other field is for your Meta profile link.

  • Step 4: Add your desired URL and tap done
    snapshot of step 4

Copy and paste or type your URL into the URL field, then add an appropriate title for that link in the field below it. Tap the “Done” button to save the changes you’ve made.

And just like that, you’ve added your Instagram link in your bio to your profile page.

How to Add Multiple Links to Your Link in Bio

The challenge with Instagram’s link in bio is its restriction to only one clickable link. To make the most of this single opportunity, creators often turn to a smart solution: the use of landing pages.

A landing page becomes a handy tool by gathering multiple links in one place. Instead of being limited to just one link, creators can strategically organize a landing page with various important links. This transforms a single chance into multiple opportunities that allow the creators to guide their audience to different destinations—all through a single link.

You can design such a landing page for your business with the help of various link in bio tools. This allows you to lead your followers to your website and specific products, recent blog posts, ongoing promotions, or engaging contests through one carefully crafted landing page. You overcome limitations by linking to this page in your Instagram bio, offering a centralized hub for your audience to explore various aspects of your business.

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4 Instagram Link in Bio Tools Worth Using

Let’s explore some of the best tools to help you get all your social media links in one link.

  1. YourChamp

    YourChamp is the complete solution to all your ‘link in bio’ problems. It lets you create a customized landing page with links to all your business’s pages on several social media platforms. The process is straightforward, and the best thing? It’s 100% free of cost! So, let’s see how you can use YourChamp to get you that versatile landing page for your Instagram’s link in bio.

    Step 1

    Head over to the website . On the homepage, you can see a field asking for your desired domain name. Remember, your domain name will start with So, you should put your business’s name or any other domain name right after the slash.
     A snapshot of Your Champ's homepage

    Your domain name should only include alphabets, numbers, and “_”. No spaces or other special characters are allowed. Once you have typed your domain name, tap Claim Your Domain.

    Step 2

    You will be guided to an inner page where you will be confirmed about the availability of the domain. You would be asked to change the name if it’s already taken.

    Once your profile handle is confirmed, tap Next.
    A snapshot of step 2

    Step 3

    Now, you will be asked to sign up. Select a user name, email address that you want to use for this account and type your password. That’s all it takes to sign up, quick and easy.

    Tap Next when you’re done.
    Snapshot of step 3

    Step 4

    The next part is about describing you, your business niche and the services you provide.
    A snapshot of step 4

    Once you’re satisfied with your answers, tap Next.

    Step 5

    Now you will get a message that your profile is all set up. All you have to do is to log in with your email address and password now.
    A snapshot of step 5

    Step 6

    Tap Go to login, and enter your email address and password.
    A snapshot of step 6

    You will be taken straight to your landing page, where you can add several social media links as well as your website address.

    You can also add a profile photo, cover photo, and a catchy description to make your landing page personalized and welcoming to your audience.
    A snapshot of step 6 (b)

  2. Linktree

    A snapshot of link in bio added using Linktree
    A snapshot of link in bio added using Linktree

    Linktree provides an affordable Instagram link in bio solution, ideal for those looking for simplicity and functionality. Even the free version offers quite a lot of features, allowing unlimited links with customizable images and icons. It includes templates and basic statistics to track page performance.

    If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated in terms of customization, you might want to go for the Pro plan, priced at $6/month, which gives you access to advanced tools.

    Pro users can eliminate the Linktree logo and promote their branding by inserting their own. The subscription also provides superior analytics and customization options, including social media retargeting.

    Whether you want to stick with the free version for just straightforward link sharing or you are more inclined towards upgrading to Pro for a more tailored experience, Linktree takes care of it all, which makes it a budget-friendly choice for optimizing your bio link on platforms like Instagram.


    A snapshot of link in bio added using
    A snapshot of link in bio added using is a straightforward Instagram link-in-bio tool that’s user-friendly and mobile-optimized. This Instagram link in bio tool offers an easy-to-use landing page editor with plenty of customization options to match your branding. How does it help your brand? Well, it allows you to show your business color schemes and stay in line with the expectations of your audience.

    What makes Campsite different from other link-in bio tools is its unique Canva integration. This feature lets you create striking images for your Instagram posts and link them directly, taking your visual content’s impact a notch higher.

    Even if you’re not a social media expert, Campsite’s interface is simple to manage. When your audience visits your Campsite bio, they are greeted by a well-organized library of links, providing them with a clutter-free experience. They can easily find the specific link they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed.’s PRO version makes things even better. It gives you the ability to put unlimited links on your custom landing page.


    A snapshot of link in bio added using
    A snapshot of link in bio added using is a user-friendly mobile website builder that is designed to help its users turn their social media profiles into monetizable platforms. It has a landing page where users can connect their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts, making it easier for the followers to find your business on other platforms.

    One distinguished feature of is its incorporation of built-in e-commerce tools, transforming your content into a shoppable experience and functioning as an online store. Unlike other typical link in bio tools, provides personalized content options, helps with tips and donations, and allows users to set up affiliate links. is all about customization and allowing its users to design their portfolios by adding various content types and organizing them into categories. To help users understand their content strategy impact, the platform includes analytics to track landing page performance. operates on a freemium model and offers two premium plans—The Creator plan and The Entrepreneur plan, both priced at $10/month. These plans unlock additional features, providing users with even more sophisticated tools to take their social media presence to the next level, as well as help with monetization strategies.

In Conclusion

Instagram’s link in bio is not just any random link but a strategic marketing tool that should be used to its full effect. With a single link, you can direct thousands, even millions of your followers to a destination of your choice. It could be your website, your business page on other social media platforms, your online shop, or a podcast – just make sure that whatever you choose it to be, it must be worth their time.

However, if you’re finding it hard to choose, you can always opt for these Instagram link in bio tools we explored above. Each one of them is unique in its aspect, but all of them have one thing in common: they allow you to gather all your most important links in one place for your audience to engage with. This clever marketing maneuver can change your Instagram link on bio game forever, allowing you to get the maximum reach with just one link.


1. How Do You Get a Link in Your Instagram Bio?

To get a link in your Instagram bio, go to your profile and select edit profile. Next, select links, and tap ‘Add external link’ to add the URL for your website. Select ‘Done’. You can also remove a link by tapping “Remove Link”.

2. What Is Link in Bio?

Link in bio is the single link Instagram allows you to have in your Instagram bio.

3. Where Can I Find Link in Bio?

Instagram link in bio is in your profile bio, right under all the other important information about your brand.

4. How Do I Copy My IG Profile Link?

You can get the Instagram profile link by sharing your profile. This will give you the option to copy the link.
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Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands boost their online presence. Her innovative strategies and insights have driven success for numerous businesses.

How to Use the Instagram Link in Bio to Drive Traffic

Picture of Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands boost their online presence. Her innovative strategies and insights have driven success for numerous businesses.

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