"Create content that touches their hearts and minds"- Jeff Bullas

In a world full of innumerable marketers and social media enthusiasts, only a few manage to outshine others and emerge as an icon, a one of a kind maestro with unparalleled skills whom people look up to. Social Champ was lucky enough to get in touch with one such gem who started his career from the scratch and is revered as one of the biggest social media influencers today.

He is none other than Jeff Bullas- a consultant, a coach, a mentor, a public speaker and most importantly, a leader in his own way, from Sydney, Australia. Ranked #7 in Top 100 Social Media Influencers 2015, Jeff secured numerous achievements and awards which are listed below

  • #1 Content Marketing Influencer,
  • Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker,
  • Listed in Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer,
  • #1 Global Business Blog.
  • Founder:

We were privileged to have Jeff with us for an interview and are sure you’d learn a great deal from his valuable advices to the budding marketers and entrepreneurs that he talked about with Social Champ.

Social ChampHi Jeff, How are you? Its pleasure to have you on board with Social Champ. Could you briefly tell us how you started your career and became a social media celebrity.  What motivated you to become such an exceptional social media influencer?

Jeff: I was asked by a friend to join Facebook in 2008 and as I started using it I noticed people’s obsession for the platform. I then observed the same behaviour on Twitter and other  social media networks.

I thought something big was starting to happen and was empowered by our new found ability to reach the world without gatekeepers or begging for attention.

So decided to start writing about my insights. That was March 2009.

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Social Champ: Digital marketing has become an essential field altogether in today’s world. How do you think Digital marketing helps a brand /product flourish in the market?

Jeff: Brands now have the power to reach countries and cross borders. Global reach. That is intoxicating.  It is the empowerment and democratization of publishing and marketing. You don’t need to  pay. Many brands have realized they can own their marketing and build digital assets that attract traffic and build trust and credibility.

That capability was not possible before unless you had million dollar advertising budgets.

Social Champ: Jeff you have got myriads of followers on almost all social platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google. How can they be used to establish a strong presence on social media?

Jeff: Create great content with tempting headlines that add value to your audience and share it. The crowd sourced marketing looks after the distribution after that and you can also amplify it with paid digital ads.

Social Champ: Jeff, as a content marketer, do you think content helps a product to achieve its goals? How do you suggest the content can be pitched to the target audience?

Jeff: Put yourself in their shoes. What are their fears, aspirations and problems? Then create content that touches their hearts and minds.

Social Champ: Failures teach you a lot. There is a saying ‘fail quickly to recover quickly’. Jeff, what was your biggest failure and how did you struggle to grapple with it?

Jeff: Not starting sooner. 🙂

Social Champ: You speak a lot at the conferences and help budding marketers with your advices what is your favorite topic which excites you while speaking?

Jeff: To be help people become empowered by creating, publishing and sharing their ideas and stories. Persist and you will change the world and that also becomes a place where you grow and evolve as a person.
I shared the secret to this in a blog post titled. “This One Habit Transformed My Life

Social Champ: Mentors are the lifelines for success. Who were, or are, who helped you reach where you are today?

Jeff: I find them everywhere. In books, blog posts and in TED talks. Read, research and listen. Then act.

Social Champ: Jeff, your advice means a lot to the startups and newly born digital marketers. What precious advice do you have for them for growth hacking and increasing followers?

Jeff: Twitter is my favorite social media network. Have been growing my followers there for 8 years. It scales well with automation and builds brand awareness. More on that here.
Growth hacking is a mentality that means you are always looking for ways to beat the algorithms of Facebook, Google and other platforms without paying for it. I dive into this in the blog post “8 Insider Secrets to Growth Hacking

Social Champ: What do you think about automation tools like Social Champ that allow you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms? What are you favorite tools for digital/content marketing?

Jeff: In a digital world the splintering of media means that you need to automate to scale your marketing. There is no other way to do it. I have many favorite tools and they include Socialoomph, BuzzSumo and of course my key inspiration tools. Books.

Thank you for your time Jeff 🙂 Social Champ wishes you all the very best for your future and look forward to more of your useful ideas to help boost more businesses!

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